Cucked on Vacation – 01

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This time we didn’t stop to lay down our blanket, and continued walking along the shore, soaking in the lovely day. I kept glancing at her, making knowing faces, causing her to blush. We had never had a conversation like we did that morning, and I desperately wanted to revisit it.

We had been walking for quite awhile when we approached a gathering of trees, and a sign. ‘Clothing Optional Beyond This Point – No Phones – No Cameras’

Hazel looked over at me, shrugging playfully. “Might as well, seems to be that kind of vacation.” On a whim we continued through the brush. At first it wasn’t noticeably different from the portion of the beach that we had just left. We continued strolling, some couples fully suited, swimming in the ocean. We walked past an older Hispanic man, nude – with a small penis and a large gut.

I saw Hazel quickly avert her eyes. Then we soon ran into a slightly younger couple who were also nude, and not unattractive – but we both avoided staring. I had never been on a nude beach before and it somehow felt surprisingly normal, even relaxing after a time. That is, until I saw James.

Hazel stopped dead in her tracks, frozen, seemingly caught in a bad joke. I too, was kind of shocked by the chances of the encounter, having no idea James would be here, not even having the thought cross my mind. Suddenly I remembered him heading in this direction after our beach run-in the other day.

He was walking over to us, entirely nude except for a towel draped over his shoulder – his massive cock was swaying below his waist as he strode. We stood there like idiots, unsure how to react. I quickly tried to gather myself as he approached. He smiled, greeting us. “Hey there guys. Surprised to see you at this end of the beach.”

His cock was obscene, massively thick and long, with a huge set of balls. I had never seen anything like it, and I quickly averted my eyes – finding words, fighting through the awkwardness of the encounter. “Yeah, it was kind of a spur of the moment decision. Carefree vacation mode and all.” I vomited out a reply without coherency.

“First time on a nude beach?” He offered, to both of us. I quickly replied, “Yeah – not many in Ohio as I’m sure you know.”

“Hazel’s idea?” He spoke, smiling at her. To my horror I noticed that my wife’s eyes were locked on his manhood, James noticed as well.

She didn’t even realize that she’d been asked a question. My terror turned to amused arousal as I tried to snap her out of her trance, “Well babe, was it your idea?”

Hazel suddenly realized that she had been caught staring, her face once again blushing a deep shade of red. She put her hand up to her mouth. “Oh my god. How embarrassing.”

James calmly assuaged her. He seemed to realize that we were out of our element. “No worries, I’m used to that.” He chuckled as he removed the tower from his shoulder, and began draping it around his waist to cover up. The damage, however, was already done.

Hazel continued to blush, stuttering, “I… I’ve just never – seen one that big.”

My blood pressure skyrocketed, and I was unsure of how to interject in the conversation, or whether I should at all. I couldn’t believe my eyes, or my ears. My wife openly admitting to this man that he was larger than me, clearly much larger than me – aroused me to no end.

“No problem at all, it’s not the first time I’ve heard that.” He smiled wide, clearly proud. “I’m actually gonna head back to my room, been out here baking in the sun way too long today. I don’t suppose you two would want to meet for a drink later?”

I looked at Hazel, wondering just how much shame she might be feeling right now. I almost felt bad for her, but I realize it ultimately wasn’t a big deal. “Babe? We didn’t have any plans.”

She nodded slowly, coming to her senses but probably not even hearing my question, “Sure.” she said.

“Great, I’ll see you guys at the bar.” James replied, and quickly walked off.

Hazel stood frozen for a moment, seemingly with her mind blown. We looked at each other, saying nothing, and eventually turned to head back to the hotel. We were both silent the entire walk back to our room. Once we were finally inside Hazel began to undress, for a moment I thought she was feeling intensely horny from the big cock sighting, possibly wanting to jump on me to quench her thirst. She walked up to me, kissing me deeply, but then she quickly made a move into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

I stood there dumbfounded, wanting to hear her thoughts in the afternoon, on the bizarre and arousing encounter at the beach. But the only sound I heard was the turning on. Just as I was about to go take a seat on the bed the door re-opened. I saw Hazel’s head pop out.

“Babe… Why don’t you head down to the convenience store and buy some condoms. Magnums please. I’m gonna start getting ready for tonight.” She closed the door behind her again.

My mind exploded, and I stood still for a moment. When her words registered with my brain I rushed to the bathroom door smashing it open. Hazel was naked, heavy tits hanging with one leg on the counter, shaving her legs.

“You’re going to fuck him?” I asked, breathing heavily, panicked, stunned, aroused.

She glanced over at me, calmly. “Of course not silly, but I want to make sure we aren’t being irresponsible in-case something stupid happens tonight. I’m not on the pill right now.”

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