Sharing a secret pleasure – 3

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“Sharing a Secret pleasure” Part-3 Continues…

“Oh yeah mom…god yes, come. Feel daddy’s tongue on your clit, the way his fingers are fucking you, teasing you. I loved how he did that to me…so I know, I know what your pussy is feeling right now, this very moment. And I know it so fucking wants to come!”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck yes!” June wailed pleasurably. “Eat my fucking cunt you dirty prick!” she screamed at nearly the top of her lungs. “Eat my pussy the way you enjoyed eating your daughter’s pussy, the way I’m sure you’d love to see us eating one another,” she said, sitting up looking down at me. The look on her face was almost animalistic,

pure lust, wildfire gone berserk. “Suck my cunt you bastard! Tear my fucking clit off, eat it, suck it…fuck it…fuck me!” she screamed out once again as Nora suddenly leaned over, her own hand coming down between her mother’s legs, fingers disappearing inside replacing my own though I continued to tease my wife’s clit as Nora now took over in fingering her.

“You like that mommy cunt?” Nora asked, fingering her mother’s pussy, driving her hands inside her now, pummeling her mother’s pussy making it almost impossible for me to even continue, though I somehow did. “How’s that feeling? Your own daughters fingers, finger-fucking your cunt, the same cunt that gave birth to me, the same cunt that held daddy’s sticky creamy spunk inside it, and made me. Now…here I am, fingering that same sweet nasty cunt that gave me life. And I want to see it come, want to see it get all squishy, juicy…and creamy when you do.”

“Fuck yes…yes, I’m gonna…I’m gonna…oh fuck, fuck, fuck! I’m gonna come!”

June had had some earth shattering climaxes in the past to be sure. And I had heard her scream out at the top of her lungs before too when she had, so I wasn’t totally unprepared for it this time either. However…she now did something I had rarely seen her do, and even then, never to the extent that she did now. She obviously exploded, both figuratively, as well as literally, surprising all three of us, including herself.

When she came, she did so with a shrill cry that exceeded anything I’d ever heard come out of her mouth before. But that was only for starters. As I lay there still holding onto her clit, sucking and licking it, I suddenly felt a surge of creamy moisture. Once again, something I’d enjoyed before, but I knew by the sheer volume of it, even in the beginning, this was more…far more than I’d ever seen her do.

And then suddenly, it was not simply a mouthful, but a face full. A torrent of juice that came out spraying against me and Nora both. It was as though someone had somehow stuck a garden hose up inside her, turning it on full blast. Forced to sit up, which I now did, as Nora already was, we both sat there in profound amazement. Hearing June crying out, spastically almost, thrashing about there on the bed, going so far as to reach down with her own hands, lifting up her own ass from beneath, arching her back.

As she did that, this geyser of twat-water continued to squirt upwards in a fountaneous spray, cascading upwards into the air, finally falling again, to splash wickedly back down over and upon almost everything nearby. I’d never seen anything like it before in my entire life, though I later learned, neither had she.

“Holy fucking shit! Does she always do that?” Nora asked several minutes later as the two of us sat there looking at one another, my wife’s, and Nora’s mother’s spunk so thoroughly having bathed us. And June too, still looking a bit wild-eyed, perhaps a bit sheepish even as the bed now thoroughly soaked would make it virtually impossible to sleep in.

“Well, not nearly like that,” I finally said after regaining my senses. “She must have been really…really horny for her to have done it like that,” I said looking over at my daughter as she literally pulled her own sopping wet hair away from her face.

“Ya think?” She said, and then burst out laughing, as we all did.


It still took a while for both girls to fully collect themselves. By the time they had, I felt like I was about to burst at the seams. Even Nora commented on it, looking over at me as she lay by her mother’s side, still gently fingering and toying with her nipples, though June had been doing the same thing to hers.

“Does it always get that big and purple?” My daughter asked. “It’s almost a little scary,” she added.

“Sometimes…especially when he gets all worked up the way that he does, like now for example,” June instructed. “Sometimes, it even scares me a little, especially when it’s been a few days and he hasn’t stroked himself off. When he does that, it always looks like this, especially just before he comes, which reminds me. Though we’re now obviously all in agreement here, that your dad is going to be the one to take your cherry, I’d like to offer a bit of advice.”


“That we do that tomorrow, not here…not tonight. Let’s all take the time to savor this, enjoy one another without any anxiety, or worries getting in the way. Trust me…I know. It’s best to get to know one another first, get a bit more comfortable. And then tomorrow, we’ll make an entire day out of it.

We’ll start off with a nice long bath, in which I’ll pamper you, getting you ready for your dad. We’ll put fresh sheets on the bed, since obviously I’ve pretty much ruined them for now,” she giggled blushing profusely. “And…more importantly, after your dads had a chance to calm down a little, it’ll be much better for you too. Right now, I think if either one of us even touched it the way it’s looking at the moment, he’d explode.”

“You’ve got that right!” I commented sitting there looking at the two of them still curled up on the bed together, one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen before, though my hot throbbing cock reminded me I was in dire straits here.

“Anyway…my point is,” June continued ignoring me altogether, “After we’ve all had a chance to calm down and collect ourselves, get a bit more refreshed, and then spend the day just being around one another, teasing a little and such. Well…it will enhance and escalate the desire, the pure pleasure of it,

and will make it far less uncomfortable for you, when the time finally does come. Right now, in his state,” she said looking over towards me, likewise gathering my daughter’s attention. “I’m afraid he might be a bit disappointing, and we certainly don’t want to have that now do we?”

“Certainly not!” Nora said, sitting up. “So…what do we do then? Until then?” She asked.

“Well, for one…we probably should get some sleep, it’s going to be a long, busy , lust-filled day tomorrow.”

“I am sort of getting a little tired,” Nora announced. “Sounds like a good idea.”

“Hey…excuse me?”

“But…I certainly won’t be getting any sleep with these wet sheets on the bed, so if you wouldn’t mind helping me strip them off first.”

“Ok sure mom…of course.”

“Anyone listening? June? Nora?”

“And we need to find you something really sexy for tomorrow too, maybe we’ll go shopping, find something really intimate, sexy…cute, naughty…for your deflowering,” June spoke as she rolled out of bed on one side, and as Nora did the same on the other.

“What the bloody hell?” I asked, standing there wondering for a moment if I’d suddenly turned invisible or something.

“Oh but you know what?”

“What?” Nora asked, turning towards her mother.

“We probably should get your father off…or he’s apt to have an embolism or something, and we certainly can’t have that…not before tomorrow now anyway can we?”

“No…we certainly can’t allow that to happen,” Nora said, winking at her mother as June in turn winked back at her. And then they both turned and approached me, reaching me at almost the exact same moment, each one down on their knees as I stood there in front of them.

“You didn’t seriously think we’d forgotten about you now did you?” June asked as I felt her hot delicious tongue suddenly slide up and down the length of my shaft.

“Or that we’d leave you standing here with this big hard dick of yours, all naughty swollen and purple like it is…without any relief?” Nora added now licking up and down the opposite side from where her mother was.

“No.” I said almost quietly. And then simply succumbed to the intensity of the twin lips and tongues that had begun to lift me towards heights never before imagined.


Thankfully, it was my turn to sleep in, which I did. By the time I got up, just shortly after nine, which for me was sleeping in, I couldn’t hear any other sound in the house. I wandered downstairs in search of a cup of coffee. It was made and waiting for me, along with a post-it note attached to an empty mug.

“Steven, gone shopping. Probably stay in town for lunch, more shopping. Back latest around 3 or 4. Don’t you dare do any touching either! Love June. P.S. Make sure you take a shower this afternoon! NO Touching!”

I noticed there was another P.S. Written in another hand.

“P.S.S. And make sure you shave too daddy, you gave me a rash!” Nora signed her note including a smiley face. I stood rubbing my chin, remembering. I would indeed need to shave the stubble nice and close later, but for now, it was time for coffee. The erection I was suddenly sporting was a reminder of what was to come. After I had had two cups of coffee, I wandered back upstairs to dress. Attached to the mirror in the bathroom was another post.

“Wear the new Kimono I got you for Henrytmas last year,” June had written. It was indeed a nice one, expensive, and I loved wearing it as it was so light-weight. But it did little to hide my ever-constant erection whenever I wore it, though I figured upon reading the note that was the whole purpose in doing so anyway.

June knew it made me horny just putting it on. I shaved, knowing I would do so again a bit later after my shower, though that was hours away yet. I looked down as I did so, sure enough an erection sticking out of my shorts that didn’t show any signs of going away anytime soon. The mere thought that later on this evening, I’d actually be taking my own daughter’s virginity wasn’t lost on me. Twenty-four hours ago, I wouldn’t even be considering such a notion, now…here I was anticipating it, looking forward to it, excited beyond reason. It was barely even noon!

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