Maybe in a million years – 3

“Maybe in a million years” Part-3 Continues…..

“Xavier, you can’t possibly be serious here!” Mom exclaimed as she sat trying to cover her full breasts with one arm placed over her chest, the other…her hand now vainly trying to cover the dark patch of pussy hair covering her mound. Neither one of which, she was succeeding in doing very well. “I’m your mother!” She added to that as though the rationale of that would make further sense.

“Yeah, you are. My very hot sexy mother, and my very hot sexy Aunt! And I’m at least being honest here…it was hot watching the two of you, obviously…” I said looking down at my own erection, though I had to almost chuckle as mom’s eyes had hardly wavered from staring at my stiff-standing prick. So was my Aunt, but she was making no fuss about any of this, and had actually taken a seat next to mom on her lounge chair boldly looking at me, even going so far as to lick her lips.

“Come on mom, what’s the harm here? Obviously, you two were enjoying all this…just as much as I was enjoying watching the two of you. So don’t try and tell me you’re not excited, or aroused…even now. Wouldn’t you enjoy seeing your own son beating his meat while the two of you pleasured one another? Doesn’t the thought of me stroking this hard fucking cock of mine thrill you, excite you?” I pressed, purposely running my hand up and down my shaft while both my Aunt and mother continued to look on.

I was about as horny as I’d ever been. But playing this silly charade with them was too much fun. As easy as I believe it would have been to press the issue even further, I actually wanted to draw this out even more. Eventually reaching the point where it was mom begging for it…begging for me, which would make the surrender of her desires all the sweeter when they happened.

“But…” she drooled, not really going anywhere else with it. Her eyes still locked on my cock. I had squeezed it, knowing even without looking that a nice fat droplet of juice was even then beginning to string off the tip of my prick. Glancing down, I saw it lengthen, a clear little ribbon of pre-cum fuck juice even then starting to hang suspended from the tip of my hard, horny cock as she sat there mouth open taking it in.

I glanced back towards her, the arm she’d been using to futilely cover herself with, was moving. Her fingers were already scissoring one of her hard extended nipples, and I was sure she hadn’t even realized it yet. My Aunt pretty much put an end to whatever hesitation mom may have had. She simply crawled up further into the lounge chair, straddling mom.

“Here, move your leg over just a little. Yes…that’s it!” My Aunt Sophia said as she positioned herself directly over mom. As she did that, I took the opportunity to move over closer to the two of them, now standing beside the lounger they were sharing as my Aunt deftly positioned herself, one leg going over one of mom’s and the other under, effectively scissoring one another in this fashion right there in the chair.

Now pressed cunt to cunt…she began slowly gyrating herself against mom’s widely displayed pussy. “There, that’s better…don’t you think?” Mom moaned, momentarily closing her eyes as she did, and then opening them to glance out towards me once again as I stood there actually slapping my prick, making it bounce up and down for her as she watched.

“That’s so…so…”

“Dirty mom? Horny? Naughty hot? You like that? You like watching your son playing with his dick for you while Aunt Sophia’s busy fucking your cunt?”

“Oh my god! Yes! Yes!” She responded back, totally succumbing now to the pure lewdness of the moment. The sensations of my Aunt’s soaking wet cunt now grinding against her own, the slippery sounds now being made and produced as I added my own accompaniment of slick sweet juice to those they were producing. It was a symphony of erotic music being made at its best.

“That’s it Sophia,” I urged her. “Fuck mom’s pussy baby. Clit to clit…rub it and smear it with your hot sticky pussy juice. Let me hear it…ah yeah, perfect. Perfect.” I vocally applauded.

Mom was humping back…grinding against her sister now. Reaching up, she placed her hands over my Aunt’s breasts, molding and squeezing them together.

“Slap one!” I called out, seeing my Aunt’s face take on a curious look, though it was already screwed up in a grimace of pleasure even as she looked at me. Eyes slightly glazed. “Go on mom…slap it, slap her titty!” She did so. “Harder!” I called out again, seeing her slap my Aunt’s breast once more, harder this time, and seeing the look in my Aunt’s face as she winced with the pleasure/pain of it. But this time she added her own hot wanton desires to my own.

“Again…even harder, slap it Max, slap it. Slap my tits!”

Mom slapped one, and then the other, and then back again. All the while the two of them humping one another wildly now, grinding…pushing, the sounds of two very wet, very slippery cunts squishing against one another was simply too much for me to bear any longer. I stepped forward, still fisting my cock, now aiming it downwards between the two of them. I could see by the look in their eyes they were as close as I was.

Not even bothering to announce it, simply aiming…feeling, and then watching as my prick suddenly erupted in a torrent of cream that began spurting copiously, drenching the junction of where their pussies so wonderfully sat pressed together.

“Oh fuck! Fuck!” Mom squealed, watching me shoot. My Aunt as well thrashing and groaning deeply, now entering the throes of her own orgasmic relief as my cock continued to squirt, pumping out what felt like a gallon of fuck-butter as I liberally began hosing the two of them, now milking the last of it over their respective tits.

Almost immediately I became weak in the knees, collapsing down into a nearby chair in order to collect myself, though still watching as the two of them slowly wound down as well. Streamers of my cream along with their own, running everywhere.

“I…I can’t believe,” mom gasped, still fighting to catch her breath. “That…that we just did that.”

“I know. Fun huh?” Sophia quipped. “Especially when Xavier started shooting all over us like that. Oh my god was that hot!”

“Yes it was,” I punctuated, standing. “Now…relax, catch your breaths. I’ll go grab you both a nice hot towel to clean up with, along with some drinks. How’s a nice scotch sound?” I asked already, turning…not bothering to wait for an answer. I was grinning from ear to ear. And this party was just getting started.


Minutes later I came strolling back outside again, carrying two hot towels for them to clean up with, along with a tray of drinks. I of course hadn’t bothered getting dressed yet, and though my prick no longer stood at full mast, it had remained somewhat lengthened even flaccid. I could only imagine the image they saw as I crossed the deck towards them, handing out the towels, and then placing their drinks on a table next to them, my dick only inches away from mom’s face as I did.

Even as she hurriedly wiped herself off, I noticed her looking at me. And then laughed openly as she placed the moist towel over her breasts, covering most of them, though struggling likewise trying to conceal her bare pussy. There wasn’t quite enough to do both.

“Now you’re shy?” I chuckled, sitting down in my chair, sipping from my drink, already feeling a renewed hardness in my dick as it began to firm up again.

Mom finally looked away, grateful for her own drink, giving her something to concentrate on besides my shaft though she nearly drank all of it in one gulp. She was now shaking her head, looking at her sister. “I still can’t believe we did that,” she said shamefacedly, her cheeks already coloring again, through her eyes briefly wandered back to my groin as my prick once more began taking on a full stand.

“Ah to be young again,” my Aunt quipped, likewise noticing, though she was pointedly referring to my dick. “Would you look at Maxine? Just moments ago squirting all over the two of us, and there it is again, already looking like it could do it again.” I smiled at that, winking at her.

“Oh no,” mom tried desperately in trying to pretend she had her wits about her. “None of that should have happened to begin with. It’s just not right. Xavier’s my son…and to see what he did…witness…us, doing what we did…”

“Having fun. Erotic, hot fun,” I interjected. “Come on mother, admit it…you enjoyed it just as much as Sophia and I did. Don’t try denying it. And don’t sit there and pretend you aren’t thinking about it right now, seeing how hard I’m already getting again, just remembering how hot the two of you looked together. Something I have long fantasized about, seeing the two of you touching and playing with one another. And now I finally have, and have every intention of wanting to see you do again too!” I added to that.

It was obvious mom still couldn’t believe any of this, even though in the beginning she had done so with the full knowledge that I’d be standing there watching her doing just that. It was almost comical knowing that, and seeing this effort on her part to use the excuse it was still wrong, even though she’d been willing to go along with it in the beginning. And of course my Aunt didn’t dare say anything to the contrary, though her occasional looks my way questioned where I was no doubt attempting to go with all this.

“Ok, I admit it…it was hot. Exciting. But it still doesn’t make it right Xavier, regardless of that. It was a one time thing…and that’s that.” She said with some finality.

“Speak for yourself Maxine,” Sophia said finishing her drink. “I, for one, have every intention of sucking this boy’s prick. I want to see what it feels and tastes like in my mouth. But…first I need to pee, and then I need another drink. And then after that…I’m going to suck that nice hard cock of his. So…you can either sit and watch, or do whatever, but you’ll only have for as long to think about it as it will take me to do all that. So you’d best make up your mind.” And with that, my Aunt stood, wonderfully naked…and walked back into the house.

I merely smiled at mom as she sat there looking at me once again, no doubt contemplating the dilemma and challenge that had just been placed with her.

“So…” I said smiling.

“So…” she answered in response.

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