The football party with a twist – part 1

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It was during the second commercial break that Pam agreed to other bets that she would lose which meant that as the fourth play ended she moved from George’s lap to Ted’s. The game was paused for this transition and all the men watched her give George a peck on the cheek then draw herself slowly from his lap.

She sauntered over to Ted in the loveseat, providing him a view of her ass too before sliding into his lap. Ted took notes from his friend and used one hand to pull her fully against him while his other settled atop her thigh, fingers dipping between her legs.

The arrangement of the furniture made it so Henry had an extremely limited view of this pair, and as he watched his wife shift her ass in a third friend’s lap he was suddenly very thirsty. Still wanting to manage his buzz he ignored his beer and headed into the kitchen for a bottle of water. On his way back to his chair he got a clear view of Ted and Pam-

Ted’s hand had slid from cuffing her tummy to cradling her tit. He wasn’t obviously fondling the ample mound, but was instead just kind of supporting it. Additionally, Pam’s shifting in his lap in response to his growing cock had caused her legs to fall open enough that his other hand was able to slip completely between them, cuffing her inner thigh mere inches from her sex. As Henry walked past them Pam seemed to be watching the TV intently while Ted was gazing down on the delicate doll sitting in his lap.

Seated again, Henry chugged half the bottle of water as blood pulsed to his member and ideas raced through his mind.

Then he realized he had to piss. On the way to the bathroom he took another good look at the pair, but nothing seemed to be different from moments earlier.

Ted’s four plays ended while he was in the bathroom.

Walking back into the room he found Pam sitting in Joe’s lap. Like his predecessor, Joe’s one hand was also cradling the botHenry of her tit while his other lay between her slightly parted legs, squeezing her inner thigh. As he approached his chair Henry thought he saw the hand cradling her breast give the luscious mound a squeeze.

This set his mind to frantically wondering just how far things might actually go.

Until then he’d only had flashes of ideas, undefined memories of unlikely fantasies shared during passionate moments between him and Pam. But now . . . now he started to consider how the unlikeliness of such things seemed to be . . . faltering. And he wondered how he might help it dissolve all together.

Or at least not bolster it.

These thoughts were interrupted a couple plays later as Pam pulled herself from Joe’s lap and made her way over to him.

“Hey Baby,” she sighed, sliding into his lap.

With his arms snuggling her against him, he gazed down on his beautiful wife, taking in her flushed cheeks, heavy eyelids, and shallow breath. He also saw her swollen, erect nipples poking prominently at her jersey. As she sat, her legs fell a few inches apart and as his hand slid between them he felt a heat radiating from her.

“Have you been having fun?” He whispered into her ear.

“Mm-hmm,” she nodded slightly.

“Been makin’ the guys crazy, huh.”

She responded with a non-committal little shrug.

“You’ve been rubbing that sweet little ass of yours on their cocks?”

Pulling back Pam starred up into his eyes, a worried expression on her face.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“Absolutely,” he grinned.

“You sure?”

“Definitely Baby. It’s all good.”

“With everything?”

“You mean with the way they started touching you? Yea. No worries.”

“Good. You’re gonna get so lucky tonight,” she sighed, confirming what he already suspected, that she was being aroused by things.

“I’m sure I am,” he chuckled.

For the next few minutes the couple simply sat there watching the game wind to an end, listening to Logan hoot with glee as his team won handily.

Henry couldn’t stop himself from cradling her tit and rubbing at her inner thigh, his hands gently massaging her parts. Blood continued to pulse to his member and she rolled her ass atop it, grinding herself on the stiffening shaft. During the final seconds of the game he used his fingers to tilt her chin up.

As he lowered his lips to hers she drove her tongue into his mouth and turned enough to smash her tits against his chest. This also shifted her botHenry and he felt his fingers pressing against the crotch of her shorts, the contact making her hips jerk ever so slightly.

“Mmm,” she moaned into the kiss.

Someone used the remote to flip to the channel where another game was about to begin. The announcer started talking about the pending game, naming the teams; one of which was Pam’s alma mater.

“Now you’re gonna see some football,” Pam cheered, breaking the kiss.

Even though they weren’t playing a conference team, Pam’s school had been struggling after losing their starting quarterback in the first week. So while she maintained a kind of blind confidence in them, everyone else in the room thought otherwise.

“Oh really?” Ted scoffed.

“Yea, from the other team,” Alex heckled.

“Hey now. We’re gonna turn it around this week,” she insisted, drawing herself from her husband’s lap. “Give me a shot.”

“You really think so?” Alex asked, his voice thick with skepticism.

“Yes, I do,” she stated, taking the shot glass from Logan and putting it to her lips.

“Well then, let’s up the stakes a little,” he continued. “I’ll bet you $30 against a kiss they don’t score on their first 2 possessions.”

“You’re on,” she cheered cockily after downing the shot. But then, as she set the glass down, her expression grew confused, her mind working through what she’d just agreed to.

“Wait. What?” She stammered.

“$30 against a kiss,” Alex stated.

“Um… uh…” she faltered, glancing over at Henry.

Again Henry thought it through within a few, short seconds; Pam still seemed sober enough to know what she was doing, and he knew he was fairly clear headed. So if she agreed to this new wager and he allowed it, they couldn’t blame it, or anything that ensued, on the alcohol. But, boy, could it help push things along to . . . new adventures. He also knew he shouldn’t come off as too eager, so he forced his expression to remain neutral as best he could while offering a simple ambiguous shrug in answer to his wife’s silent question.

Again this tactful assent drew a mischievous grin to Pam’s lips.

“Okay. Yea,” she nodded. “But the first 3 possessions.”

“Agreed,” Alex smiled.

“I say they won’t even get a first down in those possessions,” Ted challenged.

“You’re on too,” Pam laughed.

The game started a couple minutes later and everyone watched as Pam’s team quickly went 3-and-out on their first possession.

“That’s one,” Alex clapped.

“Yea, yea,” Pam scoffed.

Their opponent didn’t do much better, punting the ball after only five plays.

“Here we go,” Pam breathed.

She was standing beside Henry’s chair, and he devoured the image of her breasts’ firm swell under her jersey, swollen, erect nipples poking proudly at the material.

“3rd and 8,” Ted grinned as her team soon faced their second difficult yardage.

“And that’s two,” Alex cheered moments later as the punting team came onto the field after an incomplete pass.

“Yea, yea,” she repeated.

This time the opposing team got two first downs before having to punt.

As her team’s offense took the field for their third possession Henry noticed her biting at her botHenry lip while her hand rubbed at her shorts near the front. He recognized these signs from some of their extended teasing sessions and knew they signaled her heightened . . . anticipation. He wondered if this was due to the amplified wagers . . . or if she had some of the same thoughts as him?

Three plays later her team’s punting unit trotted onto the field, meaning she’d lost.

“Damn it,” she half-heartedly cursed, then shrugged her shoulders. “Oh well.”

She took a sip of her beer, then set it on the table next to Henry’s chair. For a moment she gazed down into her husband’s face, her eyes scanning his expression for any sign of him changing his mind and stopping her from paying her debt.

He gave her his own mischievous grin.

Alex met her by the coffee table, towering over her slight form, either because he was impatient to collect, or he just wanted it this way. Reaching her arms up around his neck, Pam lifted herself on her tiptoes. Her entire body seemed to tremble slightly as Alex settled his hands on her waist and leaned down to her.

Henry suddenly realized that there’d been no discussion concerning what kind of kiss this would be. So he had no idea what to expect.

At first their lips met in a simple kiss . . .

A slight puckering . . . a delicate connection . . .

Then another . . .

And another . . .

Then a soft, open mouth kiss . . .

Sensual . . . erotic . . .

Then another . . .

As their lips pressed tighter and tighter together, Alex lifted her off the floor, his hands slipping around to cup her ass and support her. Her legs wrapped themselves around his waist, her body mashing against his. One of her hands moved to the back of his head, pressing him into their kiss harder. It became obvious to everyone that they were French kissing, their tongues swirling over one another as the passion of their kisses grew . . .

And grew . . .

For several long minutes . . .

Henry sat there, watching his wife kiss . . . no, watching her make-out with another man.

And in seeing this, he believed certain unlikely barriers were being dismantled.

He had no idea how long the session lasted, nor how long it might have continued, when a ruckus from the TV managed to break the trance-like state of the room. Glancing over at the screen he saw that Pam’s school was now losing; 6 – nothing.

It wasn’t a big deal in itself. But it was enough of an interruption for Ted, who wanted his kiss, to speak up.

“Hey, I think it’s my turn,” he challenged.

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