Memories made with my sweet Andrea – 4

Memories made with my sweet Andrea – 4 continues…

“I don’t care,” I told her. “And don’t you either. I want you to come, to enjoy this…as hard and as fully as you can.” She relaxed upon hearing that, settled back against her door then and simply moaned, “Make me come then Brian…eat me until I fucking come all over your face!”

She wasn’t wrong in her warning either. She did come, explosively, and thoroughly, saturating not only me, but almost the entire back seat of my car as she squirted what felt like gallons of pussy juice. I was enraptured tasting her, feeling her do that, laughing almost hysterically as the pure volume of her climax finally forced me to sit up and back a little, nearly drowning on her pure unadulterated spending.

She too was laughing, happily, content. “I told you, I warned you,” she said, sitting up further, glancing down at the soaked back seat. “I’m sorry,” she said, trying to mean it. I just laughed at her.

“No you’re not…you enjoyed it too much.”

She burst out laughing again. “You’re right, I did. Oh my god Brian, that was unfuckingbelievable!”

“Yes it was, and I’m going to do that for you again sometime soon too. But not here, somewhere a whole lot better where you can enjoy it even more…and where I can.”

“Hmmm,” she sighed imagining that perhaps. “Yes…yes, I’d like that,” she purred softly. “Only now…it’s your turn. And I’m going to suck every last drop out of you that I can.”

I knew without any doubt she would too!


Up until now I had kept my pants on of course, being as vulnerable as we were, especially in the backseat of my car. Andrea still had her skirt and blouse on, though it remained open as I moved up onto the seat now with my jeans and boxers down around my ankles. She leaned over, teasing my cock with her tits, rubbing them back and forth against me until suddenly drawing me deeply into her mouth, sucking me.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned deliriously, feeling this amazing sensation of her mouth as she so expertly gobbled me down. “Oh fuck!” I said again, with an entirely different reason behind it. At that precise moment I caught the quick flash of headlights pulling into the parking area. “Shit!” I exclaimed again, though by now Andrea too realized someone else had pulled in, slinking down in the seat just as I did.

“Shit!” She exclaimed as well, now worried, a bit panicked. “What do we do now?” She asked nervously.

“Stay still,” I said though already reaching down to begin pulling my pants up, just as Andrea hurriedly began fumbling with the buttons on her blouse.

The car pulled into a spot two parking spaces away from us. I sat up slightly looking over, fearful that it might in fact be a cop. It wasn’t. I could see two people inside however, a man and a woman, telling Andrea that as she didn’t dare sit up enough herself in order to see.

“What are they doing?” She asked. I looked over again, and then laughed.

“I think the same thing you were about to do to me. Her head just disappeared,” I informed her, which now caused her to sit up looking over for herself. Sure enough, there was just enough light to still see by, the man’s head tilted back against the seat, the woman nowhere in sight at the moment.

“Now what?” Andrea asked. “Do you think they know we’re back here?”

“Probably. I mean…where else would we be? Two cars parked side by side, and no one sitting in them? And we’re certainly not out on the playground,” I chuckled. “So yeah…pretty sure they know we’re doing something similar to what they are. Obviously they don’t seem to mind…do you?”

Andrea thought about it and then chuckled. “I guess not. Though it appears our secret spot isn’t as secret as we thought it was,” she added once again laughing at that. “Hell Brian…before too long, there will probably be a whole bunch of cars sitting here with guys getting their dicks sucked!”

“Or women…getting their cunts licked.”

“Don’t say that…you’ll make me all horny again. And I still am anyway. And now even more so…knowing that someone else is doing what I’m about to do to you.”

“You’re still planning on sucking my dick then?” I asked happily.

“Oh hell yes…and I want you to cry out as loud as you can when you cum too! Give them something to think about,” she giggled again. And with that, Andrea once again had me strip off my pants, back down around my ankles and proceeded to treat me to one hell of a magnificent blowjob.

And true to her statement, when I came, I bellowed out a nice hard cry of release, hearing her sucking me dry, swallowing what I knew and felt was a gallon of spunk straight down her throat. I sat looking over at our naughty neighbors. Who in turn were both now sitting there looking at us. I waved, and then they did, and then Andrea sat up waving as well. The woman’s head soon disappeared again however, obviously she wasn’t through yet.

“Maybe we should leave, give them some privacy,” I suggested.

“Not yet,” Andrea stated. “Let’s give them a naughty little show first,” she then said, surprising me just a little. “Open your door, step outside with your pants off. I’ll give you another nice little suck in the open doorway with my tits hanging out, how’s that sound?”

“Sounds like someone’s a bit of an exhibitionist,” I responded back. “Are you serious?”

“Very…come on, let’s do this and then get the hell out of here!”

I pulled my jeans and shorts completely off, throwing everything up into the front seat. Andrea took off her blouse, now topless through her skirt remained as the two of us opened the door slipping out on my side, making our presence obvious. Sure enough, he looked over, and then she sat up looking over as well, just as Andrea kneeled right there in the parking lot, once again gathering my reawakened cock back into her mouth, sucking it.

“Fuck babe…keep doing that, I could come again!”

She grinned around my cock. “So…who’s stopping you?”

Our neighbors sat watching as sure enough Andrea managed to get me off again. Not nearly as copiously this time of course, but enough that she put on a pretty good show, this time having me squirt what I could squirt between her tits. At the end of the show, we heard a brief little honk come from their car. They had obviously enjoyed it.

“Time to go,” I stated, we were both running late at this point, even though it had been well worth the additional time spent doing all this.

We got into our respective cars, pulled out of the lot with Andrea turning left, and me turning right. I drove just a few hundred feet, saw a cop car pass me and as I looked in my rear-view, sure enough, I saw it pulling into the parking lot of the park. It was the last time we ever went there.


Our close encounter had had the effect of throwing cold water over the two of us. After that, we even quit taking unnecessary risks at work as long as anyone else was still there. Only on those evenings where I could stay a bit later, and only then after checking each of the bathrooms to ensure we didn’t have another “Laila” episode, did we allow ourselves to get randy with one another. But at least we had that if nothing else. And because of that perhaps, we then did things we might not have done otherwise, though far more assured of being alone and uninterrupted.

I had enjoyed kneeling on the floor, Andrea actually standing on a step ladder, both of us entirely naked of course, eating her cunt, and doing so for quite some time as decadent as it was. She came forcefully once more, giving me a nice shower from above as she came. But just the fact I had eaten her out that way, her standing, spread just above me, made it all the more erotic for us both. Similarly, Andrea enjoyed sucking or jerking me off, having me sit or stand in various places around the office, once…having me lay across my desk, butt naked as she devoured my cock most delightfully.

It was also the first time I mentioned the fact I wish I could fuck her like that. We had of course discussed it prior to this, but it had remained the one absolute line in the sand she just wouldn’t cross. I hadn’t mentioned it, or brought it up again until that moment. Mainly doing so not as a request, but more along the lines of wishful thinking.

“I’ll think about it,” she told me, still sucking my cock. “I am tempted,” she added then. “But if we ever do, do that…it has to be someplace other than this, not like this…not the first time at least,” she laughed again nervously.

Admittedly I now had my hopes up. I would love nothing more than to finally slip my hard cock inside that super wet velvet glove of hers at some point. But I was also content to wait until the time, and the moment allowed it, and of course…if she did.

Memories made with my sweet Andrea – 4 will continue in the next page.

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