Memories made with my sweet Andrea – 2

Memories made with my sweet Andrea – 2 continues..

“Have you got a minute? Or do you need to get home right away?” She asked.

“No hurry,” I responded.

“The park?” She asked, obviously feeling like this was perhaps neutral, safe ground or something…certainly away from the office place. And as long as she felt that way, and still wanted to chat, continue on with this rather erotic discussion, I had all the time in the world for her.

“I’ll lock up, meet you there,” I told her as soon as you’re finished here.”

“Give me fifteen more minutes, and then I’ll do that.” She informed me. I went back to my office, finished up a few things I still had to do, made a phone call indicating I’d be just a little late, which was fine with my wife at the time, and then waited for Andrea to leave. She did so, smiling and looking at me, and then left the building. I closed up and followed her only a minute behind, pulling up next to her in the park in the very same place we had the last time. Once again thankfully, there was no one but the two of us there again.

She got out of her car into mine. There was again a brief moment of awkward silence, and then she looked at me. “Ever since you told me you did that, I’ve been thinking about it,” she mused, laughing nervously again. “It’s funny Brian. I mean…it’s not like I haven’t seen a hard cock, obviously I have…my husband. But with him, like I said…it seems more like a chore, than a pleasure, especially for me. And I also don’t mind telling you…I haven’t seen another man’s cock in more years than I can even count. So…I was wondering…” she paused looking at me, and then down at my crotch once again.

“Could she actually be asking me what I think she’s going to do?” I asked myself, “Or was I just imagining things?”

“Could I see yours?” She then asked, “Unless of course you’d rather not,” she back peddled nervously now. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I just asked you that!” She stammered once again. “I really am a horrible HL aren’t I?”

Now I laughed, though speaking. “If you’d really like Andrea, I don’t see a problem with doing that. Though just so you know, it’s not like I have this whopper of a dick or anything, I don’t. I’m just Joe average in size to be honest about it…no big deal as they say.”

Her eyes were as big around as saucers though when she looked into my eyes again. “I don’t care about that,” she informed me. “It would just be nice seeing another man’s cock for a change.”

I took another quick look around the park, which we both did. We were still obviously alone, though I was still very nervous. As was she. But I now unbuckled my belt, unzipping, pulling my jeans down just enough to expose myself. My hard cock springing up stiff and straight right through the opening of my boxers. I could hear her swallow hard from where she was sitting, her eyes glued to the admittedly proud, hard cock I was sporting.

“Push them down some,” she added , her voice husky sounding. “I want to see your balls too,” she told me. I pushed my pants and boxers down around my knees, though no further than that, in the event of an emergency here. She could see me now though, entirely as my cock actually throbbing, bobbing around a bit all by itself.

“How’s that?” I asked, sounding a bit lusty myself…feeling it too.

“Oh my…that IS hard, nice and hard!” She said swallowing again. “A lot harder than I’ve seen!” she now added to that.

“Thank you,” I said not knowing what else to say, and now sitting there with the somewhat cool night air further caressing my cock making it throb just a bit…and then actually drool. I was leaking precum like a sieve here.

“You’re…dribbling,” she said, giggling again. “So is that what naughty boys do when they’re aroused?” She teased.

“No different than what horny ladies do I imagine,” not knowing if she did, but admittedly wondering, so I asked. “So…do you get… you know, wet too?”

Now she was blushing furiously. “More than you know,” she informed me. “Especially last night, and then today. I even had to go into the ladies room and use a napkin, you know…not for that, but…but for, well getting juicy yes.”

This conversation was making me even more horny, especially sitting there with my dick sticking out. Though I was now starting to also feel a bit foolish because it was. Wiggling in my seat, lifting up, preparing to pull my pants up again.

“No, don’t…not yet, please!” she coaxed. Now looking at me with a question in her eyes. “You’ll still have to do something about that, yes?” she asked.

I laughed, “Eventually…yes. I certainly can’t go home this way,” I told her, hinting that I would no doubt be sitting here stroking off again after she left.

“Then do it now, so I can watch you…see it, please?”

“Really? You’re serious? You want to watch me…watch me, jerk off?”

“Oh yes! God yes! Will you?” She asked.

I started doing so, nervously…apprehensively, suddenly getting a little cock shy. Oddly enough, I was going in the other direction as opposed to the one I should be going in. “Sorry…this might take a while, I’m ah…”

“Would this help?” Suddenly Andrea reached down grabbing the hem of the blouse she was wearing, lifting it up. As she did that, she likewise managed to free her breasts from her bra as well. The two items now up near her chin, though I wasn’t looking there at the moment. I was staring at her magnificent tits with my mouth hanging open!

I was pleasantly surprised in more ways than one. The fact she’d even done that was the main one, but the second one being, is that for as large as they honestly were, as heavy as they honestly were, they didn’t really droop much. 

They were full, rested heavily against her chest, yes, but they were round and well formed, sticking out in a very erotic tear-drop shape that had taken my breath away! Not only that however…she also had two of the biggest, thickest, hardest nipples I had ever seen before on anyone…ever! Like twin little gum-drops sitting on each, protruding a good inch or so off her breasts, large dark tan areolas, looking like small pancakes capping each tit. I was enthralled, and my cock was once again rigidly hard.

“That helps…a lot!” I finally managed, staring at them both now, stroking my meat almost fiercely as I sat there looking at her. Andrea, looking at me, as she began fingering and thumbing those nipples for me pleasurably, sighing as she did so. “Fuck!” I moaned aloud, to which she giggled again.

“I am coming to love hearing that word,” she stated.

“And I will soon be coming, thinking it…and saying it again,” I shot back. “Fuck this is horny!”

“It sure as fuck is!” Andrea quipped giggling again. We could both easily hear the slippery sounds my hand was now making as it traveled up and down the length of my cock. Squishy sounds as I purposely milked myself now, letting her hear just how aroused and horny I was. Just how good it felt to be sitting there masturbating, staring at her tits, especially as she now began pulling and pinching those incredible nipples of hers.

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