The fantasy of a white guy for black girls

“Would I do it? Do I meet the qualifications for your photographs?” She’s looking at me coyly and I’m trying not to show how excited I am by her answer.

“Are you serious? I really wasn’t thinking of you for this. What would your father think? I’m not sure this is a good idea, Tery.” My god! I may actually see this young black teenager naked on my bed before the week is out. My wife is going out of town the day after tomorrow and will be gone for four days. The timing couldn’t be more perfect.

“First of all, it’s not something I would tell my father and I don’t think you should either. He doesn’t know about your photography business, does he? He’s not one of your clients is he?” Suddenly the conversation takes an unexpected twist and Rihanna is looking at me intently.

“No, your father doesn’t know about it and is not one of my clients.” I answer her honestly. Of course, there aren’t any clients so how could he be?

“Okay. Secondly, I’m 18 years old, can think for myself and I think it might be fun. You didn’t answer whether I would qualify.”

“Well. If we’re going to pursue this I have to ask you a few more questions. First, though, I want you to understand these are very intimate photographs with some extreme close ups that you might find embarrassing, Tery.”

“Truce, I’ve never done anything like this, but I trust you. Just knowing the kind of person you are, I expect that you do whatever it takes to set your models at ease. I’m okay with the types of pictures you’re talking about. What are the questions?”

My cock is pushing hard against my zipper as I contemplate the questions I want to ask, especially since I’m making this up as I go. “Okay, first, are you a virgin?”

“No.” Yes! First hurdle cleared. That’s all I care about but I ask a few more questions to make it seem realistic.

“Okay. Do you have any birthmarks, blemishes or tattoos that I should know about before we start taking pictures?” I’m again staring at her cleavage.

“Hmm. Let’s see. I have a small tattoo on the inside of my ankle, but aside from that, nothing.” I get a quick flash of upper thigh and black panties when she lifts her leg up to show me her tattoo. I can barely see a small flower through her nylons.

“Okay, no problem. Are you trimmed, completely shaved or natural?” I ask, looking directly into her sexy, brown eyes.

“What? Oh that!” She’s laughing as she tells me, “Trimmed, I guess. I trim it, but I don’t shave down there.”

“Perfect. What’s your bra size, Tery.” I’m just curious about this and I’m trying to make it seem like there are specific criteria.

“36C. Wow. Your client requests a specific bra size?” Rihanna has gotten past her initial apprehension and is now very intent on meeting the client’s criteria.

“No. But once I’ve found a model, I email the specifics for approval before we do the photo shoot.” I’m trying to sound very businesslike while my heart is pounding in my chest and my cock is throbbing in my pants. “There is no doubt, my client will approve of you.”

“Umm. Tell me again how these pictures are going to be used. I’m not going to show up in some sleazy magazine or all over the Internet am I?” Rihanna is starting to think through the ramifications of what she’s agreed to do and I’m afraid she’s going to back out.

“Absolutely not. First of all, I know this client and he keeps pictures strictly for his own personal enjoyment. Secondly, I have a written contract with each of my clients that forbids publication or distribution of any of my photographs. I retain the copyright for all of my pictures, which makes the contract legally binding. I can guarantee you there is nothing to worry about.” I reassure her with a lot of bullshit, but she seems to be buying it.

“Nothing to worry about except having my trimmed, not shaved, private area and my 36C breasts photographed close up for some unnamed client to gawk at while he…. while he…. whatever he does while he’s gawking.” She settles back in the booth, laughing while she says this and I watch her tits gently bounce with her laughter.

“Basically, yes. Are you still up for it?” I ask. I certainly am, my cock is especially up for it.

“Sure, why not. When do we do this?” she asks.

“When is your next day off that you don’t have anything planned?” I know she doesn’t work on Thursday, which is my wife’s first day out of town.

“I’m off Thursday, is that too soon?” she asks. Nothing could be too soon for me. I can hardly breathe as I once again assume a businesslike tone.

“Thursday would work well. We can start early, around 9 a.m. and see how far we get.” I am amazed at how far I’ve already gotten with my fantasy and expect I will get a lot farther on Thursday.

“Now, we have to talk about wardrobe for the shoot. I can supply a wardrobe if necessary, but I’ve found that it’s more effective if you can wear your own clothes. The fit will be right and we don’t have to waste time making adjustments. The client wants three different series of photographs, a conservative school girl look, a sexy, street look and a seductive bedroom look.”

I tick off each of these on my fingers as I describe them. “Each series will consist of you posing in various stages of undress. The schoolgirl look should be a conservative skirt and blouse with plain white bra and cotton brief panties. The sexy look will be a tight, short skirt and sleeveless blouse or tank top with lace bra, sexy nylons and a thong.

The seductive look is a sheer nightgown or negligee with matching panties or thong and no bra. Which of these can you bring and which will you need me to supply?” I ask her in my most disassociated, businesslike tone.

“Well I think I have skirts and tops for both the school girl and street girl look. I don’t have any white underwear, I mainly have black and purple.” She starts laughing, “You know, it’s weird. I don’t mind telling you whether I’m shaved or not, but talking about what type of panties I own is embarrassing. That’s really weird.”

“I started laughing with her, “It’s true. Some of my models are more shy exposing their underwear than when they are posing totally nude. How about the rest of the clothing.” I’m starting to sound like I’ve been doing this for years.

“I have a black thong and a black lace bra.” She glances down and I get the impression she’s talking about what she’s wearing right now. My cock reacts to the image of her sitting there in a thong under her short, tight skirt. “What else do we need?”

“A sheer nightgown.” I answer without intonation, wondering whether this lovely young teenager owns any sexy nightwear.

“I have a baby doll, but I’m not sure how sheer it is. It’s pink with little frills around it. “She’s using her hands to show me where the frills are around her hips and just below her tits.

I look at her and ask indifferently, “Do your nipples show through when you wear it? It has to leave almost nothing to the imagination.” I can’t help but look right at her tits when I ask her this and I might be imagining it, but I think I see the points of her nipples pushing at her blouse. Could this conversation be having the same effect on her that it is on me?

“Well, I… uh… no. I don’t think you can see that much.” She is flustered and I see her blush for the first time. Her complexion seems to have taken on a dark brown glow compared with the light brown coloring it had a minute ago. She takes a deep breath and I watch her breasts swell under her blouse and I definitely see the outline of her nipples in the white fabric. This girl is getting turned on from our conversation.

“Okay, well bring it anyway and we’ll see. How about if I give you money to get the white bra and panties and I’ll take care of the negligee?”

“Sure that’ll work.” She smiles at me.

“You’ll need to bring your make up. For the schoolgirl look, I’ll shoot you very naturally without much makeup but for the sexy street look you’ll need some bright lipstick and some eyeliner to match your outfit. For the seductive, bedroom look you’ll need more subtle shades of eyeliner and lipstick, okay?”

“Yeah. I’ve got all that, no problem.” She’s recovered from her embarrassment and is leaning forward again, engaged in the conversation as if we were planning a field trip to a museum instead of a naked photo shoot in my bedroom.

“Good. I’m excited that you’re going to do this. Stop by my office before you leave today and I’ll give you directions to my house.” I stand up while she’s leaning over the side of the bench to retrieve her purse from the floor. The front of her blouse spreads open as she bends down and her bra cup hangs about a half inch away from her body.

The fantasy of a white guy for black girls will continue in the next page.

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