Memories made with my sweet Andrea – 3

Memories made with my sweet Andrea – 3 continues…

I was a few minutes late in leaving. But I left with a smile on my face, and another load of cream clinging to Andrea’s amazing tits again. She promised to write me another letter that evening. I was already looking forward to that.


Her home commitments, and mine kept us from being able to stay past working hours during the next several days. Though frustrating as that was in a way, we amused, teased and tortured one another with the simple small notes and letters we wrote and passed back and forth. It was an interesting form of foreplay, that by the end of the week had each one of us hoping for more, especially with the weekend now ahead of us. It was again the first time that I didn’t actually look forward to the weekends the way I once had. Her last note had done it for me too. Simply put, she’d said: “I need to see your cock again.”

I wrote back. “I need to show it to you.”

Unfortunately real work got in the way after that, keeping me totally busy for most of the afternoon. But during that time I’d been thinking of a way to sort of surprise Andrea with something I hoped would be wickedly naughty. I waited until the office had cleared, walked out of my office, locked the doors and then returned tossing my keys on the desk.

I then fished out my cock, which didn’t take a whole lot of effort to get all nice and hard, and then brazenly walked down the hallway towards the file room, with my cock sticking straight out. I stepped into the room, Andrea only then looking up, delightful surprise in her eyes as she spotted my throbbing hard cock sticking out, pointing at her. But then I saw another look suddenly come into her face as well. Sheer panic, about the same time I heard Laila’s voice right behind me.

“Hey…you locked me in!”

“Oh, sorry,” I quickly responded. “The keys are on my desk, let yourself out, I’ll be right behind you,” I said, not even bothering to look at her. I couldn’t. Instead I knelt down facing the cabinet, pretending to be searching for a particular file, kneeling with my cock fully exposed. 

Thankfully I heard Laila’s footsteps heading off, Andrea trying to hold in a laugh that was threatening to explode from her anyway. “Jesus!” I exclaimed finally allowing my breath to release hearing the front doors opening and then closing. I stood, stuffing my prick back inside my pants, took a peek out the door down the hall, listening. But I heard nothing. “That was fucking close!” I said turning back around to look at Andrea. She had taken her blouse and bra completely off! “Fuck!” Stay where you are! I’ll be right back!”

I ran down the hall, turned the keys once again locking the door, and then sprinted back the other way, past the file room, and into the bathrooms…both of them. Thank god no one else had decided to use the facilities before they left. I was right there and then made a mental note to never again do anything until I had checked the entire office, including the bathrooms myself.

And now satisfied, I returned to the file room. Andrea was now entirely naked.


“I don’t know why…but that made me damn horny!” She exclaimed, sitting there in her comfy little steno chair, with not a stitch of clothing on.

“I can see that,” I exclaimed, taking her all in…the first time I ever had obviously. It was interesting to see her pussy for the first time, though she was sort of covering that just a little, one hand down between it, though I swear she was actually fingering herself. She was trimmed, that much was obvious, and I was a little surprised to see such a fine mat of light brown hair with a tiny sprinkling of gray hair mixed in between. I found it quite erotic actually.

“Want to watch me?” She asked, like I would have said no fucking way. I was nodding my head as fast as one of those bobble-head dolls standing there looking at her. “Well then? Take your cock back out and stroke it for me, while we watch one another,” she stated. “I want to see you come again, totally naked this time,” she then added, letting me know that I would soon be as naked as she was.

She didn’t squirt, but she sure came hard, calling out, crying out actually shaking almost uncontrollably as she sat there watching me jerking off. I came hard too, just managing to squirt one on her at a distance, before quickly closing the gap, just managing to deposit the majority of my cum all over those fabulous looking tits of hers. She even lifted one up, licking her cum coated nipple, tasting me.

“May I?” I then boldly asked. She smiled, nodded her head, and I leaned over sucking and licking the other one.

That was as far as it went. Another milestone in a way perhaps, but we were both being overly cautious, timid…and perhaps rightfully so. The temptation was admittedly great to take it a bit further, though we certainly talked about it, fantasized about what it would feel like often enough, but never really going there.

Just doing what we had done so far was hot enough in my mind. And I think I might have been content with just doing that. But then fate threw us another interesting little curveball.


Every summer the company we worked for threw a small little barbeque together for all the various offices within the State. Not large enough to perhaps lay out for the entire affair, they did buy all the meat and drinks for it. 

The employees then chipped in with pot-luck side dishes, and the managers spent the time cooking hot dogs, hamburgers and even chicken for everyone who attended. All in all, it was a great time had by all, especially as we did it on a Friday, basically giving everyone the day off work as long as they actually attended.

Andrea had in fact volunteered to bake several cakes for dessert, and asked me if I wouldn’t mind dropping by and picking them up from her place on my way over to a park we’d reserved just for the occasion.

 It was close to her place, so it made sense, and I did so arriving late in the morning in order to load up, and then drive off to the park and help set things up from there. I had plenty of time, getting to Andrea’s about ten, and not expecting to meet anyone else until noon, the party and barbeque scheduled to begin around one o’clock after that.

When I pulled into the drive, it was easy to see she had lots of money, or rather her husband did. The house was spacious, nicely furnished, if not overly extravagant in a way. She was almost embarrassed by it after inviting me in. It was the first time I actually felt a little awkward being around her. 

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