Sharing a secret pleasure – 2

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“Sharing a secret pleasure” Part-2 Continues….

Now I really did feel like a shit head.


True to her word, after the girls left June gave me one of her world-class “massages” as she called them. Though it mostly consisted of a lot of hand on my cock stroking, accompanied by a pair of lips that nibble away at the tip of my cock until I was spewing a fountain of cum cream into my wife’s mouth.

It had been a while since she’d done that. It was one of those rare moments of late when we actually found time on our hands and some privacy to enjoy ourselves. I soon after found myself licking my wife’s precious pussy, likewise sending her off into oblivion as well. We were both just recovering from having done so when the girls came back late in the afternoon.

“They’re back early,” I said, rolling out of bed in order to get dressed. “Glad we had the time that we did.”

I showered and dressed heading downstairs to the rec-room. By the time I’d arrived the girls had already changed into swim-wear and were outside by the small-sized pool we’d put in. I turned on the TV, pretending to watch the game though I had one eye constantly looking out the window at the girls as they lay sun tanning on towels, which they’d spread out on the grass. I heard the sound of my wife’s footsteps coming down stairs, moments later entering the room handing me a nice cold beer. I had focused my attention totally on the TV, though June walked over towards the sliding glass doors looking out at the girls.

“She’s certainly growing up fast isn’t she?” She asked without turning around.

“Too fast,” I responded standing up to walk over and join her as she’d now given me an excuse to be doing so.

“Won’t be much longer before she’ll be out of the house and on her own. After that, it’ll just be the two of us.”

“Not such a bad thing is it?” I asked, stepping up behind my wife, teasing her neck with the cold beer bottle. She shivered, but not so much from the coldness of the bottle against her skin, more from obvious arousal, especially as I glanced down over her shoulder. As I did, I immediately saw June’s nipples had stiffened considerably. Even through the bra she was wearing, they were poking against the tight-fitting material of the blouse. “Are you still horny?”

“How’d you guess?” She giggled as her hand reached around, easily locating the bulge in my shorts that was rapidly stiffening.

It was then that we both saw Henry sit up, her hands coming around behind her to undo the top she was wearing. Without so much as a cursory glance back our way to see if anyone was watching, she removed her top, tossing it off to one side. After she had done that, Nora moved over and began applying some suntan oil to her exposed flesh, in particular, the young woman’s breasts. I wasn’t so sure we should continue to stand there watching the two of them, though I found myself transfixed as we did, setting the bottle down, my hands coming up to cup each one of my wife’s breasts as she continued fondling my cock.

“Henry reminds me of a friend I once knew growing up,” June said, her tone of voice lusty, deep as we stood there. “Went through a bit of my own exploration, same as those two seem to be doing,” she added as Nora quite obviously caressed, more than simply applied lotion to her friend’s breasts. I remained silent however, watching, still caressing June’s boobs, now pinching and rolling her nipples through the thin material. Only when Nora now reached around herself preparing to remove her top did I make some effort to cease doing what we had been.

“Maybe we shouldn’t be standing here watching them,” I suggested.

“Does it bother you seeing your daughter naked? Or is it watching her touching another woman?”

“Both actually,” I confessed, my cock certainly acknowledging both things.

I was still struggling with what I’d been asked to do, seriously contemplating telling June everything that had gone on, even if she skinned me alive for it after I had. But I’d also pretty much made up my mind…it wasn’t my place to take my daughter’s virginity either. Something she was simply going to have to accept.

“Well, as enjoyable as this is…I really do need to get dinner started,” June said, breaking away from me, glancing down at my still hard cock pressing fully against the shorts I was wearing. Uncomfortably so. She chuckled, turning at the doorway before heading back up the stairs. “There’s a box of tissues on the end table,” she informed me.

“Funny,” I shot back at her, a little unnerved at her comment, wondering if she’d actually been serious when she said that. But she turned to climb the stairs without another word to me one way or the other. I turned back briefly towards the window, intending to sit back down and try and refocus my attention on the game. Henry however was just now fondling my daughter’s breasts, though the pretense was still to be applying lotion to them both. I unzipped my fly, pulling out a handful of tissues seconds later.


Though Henry stayed for dinner, she returned home shortly after helping Nora and her mother clean up. I knew that June had plans to go and visit with a girlfriend of hers, I’d already agreed to take the ten-minute drive over dropping her off. As was usually the case, Gloria would no doubt bring her back an hour or two later.

I’d already decided that now might be a good time to have a little chat with my daughter and inform her of my decision after I returned. Since Henry had returned home, I was also fairly confident that Nora had no further plans for the evening, other than to hang out in her bedroom listening to music or browsing the Internet on her PC.

Upon my return home, I immediately headed down the hall towards Nora’s bedroom intending to have our little chat and explain to her my reasoning. She was after all my daughter, and regardless of her thoughts on the subject, with June and I only recently starting to become affectionate once again, I wasn’t about to jeopardize that, let alone our marriage.

I stood momentarily outside her door preparing to knock. I’d expected to hear her listening to music, but what I heard was the sounds of obvious moaning and groaning going on instead. I knew she was alone, but I now knew what she was obviously doing too. Familiar enough with it myself, I realized Nora was looking at porn on her PC. I knocked, expecting her to exit the site at least before I entered. And though she did in fact turn down the sound, calling out to me to enter her room, I noticed upon doing so that whatever she’d been watching was still on.

A quick glance told me what I’d already suspected, a man and two women curled up on the bed together in an obvious threesome. But what I hadn’t expected was to walk in and find my daughter sitting there in her chair, entirely naked. It was obvious she’d been watching the porn flick, and masturbating. Her hands remained down between her legs even as I turned softly, closing the door to her room.

“Have you got a second?” I asked. “And would you mind turning that off for a moment?” I likewise asked. “It’s a little distracting, as are you,” I added hoping she would take the hint, which she did. And though she did in fact shut down the movie, she made no effort to put anything on.

“It’s my room, you wanted to speak to me,” she said simply turning in her chair in order to face me, though that made things a bit more awkward and uncomfortable for me, looking at her sitting there the way she was. “So…I take it you’re ready to have our little chat?” She asked, smiling. “Good, because I’ve been thinking about it too, and have decided that I don’t want Henry there when we do it. I’ve decided I want my first time to be a bit more intimate and personal,” she informed me.

“There isn’t going to be a first time, at least not with me,” I said sitting down on the edge of her bed trying to avert my eyes from staring at her exposed breasts, keeping them clearly on her own face, seeing the look of disappointment there after I had said that. She stood up, crossing the short distance between us before I could react, now standing directly in front of me so that it was virtually impossible not to be looking at her.

“Henry said you’d probably chicken out,” she laughed. “But that I wasn’t to let you,” she added. Her hands had come up, cupping her pussy, spreading her lips as she stood there. “Look at my pussy daddy,” she said simply. “Tell me you wouldn’t enjoy fucking this, taking my virginity.”

“I didn’t say that…I would, but I can’t. I just can’t!”

I no longer had the courage to look at her face. Standing the way she was there in front of me, my eyes were literally glued to what she was doing as she spread herself even further, her hard pink little clitoris now fully exposed, glistening with obvious moisture and arousal.

“Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

“Of course I do…you know that! But that’s not the point, you’re my daughter!”

“Your horny daughter, who wants her daddy’s cock to take her virginity, and not some fumbling boy who has no idea what the hell it is that he’s doing!”

I knew going in that this wasn’t going to be an easy conversation to have with her, but I hadn’t expected it to be this difficult either, nor had I anticipated being faced with so close a temptation as I sat there looking at the fleshy pink meat of my daughter’s cunt.

“Didn’t you enjoy it when I jerked you off?” She now asked.

Flashback. Once again I was looking down at her hand as it surrounded my hard cock, working it. I remembered the feeling, looking down, watching my spunk as it spurted from the tip of my cock, my daughter’s hand milking my seed from it so wonderfully and pleasurably.

“Yes,” I admitted, shaking my head, chasing away the image. The problem was, there was still the very real image standing in front of me as she tweaked her clit, pinching it.

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