The fantasy of a white guy for black girls

“The pictures are why we’re here, right?” I ask her, knowing that we’re really past all that now. She doesn’t answer me.

“Want to know what the next shot is?” I ask, teasingly. “I think you might like it.”

“What, Truce? What is the next shot?” She is clearly irritated that I stopped eating her before she came.

“The next shot is a close-up of your pussy after your orgasm.” I say smiling at her from between her legs. “Shall we continue?” I ask.

“Please, yes, continue.” She pleads, stretching her legs wide apart, her juices seeping out of her pink crevasse. This time I put my arms behind her knees and lifted her legs off the bed, giving me unfettered access to her generous, black pussy lips.

I push them open and suck one thick, puffy lip into my mouth nibbling on it before I move on to the other one. I am fascinated by the contrast between the pink center and the black outside of her lips. I suck on them for a few minutes before slipping my tongue deep inside her pussy, tongue fucking her with fast, deep strokes.

“Oh, Fuck, Truce!” She yells, bucking her hips up off the bed and shoving her pussy in my face. “That feels so fucking good! Ohhhh God!”

I move my tongue up to her clit and lick across it a couple of times before sucking it into my mouth. I flick my tongue across her long hard knob, as I gently suck on it. She goes wild.

“Oh my God! That is fucking amazing!” She is out of control slamming her hip up into my face, twisting her body back and forth and pulling my face tightly against her pussy. I push two fingers up inside her sopping wet pussy and start finger fucking her while sucking her clit and flicking my tongue against it. This puts her over the top.

“I’m cumming! Don’t stop! That’s perfect! Oh Truce! Just keep doing that! Oh Fuck!” Rihanna is like a mad woman, humping my face, wrapping her fingers through my hair so I can’t pull away.

I feel her pussy clamp down on my fingers, and her juices gush around them, running down my arm. I move my mouth from her clit down to her pussy, lapping up her delicious thick cream. Her chest is heaving and she’s working to catch her breath as I lick all around her pussy savoring the taste of her sweet nectar.

“Wow” she breathes. “I can’t believe no one has ever done that to me before! All the guys I know think it’s nasty tasting. Of course, they’re quick to want their black cocks shoved in my mouth. They don’t think that’s nasty!” she says, sarcastically.

“There’s nothing nasty about the way you taste, Tery.” I say as I slide my fingers out of her pussy and ease her legs gently down on the bed. “I could eat you for hours.”

To keep up the photographic charade, I reach for my camera and start shooting pictures of her thick cream oozing out of her slick, wet pussy lips. She raises her head and looks at me, still catching her breath.

“Truce. Please put down the camera.” She says, quietly. “You’ve been pointing that thing at me all morning. Right now, I’m more interested in that other thing you’re pointing at me.” She’s staring right at my rigid cock. “Do something useful with it, will you? You’ve made me so hot, baby. I promise we can take more pictures later. Right now I just need your hard cock inside my pussy. It’s burning up, Truce. I need you to put out the fire! I need you to fuck me!”

Yes! My fantasy is reality and I don’t hesitate. I move up between her legs and press my cock against her pussy lips. She is so wet that I easily slip the full length of my cock inside her in one stroke. Her hot, tight pussy encases my cock like a glove and I take long slow strokes as I settle my body on hers.

Her hard nipples feel fantastic as I crush her large tits against my chest. I leave a trail of kisses from her neck up to her lips. She opens her mouth and eagerly welcomes my pussy soaked tongue. Our tongues mingle together inside her mouth as we pick up the rhythm of our fucking.

“Mmmm. I’ve never tasted myself before.” She says, licking her lips and gasping for air. “It’s an interesting taste.” She raises her ass up to meet my pounding cock and it’s getting harder to make conversation as I slam into her tight, young pussy.

“Yeah, I can’t get enough of it!” I manage to say, between breaths, “I love your taste!” I push my tongue back in her mouth and start pumping in and out of her like a jackhammer. Rihanna is moaning into my mouth, clawing at my back and humping her hot pussy against my cock with a vigorous urgency that signals her readiness for release.

I feel her long legs wrap around my ass and her pussy muscles clench my cock in a vice-like grip as she reaches her thunderous orgasm. Her throbbing pussy walls tightening around my hard cock puts me over the top and I erupt inside of her, spewing load after load of hot cum deep inside her pulsating pussy.

Rihanna is the first to break the silence, “Oh Truce,” She whispers, “What have you done to me? That was incredible. I feel so… so… mmmmmm.” She hugs me tightly, pressing her whole body up against mine. My spent cock is still buried deep in her teenage pussy and my head is still reeling from the culmination of my fantasy. I am in awe that I’ve actually just eaten and fucked this breathtaking young black woman.

“Do all your photo shoots end like this?” She says, running her hands up and down my back and smiling at me.

“Never.” I told her. Looking into her beautiful brown eyes, I feel my cock stirring already and I start gently rocking on top of her.

“I don’t believe you!” She says, “Now I know I have to see the pictures of these other models. If you did to them what you did to me…”

I cut her off, “There are no other models, Rihanna. There’s just you.”

“What?” she says, staring at me incredulously.

“It was all a ruse. I’ve never photographed anyone before. I got infatuated with you, seeing you every day at work, fantasizing about you, I had to have you. This was the only way I could think of to try and make it happen and I wasn’t even sure it would work.” I figure I have nothing to lose at this point by telling her the truth.

She’s just starring at me and then starts laughing, “You did all of this just so you could fuck me? Why didn’t you just ask me out?

“We aren’t allowed to date employees.” I say straight-faced.

She laughs, shaking both of our bodies with her laughter, “That’s good. No dating, but you can shoot nude photographs, eat their pussy and fuck their brains out, huh? That’s okay?”

“So I take it you’re not mad?” Our bodies are still gently rocking together and I feel my cock recovering.

“Mad? No, Truce I’m flattered. The guys I date think that pizza and a movie should get them laid and they’d rather skip the movie. You did all of this, invented these clients and put on this elaborate charade, not to mention giving me the best sex I’ve ever had, how could I be mad?”

“You’ll still get the money.” I tell her, “That wasn’t part of the ruse. I planned all along to give you the check no matter how this turned out.”

“No, keep your money, Truce. I’d feel like a whore taking your money after all this. Besides, there are other ways you can pay me. What time does Mrs. T get home?” she asks, smiling coyly.

“Saturday, “I say, with a big grin on my face. My cock is hard again inside her tight, young pussy as we continue rocking together.

“Oooo Mr T, you are going to be so tired by Saturday.” She says, rolling us over and sitting up on top of me. As she starts bouncing up and down and riding my cock, I bask in the vision of my black woman fantasy coming true.

The End

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