His sister makes him jealous part-2

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Part-2 Continues “His sister makes him jealous”…..

“Ok, ok…before I do something even worse than I already have,” I said rolling, forcing her to roll with me, effectively dumping her off me. I then slid out on my side of the bed, standing up…literally and figuratively speaking as Nova now lay there on my bed looking up at me. I figured the two or three second look was good enough, and began heading off towards the bathroom.

“Hey! Where are you going?” She asked, scrambling out of bed, actually chasing me. “I’m not done looking…yet!” She exclaimed in no uncertain terms.

“I gotta pee!” I said lamely.

“Ah huh…what you want to do…is jerk off aren’t you?” She accused me instead.

I actually wanted…no, needed…to do just that. But I wasn’t about to tell her that either.

“Seriously sis…I need to pee, bad! And if you don’t let me…then, well…let’s just say things will get a bit messy here in about two seconds.”

“I like being messy. In fact…I want to see you do just that Tom. Make it messy. Let me watch you.”

“Watch me pee?” I laughed. “Yeah…right.”

“No…well maybe that too, yes in fact. But no…I want to watch you…jerk off.”

I had made it as far as the door, now standing there sideways looking at her. Looking at her as she reached up cupping her magnificent breasts, fingering her nipples. “Wouldn’t you enjoy jerking off, looking at me? Looking at me while I masturbated for you?” She asked, one hand now slithering down her tummy, my eyes once again glued as she slipped her hand beneath the waistband of her panties.

There was no mistaking where it had gone either, nor when she pulled it back up and out, holding those same fingers beneath my nose for a moment before sliding them across my open lips. I was too stunned to initially react to that. The smell of her…the hot, horny fragrance of my own sister, not to mention the all too brief, tantalizing taste of her as she gave my palate something to think about.

“You’re serious.”

“Very,” she said, now bending over, easing her panties down her nicely toned legs. It was the first time I had actually seen my sister’s pussy up close and personal. Unlike Xavier’s, Nova still had a small neatly trimmed little tuft of hair just above her mons, which pointed down towards her swollen puffy lips like a neon sign. She stood there, now spreading herself, running her fingers up her furrow, her fingers showing a glimmer of liquid moisture clinging to them as she brought them back up to her mouth once again. Licking them off. “Please?” She added.

“Oh fuck!” I said. I was too far gone to argue any more, let alone think about what I was about to do for her…with her. “After I pee,” I said, not really sure that I could now…especially when she followed me into the bathroom. Obviously, Nova wasn’t letting me out of her sight. “In the shower,” I then amended. Somehow, doing that in the shower, even with her there, didn’t seem quite as bad as it would have otherwise. Don’t ask me why…it just didn’t. And besides, I’d been masturbating in the shower for years while thinking about my own sister. It just seemed suddenly appropriate.


Standing in the shower with my own sister was a bit unnerving for me, but arousing too. It couldn’t be helped. As much as I knew, and felt like this was wrong, just the sight of her standing there before me was enough to chase away those rational thoughts. Especially as she stood there smiling at me, fingering her luscious slit, toying with those amazingly hard nipples of hers. And her eyes locked on my purple, swollen cock the entire time as I stood there next to her stroking it.

“Fuck you’re hard!” She said again for about the umpteenth time. “Doesn’t it hurt? Ache?” She asked only then looking up into my eyes, an actual look of concern crossing her face. I laughed.

“Only if I leave it this way,” I told her, already feeling that tingling sensation down inside my balls telling me that when I did come…it was going to be a BIG one.

She smiled back. “Promise to tell me when you’re about to,” she stated. “I’ve been so looking forward to seeing this.” Once again she made me laugh, nervously. Standing here fisting and stroking my own cock in front of my sister was once again so totally out of the norm for me. And yet…I had stood here in this very spot fantasizing about doing just this on numerous occasions.

She was making it easier for me though, touching herself so intimately as well. I wanted to reach out and touch her. And maybe she sensed that, or saw it in my eyes or something though I’d made no move, nor indication to her that I wanted to do that.

“I’d love it if you’d touch my tits,” she informed me, sighing audibly just at the thought of me doing so perhaps.

I didn’t even hesitate. It was as though my hands had a mind of their own. I reached out with my left hand immediately fondling and toying with her available breast, though she continued to toy with the other one herself, moaning and sighing pleasurably as I did so. I fingered her nipple, likewise fingering the head of my own dick in much the same way, bringing pleasure to myself.

It was like synchronized nipple-dickhead fondling, one becoming the other in a way, my own fingers doing to each, intensifying the pleasure. I don’t know why it feels that way. It just does. Flipping that nipple of hers, rubbing and teasing it, sent additional shivers of delight down my shaft, causing my balls to tingle even more than they had been.

“So…did you enjoy watching Xavier and I masturbating in front of one another?” She suddenly asked out of the blue.

“You…you knew I was there?” I was totally taken by surprise.

“Not at first…but then I caught your reflection on the TV, or movement rather. And then I waited…looking at the TV again, but not at the movie that was on. And sure enough, when the reflection of you standing there just behind the door alerted me that you were…well, let’s just say that got me really horny. Knowing you were now watching us.”

“More you than Xavier,” I now finally admitted. “I really couldn’t see her,” but then I asked as it suddenly dawned on me. “Did…did she know?”

Nova nodded her head. “But only after you’d already left. Then I told her you had been yes.”

“What did she say?” I asked incredulously, though my hands…still with a mind of their own hadn’t stopped even for a second, still cupping and molesting my sister’s breast.

“She wondered why you didn’t just come in…and join us,” she laughed.

“She did? Really?”

“Yes…really. And…she asked me to ask you something after she realized you had been.”


“She wondered…if you’d be jealous, or get upset…if we were too, well…if we were to do more than just watch one another finger-fucking ourselves,” she said using the more decadent term, knowing that hearing her talk “dirty” was arousing to me. Which it was of course. The image she painted when saying that, relaying that precise moment back inside my head.

“You mean…”

“Yeah…actually touching, licking. We did once before, a long time ago. Just before you and Xavier started getting serious. But never since then. She didn’t want to cheat on you, not even with another girl…with me.”

I laughed, feeling a little stupid. “Oh, and this isn’t?” I said only then taking my hand away, though I swear it was mad at me when I did that. She reached out, grabbed my hand however, and put it immediately back on her breast.

“Not really. I mean come on Tom, you and I aren’t really doing anything…no more than what Xavier and I were doing. Watching one another masturbate. You weren’t upset by that now were you?”


“Well then.”

“Listen Sis…this. This is a whole lot different than that. You two are friends, close friends, girl friends. And I don’t exactly feel threatened by that.” I chuckled looking at her as she frowned at me. “Ok, maybe just a little. But not really in a jealous way. And not really threatened either as I think about it. More like curious…aroused at the thought of it, you know?”

“So you’re saying…”

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