His sister makes him jealous part-3

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Part-3 Continues….”His sister him jealous”

Almost I said that.

“Come over here,” Nova said, patting the bed. “Lay beside us…watch us, nice and close,” she added, and then lay back as Xavier winked at me, spreading my sister’s legs, and proceeded to start tonguing and licking her from the head down, kissing her rather passionately first, before she slowly began doing that. Once she had vacated my sister’s tits, and began leaving a trail of kisses and tongue licks a bit further down, Nova invited me to allow my hands to come out and play. Which they were both eager to do obviously.

I now lay beside my own sister, cupping and caressing her breasts, watching Xavier…OUR girlfriend as she now began to probe at my sister’s pussy with her tongue. Nova, legs spread, bent at the knee, offering herself, making herself even more open and vulnerable to my girlfriend’s talented tongue.

“Oh fuck Xavier…I have been waiting to feel this for so…damn…long!” She moaned as Xavier looked up, smiling, though her tongue was still busy, flicking and lapping away at my sister’s cunt.

Rose reached over, wrapping her fist around my cock, mostly just holding it. Which was now fine with me. Especially as Xavier looked up, watching her do that…once again grinning, though still licking, quite noisily in fact now. Nova was getting wet.

I watched mesmerized for what seemed like an eternity. Lightly, and softly caressing my sister’s breasts all the while. “Oh god Tom…she’s going to make me cum. And hard too!” She added, now looking at me, looking into my eyes. She had her “fuck-face” on too. You know the one, the one that you’re embarrassed to let anyone else see. But she was looking at me with that face, her eyes burrowing into mine. “Watch me come Tom. Watch me…watch me while Xavier sucks my clit, eats my cunt…fingers my pussy. Watch me Tom…watch me!” She cried out suddenly.

I was watching. I was seeing the most beautiful, sensual, erotic thing I had ever seen or witnessed in my entire life. My beautiful sister’s face, all screwed up in pleasure, eyes open no less, locked on mine, and mine locked on hers…peering into the depths of her soul as she came, as she cried out, literally screaming as she did. But never once did she close her eyes either, as hard and as nearly impossible as it was for anyone to actually do that in the throes of total and complete ecstasy, like she was. And yet…she somehow managed it.

I didn’t even know for a moment, or realize it. But I was too. Only when I sensed, and then saw the white sticky cream clinging to her breasts did it dawn on me that I had actually joined her, and came with her at that exact moment. I don’t even remember her hand doing anything to me, except just holding me. Obviously…it had been enough.

When at last super-sensitivity demanded that Xavier remove her mouth from my sister’s pussy, did she once again crawl up towards the two of us. But not before licking up the tracers of spunk that I’d left criss-crossing my sister’s chest and breasts. She met us there then after that, the three of us kissing, sharing kisses, kissing one another back and forth. Me kissing Xavier, and then Nova, just as passionately and as provocatively as they lay kissing one another.

“My turn!” Nova exclaimed after a bit, rolling Xavier over onto her back as I once again assumed the exact same position against her. I now watched as my sister proceeded to drive Xavier just as wild, just as crazy as she’d done to her moments ago.

That was erotic too. Though perhaps not in quite the same way as I’d experienced with Nova. But I was a bit less aroused, though my prick at least bobbed its satisfied head in acknowledgement of that, especially when Xavier climaxed. And where we once again shared several long passionate kisses together after that.

I found that almost more fun than the rest of it.

Almost I said that.


“What time is it?” Nova asked a short time later, rolling over onto her side in order to glance at the clock on my nightstand.

“Why?” I asked looking as well, it was almost seven at this point.

“Because the pizza should be here anytime now,” she answered in response to that. “I told them I’d leave them a nice tip if they delivered it around seven.”

“Pizza? Again?” I asked. And though I enjoyed pizza, I wasn’t all that crazy about eating it two nights in a row here.

“Yeah…again,” she said, rolling out of bed, just as Xavier did. “And then after that…after we eat, after you’ve…well, built up a bit more stamina again. It’ll be your turn.”

“My…my turn?” I said looking at her, looking at Xavier. The two of them standing there grinning from ear to ear. My twin horny pussy pod peas.

And then the doorbell rang. They grinned, laughing, racing down stairs as I shouted out after them. “Are you two crazy? You’re still naked!”

“Yeah…we know. Promised we’d give the delivery guy a really…really big tip!” Nova shouted back. I walked over to the window looking down. I laughed. Someone was in for a big surprise, that’s for sure. The delivery guy…was a girl. I raced out of my bedroom, reaching the stairs as they opened the door. I had to see this, see the surprised looks on everyone’s faces…if I could.

“Oh…” Nova said almost immediately. I could only imagine. But then I heard the delivery girl speak on her side of the door.

There was a smile in her voice when she did. “And to think that something like this would probably never happen to me!” She had stated, and then added…”that’ll be twenty-two fifty.”

“Ah…come in, let me get my wallet,” Nova said, stepping back, as did Xavier, as the cute little blonde in the Pizza delivery uniform stepped into the house, handing off the two large pizzas to Xavier, drinking her in as she did so. And then she caught me standing there on the stairway looking down at the three of them. Likewise nude, and likewise aroused again.

“Damn…even better,” she smiled. “I don’t suppose…”

“Maybe…another time,” Nova said walking over, handing her the money, though she then leaned forward kissing the woman on the cheek as she did that, careful to allow one of her breasts to just brush against the front of hers.

“I hope so…” she said looking at the two of them, and then once again towards me, smiling, shaking her head, and reluctantly stepping back out through the door. Nova closed it, turned looking up towards me.

“Don’t even think about it,” she said, to which Xavier agreed just as quickly. “You’ll have your hands full with the two of us, let alone three.”

I knew then, this was going to be a long and enjoyable night.


I picked up the pizza from the kitchen table and followed the girls downstairs to the den. Xavier had stopped long enough to remove a pitcher of margaritas from the refrigerator. The problem with that was, I didn’t have much of a tolerance for hard alcohol. Any more than two drinks and I’d be dealing with the bed spins. An experience I wasn’t too keen on allowing again. The downside was, after two drinks…when the buzz wore off that I did have, I got tired, really…really tired, especially after having a nice hard climax. Which I’d had.

“Two drinks…no more than that,” I warned them both as Xavier poured, and as Nova divided up the pizza.

“Party pooper,” Nova teased me.

I just shook my head, trying to ignore her for the moment, which wasn’t easy. After all, all three of us were still naked, and I was starting to become aroused again, with the help of the tequila. The one upside to drinking it for me.

But…I was also thinking sort of anyway…rationally again too. Thinking with my head, and not my dick…though that could change any moment. As I sat there admiring the two of them, their similarities and differences, I managed to convince myself that so far at least, Nova and I hadn’t really done too much of anything. Which made it easier for me to accept perhaps, with her being my sister and all. Aside from a little touching, we hadn’t done much of anything else. Though I had indeed probed my sister’s pussy with my fingers, I hadn’t done so for very long.

Nor had she really done much with me either. Barely a hand job, if you could even call it that in the shower, and then holding onto it while she came. Though I had as well. Even then, there wasn’t a whole lot going on as she did that. Everything else was pretty much between the two of them, and that I rationalized…I could live with. I wasn’t sure I could live with or accept too much of anything else.

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