Cucked on Vacation – 01

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“Mostly fascinated really, just kind of soaking it all in.” I managed.

James replied, “So it’s safe to say you two have never done anything of the sort.” He chuckled again. “I told my wife I didn’t think you had.”

“Can’t say that we have.” I glanced at Hazel, who was still blushing and visibly nervous. She shook her head in agreement.

“Well look, I don’t want to weird you two out any more than I already have. I also have a painfully early meeting tomorrow, so I think it’s time I took my leave. Hopefully I catch you guys tomorrow.”

He stood, pausing as he left his cash on the counter. “Have a nice night.” And with that, he turned and left us.

My wife and I were silent for a moment, and then I turned to her and spoke, “I told you he wants to fuck you.”

We both broke into a muffled, absurd laughter.

The elevator ride up to our room consisted of Hazel and I pawing at each other like teenagers. I wasn’t sure what exactly had gotten into us, but I’m sure James’s kinky admission had influenced our arousal to some degree.

We hopped into bed still fumbling at each other’s bodies when I decided to reach for the remote.

“What are you doing?” my wife managed, between kisses.

The brazen conversation at the bar had stirred my perverted mind into sexual overdrive. I decided to push things.

“How about a movie?” I replied, realizing we hadn’t watched a porn together in quite a few years.

Hazel smiled wickedly, blushing. “Go ahead.” She acted as if she was relenting, but I knew she was aroused by the proposition.

“You know what, I’m gonna clean up real quick – you pick the movie.” I tossed her the remote and headed to the bathroom.

I was near giddy as I showered, dick stiffening at the knowledge of what my wife might be doing in the other room. I was overly excited and cut the shower short to return to her. I still couldn’t believe that we had discussed cuckolding with an actual bull – just moments ago.

I quickly dried myself and threw on my boxers, rushing out the bathroom with erect curiosity. As soon as I opened the door the sound of feminine moans and bodies slapping hit my ears. As I rounded the corner into the main bedroom I was greeted to the erotic sight of my nude wife. She was lying on the bed with her legs wide, feet resting on the bedding below. She was massaging her pussy as she took in the images on the screen. Her tits rested sexually on her chest, jiggling slightly as she played with herself. I noticed that her cocktail dress was tossed on the floor along with her stilettos and panties.

“I didn’t mean to order this.” She blushed when she noticed me.

“Order what?” I replied, as I approached the bed finally glancing at the television.

I was shocked to see a woman being pounded intensely by a massive black cock, her head arched back in pleasure as she took the large organ inside of her.

A knot twisted in my stomach as my dick strained to full hardness. “Wow.” I looked at her, stunned. “I guess James’s proposition got to you?” I managed, blood pressure rising – simultaneously horrified and aroused that it might have. I was legitimately shocked that she would actually have chosen an interracial film, as we had never seen one together. A million thoughts began racing through my mind.

She stammered, but didn’t stop playing with her shopping mound. “No, I… I saw the Title, Naughty Wives – and tried previewing it. I don’t know how to work the remote, I guess I ordered it accidentally.”

I believed her, but teased her regardless, “Uh huh. Sure you did babe.”

She blushed, temporarily closing her legs momentarily in embarrassment. “I’m serious…” she whined.

I said nothing, but approached her on the bed.

Hazel’s pussy looked divine, dampening and plump as her delicate fingers massaged her clit. I instinctively crawled towards her sex face first. She saw my intent and sexily opened her legs further, removing her hand.

I began smothering her naughty bits with kisses, up her inner thigh, around her mound, and eventually planting deep and passionate ones directly on her swollen clit. She moaned immediately in response, grabbing my head and hair as I licked her. I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly wet she was.

I glanced up to see her eyes fixated on the television, the moans of the woman in the movie echoing from behind me. I removed my mouth to catch a breath, “Well? Do you like the movie?” I asked, somehow hoping she did.

She nodded, and bit her lip, speaking in her sexy voice, “It’s crazy, but I do. I’ve never seen a black one before.”

Her admission sent my blood pressure through the roof, and I couldn’t help but further spur her arousal.

“I bet you James’s even bigger than that.” I don’t know why I said that.

She clutched into my hair, moaning deeply.

I kissed her clit again, continuing “You can admit you find him attractive, it doesn’t bother me.”

“Oliver, stoppp…” she whined, but clearly liked the direction I was going with this dirty talk.

I shuffled up on my knees, and plopped my throbbing dick against her mound – entering her with ease.

She began moaning immediately, louder than I had heard her in many years. In a moment of drunken arousal, I admitted it to her – again. “You know that I fantasize about you with a bigger man, right?”

Hazel clawed into my shoulders as I fucked her, “Oh god Oliver! Keep fucking me!”

My newfound arousal combined with the drinks down at the bar had removed my typical filter.

“Oh I will baby, and when I’m done I’m gonna call James up here for his turn.”

Her eyes began to glaze, and I could sense a powerful orgasm brewing in her. I pushed her over the edge with my words, “I’ll sit right there on that chair, and watch as he pounds you with that big cock of his. I know you want it Hazel!”

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her body began to convulse, I had only seen her cum like this once or twice in our many years together. She bucked hard, moaning in pleasure. I looked down at her and came immediately. The lust, her beauty, and the admission of my cuckold fantasy was too much to bear.

We clutched at each other as our bodies shook into post-orgasm relaxation. I looked at her, and her at me – we kissed passionately, and both soon fell into a deep slumber.

We awoke late the following day, eventually heading down to the lobby for brunch. We both seemed to be gathering our thoughts in the evening until we finally sat down to eat. I looked across at her, she was as beautiful as ever, using her fork to delicately organize the eggs and bacon on her plate. Just as I was about to speak, she did.

“Were you serious about what you said last night?”

I was immediately excited to revisit the admission, and I spoke honestly to my wife, despite some embarrassment. “Yeah… I mean it’s not something I think about all the time, but the thought of it does turn me on.”

She blushed, speaking quietly so as to not have others near us hear. “You’re all I need Oliver. I can’t believe you’re such a perv.” She said it jokingly, and she smiled more – still blushing. She spoke those words, but the look on her face indicated that at least the thought of it aroused her as well, and that did nothing but inspire me.

I matched her hushed tone, “I know I am babe, but it’s just a kinky fantasy.” I paused, “I guess hearing James admit to… what he does. I don’t know, it breathed some life into it.”

Her face turned flush, and I pressed her. “Would you fuck him?”

She played with more bacon on her plate, “Oliver…”

“Judgment free zone Hazel, I know you find him attractive.”

“Yes, he’s attractive – but we are married Oliver – so no, of course I wouldn’t fuck him.”

“Of course we’re married, and we’re always going to be married.”

I paused, and decided to paint an erotic picture to gauge her reaction.

I spoke in a lighthearted, matter of fact tone.

“We are at the bar tonight, James’s there. We have a few drinks, you flirt with him a bit like you did last night. We go up to the room, the three of us. We strip you down, and he fucks you with that big cock of his. I watch – probably jerk off because I’ll be so insanely turned on. Then we go to sleep, never see him again, and wake up knowing we had some kinky fun on a vacation one time.”

She dropped her fork and it clashed loudly against her breakfast plate, causing some people to glance over at us. Hazel’s face was flush and her eyes wide. “Okay Oliver, that’s enough.” she spoke in a whisper – and I decided it best left alone for the rest of the meal.

She refused to speak of it for the rest of the morning, and after a nap we eventually decided to head back down to the beach.

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