Putting together storm – 4

“Putting together storm” Part -4 Continues…..

I woke to the sound of several things going on all at once. Even before my eyes completely opened I could hear the sound of the rain beating against the windows. It was constant, not as bad a downpour as I’d heard before, but certainly continuous. But it was again a reminder of the severe storm heading our way.

Secondly, as my eyes did open, I could also hear the sound of the shower telling me in an instant that Sophia was already up and getting ready to head into the city. Something I still didn’t agree with, especially with the approach of the oncoming storm, though Hurricane Kate wasn’t supposed to affect us directly. The other was the sudden movement on the bed as I felt another presence bouncing on it, further attempting to wake me. Though to be honest, it was then the smell of freshly brewed coffee that garnered my attention.

“About time you woke up,” Joy said, sitting on the edge of the bed, bouncing up and down on it. I rolled over looking at her. Naturally she was naked. But I sat up, reaching for the coffee sitting next to me on the nightstand trying to ignore the obvious. Joy appeared to be in an exceptional mood,

even with the storm brewing outside, which reminded me…I’d be cooped up in the house with her all day. Not necessarily a good thing from my point of view. Not with everything that had been happening anyway. Not to mention a promise I’d made, that I was even then wondering how the hell I’d ever be able to keep it knowing Joy.

The shower had stopped, as had the bouncing on my bed as Joy finally stood up again. “Breakfast is almost ready,” she then added heading towards the door. “Tell mom to hurry up,” she stood by the door, looking at me, her smile already too mischievous for this time of day. Her hard stiff, crinkled nipples were already winking at me as she stood there, and then of course that knowing…almost dangerous smile as she tossed her head back, laughed, and then disappeared from view. I could hear her chuckling to herself all the way downstairs.

“Morning,” Sophia said, coming into the room. She too was naked, though she stood with a towel wrapped around her head as she crossed over to her dresser, opening it and then rummaging through it briefly for a pair of panties and a bra. “Did I hear Joy?”

“Yeah…she was just here, and said breakfast was almost ready.” I sat my coffee down back on the nightstand, rolled out of bed placing my feet on the floor and stood up. I needed to pee. And I had quite naturally my early morning piss-hard. The moment I did that, Sophia smiled, turning towards me again, reaching out as I passed, latching onto it. “What?”

“Let me,” she said, leading me into the bathroom where I soon stood over the toilet, Sophia now aiming me towards it. “Always loved doing this,” she said.

I might have been getting a little more used to the wild crazy things that had been going on around here, but there was still something about trying to take a pee with someone watching over you while you did, not to mention actually holding onto it while you tried. Needless to say it was still a bit of a struggle even though I had to go pretty badly.

“Don’t tell me you’re still pee-shy!” Sophia giggled. I think I grunted, and then finally began to pee, the pressure just enough that I was able to overcome my own stupid shyness. The two of us now looked down in the toilet bowl as Sophia quickly adjusted her aim so as not to inadvertently spray me all over the floor, or our feet.

“It’s getting worse outside,” I said, though any hope I had of actually changing her mind was fruitless as I stood there pissing, listening to the sound of my hard stream as it hit the water in the bowl.

“I’ll be careful, another reason why I’m leaving so early, I want to have plenty of time to get there. And I promise to call you once I get there, or if anything happens along the way. Don’t be worried, I’ll be fine. I’ve driven in worse weather than this!”

“Maybe so Cyn,” I said affectionately abbreviating her name, liking the pet name I had given her during the night…though saying it more like “Sin” with the obvious connotation behind the meaning. To me…she was. Sin incarnate, lust…desire…not to mention a conundrum of a whole bunch of things, not the least of which was being given permission to enjoy myself with Joy while she was gone…bearing just one simple thing. Fucking her. “But it IS going to get worse before it gets better. It’s you’re getting back here before it does that worries me more.”

She laughed at that, shaking my dick off, once again leading me over towards the sink where she now soaped me with a cloth, cleaning me off and then washing her hands. “The only thing you’re worried about, is if Joy will convince you to fuck her. Maybe she will, maybe she won’t,

but I guess the three of us will find out soon enough after I’ve left…won’t we?” She said not quite smiling this time, letting me know by the look in her eyes she’d been serious when she’d warned me about that, and when we’d spoken about it again later just before falling asleep. Sophia was wise enough to know her daughter was too much of a temptation for almost any man. Especially one who would be cooped up with her all day. Knowing that,

she’d basically given me her blessing and permission to do just about anything else with her that I wanted to…hopefully doing just enough to keep the two of us appeased, though mostly Joy, and keep me from succumbing to what we both knew was some sort of weird twisted challenge. As friendly as Joy had become to me, I still felt like she didn’t trust me one single bit. And that meant, she was bound and determined to prove to herself, and to her mother that I really was out for only one thing.

I certainly hadn’t known when I’d met her just how well off she honestly was, so that had never been my intent to begin with. But I now faced a real dilemma. I liked Sophia a lot. And I wanted to keep seeing her. But…I was also becoming infatuated with her daughter too. And yes..

.I certainly wanted to fuck her, why try and deny that to myself? I couldn’t. But I knew the moment I did…it would be over with, with both of them. Was it then worth it? Worth fucking Joy at least once? That was the one question I hadn’t come to terms with as yet. But I was also painfully aware, left alone with her the way I would be, that temptation and question would no doubt be answered.

At least Joy had put something on when we entered the kitchen area. Though I wasn’t sure what she’d put on made things any easier for me. In an odd way, she looked even sexier partially dressed than totally nude. I couldn’t help wondering as we took seats around the table if she hadn’t been thinking that herself.

Trust me, I’m no pervert, and I’ve never once in my entire life entertained thoughts about young girls…I mean to say, really young girls. Sure, too young teenagers might cause a man to wonder about them briefly. Especially the ones who look legal, and who aren’t which most of the time you don’t find out about until it’s too late. At least I’d never run into that problem personally myself. The fact was however, Joy had purposely made herself appear younger than she was, going in the opposite direction, and it honestly unnerved me just a little.

She had now put her hair up into these really short pigtails for one thing. The other was, she was wearing a very frilly, almost too sweet little nightgown that had ruffled matching panties. Not anything I’d have ever expected to see her wearing, and yet she was. Even her mother commented on her somewhat unusual attire. The short sheer top she was wearing had just enough ruffles crossing over the front of it to hide her breasts. Though barely. Even with the ruffles, I could see hints of her dark pink, almost red nipples peeking out at me. Once again, giving herself an alluring, sexy, and yes…wickedly wrong look about her that gave me the shivers.

“I’m behind on laundry,” she offered up as a reason. “I didn’t really have anything else comfortable enough to wear at the moment…so thought after breakfast was over, I’d at least get a load of washing going. No telling how long we’ll have power before it goes out again anyway.”

The power had come on again sometime during the night, the light still blinking on and off on the microwave as well as the coffee maker, alerting us to the fact they’d both need to be reset. But at least we could turn on the TV again, which I did in order to catch the latest weather updates as Sophia polished off her coffee, grabbing another in preparation for heading out the door.

“Ok, I’ll call you as soon as I get into the city. I’ll try and cut the meeting as short as I possibly can, and then head home again,” she promised.

“Just…drive safe,” I said looking at her, giving her a brief though lingering kiss on the mouth before she turned and headed outside into what was quickly becoming gale force winds.

Joy was standing at the front bay window, which was still protected by the much heavier reinforced Plexiglas, which made it difficult to clearly see everything with the rain and all. But…she stood there watching as her mother pulled out of the circular enclosure and began slowly making her way down the drive. Only then did she turn towards me with that smile on her face.

“So…you like my ‘naughty little girl’ outfit?” She asked.

I couldn’t help but laugh. If that’s the effect she’d been striving for, she’d certainly achieved it.

“If that’s what you call it, yes…admittedly, you look naughty as hell. But, I also have to tell you…it sort of creeps me out a little too. If I didn’t know better…”

Now she laughed, though reaching up to undo the tiny pigtails she’d made in her hair. Even doing just that added years to her still young age, making me feel a little better at least.

“That better?” She now asked looking ten years more mature again thankfully.

“Much,” I said, relieved. “Now…you said something about needing to do laundry? Need me to carry anything down to the laundry room for you then?” I already asked hoping to get involved in something that would buy me a little more time. Though as early as it was…I didn’t think I’d be able to continue dodging whatever advances she tossed my way until her mother got home. To my surprise however, we began doing just that.

I carried down the heavier basket of laundry while Joy grabbed the smaller one that pretty much contained nothing more than both of their underwear. Once she’d loaded the washer with those, she stood sorting out the rest of it into colors and whites in various piles.

“While you’re doing that, I think I’ll go out and double check the shutters and windows,” I informed her. I had turned at the door as she stripped off the outfit she had on. Once again naked now, adding those two items to the wash.

“Come back down here when you’re done,” she said demurely. “I’ll be waiting for you.”

“Said the spider to the fly,” I thought to myself. And then headed out into the storm, almost looking forward to it when I did.


All the shutters save for one were holding. The wind had obviously worked its way loose, so I was glad that I’d gone outside to check on them, and get a personal view of the storm in doing so. The ocean was about as violent as I’d ever seen it, white caps as far as you could see with ten to fifteen foot swells by the looks of it. And we were supposed to be just on the outer fringes of the actual hurricane itself according to the reports, though there had been a minor warning that the storm could change direction just enough that we might get hit a little harder than anyone was expecting.

Just what I needed.

Even with the rain slicker on, I was still drenched when I came back inside the house. Stripping that off, along with my equally wet shirt, I headed back downstairs into the laundry area. As she said she’d be…Joy was sitting on top of the washer just as it began the first spin cycle. Seeing her sitting on top of it naked was interesting enough, but it was obvious by the look on her face, she was enjoying it too.

“Mom always wondered why I usually volunteered to help out with the laundry, even when I was just a kid,” she grinned. “And then one day, she came home unexpectedly and found out why. I was sitting here, pretty much just like this, legs draped over the corner of the washer as it started to go into the spin cycle…like it is now. Just enough of a vibration I could get off on it. Which I was in the process of doing when she came down stairs and caught me using it to get myself off with. Even now…I still enjoy doing it. But the funny part was…weeks later,

I came home and found her doing it. After seeing me, she’d gotten curious, and then one day after loading up the wash, figuring she was safe enough, decided to try it out for herself. I still smile every time I think about walking in on her, seeing her with her mouth open, eyes closed, hands braced on the edge of the washer with her legs draped over the corner of it just the way mine are now. She was right in the middle of an orgasm, never even knew I was there until afterwards.”

“I can only imagine,” I said standing there looking at her myself now, and feeling an all too familiar stirring in my pants. It wasn’t even nine o’clock in the morning yet.

Joy laughed, enjoying the vibration obviously. “Yeah, she was pretty embarrassed at first too, especially as I had by then removed the rest of my clothing. When I jumped up to sit beside her on the washer, she was even more surprised and confused. That was, I guess, the first time we ever did anything like that in front of one another. The two of us, sitting side-by-side humping the opposite corners of the washer as it went through the cycle. Once I’d climbed aboard, mom had even reset it, starting it all over again. Best damn orgasm I’d ever had up until that time anyway,” she mused.

Even hearing silly shit like this got me hard. Listening to her story, imagining her and Sophia sitting side-by-side, mother/daughter…getting themselves off in a rather kinky weird sort of way.

It was fucking hot.

“Yeah, sometimes I guess it is a bit more advantageous being a girl as opposed to a guy,” I stated, not sure I’d have ever considered doing something like that myself, though I wasn’t about to bring up my own experiences with mom’s vacuum cleaner either.

“Anyway…this has gotten me pretty horny, sitting here like this with you standing there watching me.”

She had cupped her breasts, likewise teasing her nipples as I stood there looking on.

“I think you woke up that way,” I told her. She laughed, tossing her head back.

“Yeah, well so did you by the looks of it Tom. I saw the tent you were making in the sheets, half tempted to just jump on that, and make you sheet fuck me.”

I didn’t even want to know what she meant by that, so I didn’t ask. But she was right about the other thing. However, it was hard, and it was damn near impossible to hide the fact, even with the baggy shorts I had on.

“So…ready to fuck me?”

I could only sigh…wanting to, but knowing I couldn’t. It was going to be one hell of a long day if she kept this up. “You know I can’t…and I won’t Joy. Even though I want to, and wish I could…I’m not going to. I really do care about your mother, whether one of you believes that or not.”

“We’ll see,” she said, finally jumping down off the washer, grabbing my hand as she did, and now pulling me back up the stairs. “In the meantime, I’m sure you won’t mind it if I suck you off, and while you lick my pussy for me now do you?”

She had me there. And especially with Sophia’s blessing and permission. If nothing else, perhaps taking the edge off the two of us would buy me even more time. One could only hope. As we reentered the living room again, the sound of far distant thunder rumbling caused Joy to frown once again.

“I hate that.”

“I know. Doesn’t sound close though,” I assured her, hoping it wouldn’t move in much closer any time soon, though again the weather reports had indicated we might get a bit more of it than what was initially expected.

“If it gets bad…I mean real bad…you’ll have to keep me really occupied,” she added with a smile returning back to her face. “You know…so I’m not thinking about it.”

“I’ll do what I can,” I assured her. “Short of…”

“Yeah well…like I said earlier, we’ll see about that too…won’t we?”

It was obvious she wasn’t giving up, and I wasn’t giving in. Not yet anyway…but as she pushed me down onto the couch, kneeling before me on the floor, now undoing my belt, unzipping me…I wondered if any man, under these conditions would ever be able to outlast her. I was beginning to have my doubts. Especially when that silky soft mouth of hers suddenly engulfed my dick, and then for the next thirty minutes as she slowly teased me into oblivion, I knew that in time…eventually, she’d probably have her way with me. But as silly as it sounded, I wasn’t about to go down without a fight either. No pun intended.


Although she enjoyed swallowing, Joy really did prefer seeing a prick squirt. She found it fascinating to watch let alone feel as the warm sticky spray landed on her body. Having worked me up into a total frenzy by now, we both knew this was going to be a big one, which it was.

Letting her know I was about to cum, she withdrew my cock from that pretty little mouth of hers, and then pointed it directly at her tits, still Toming it, working it…until I began to shoot all over her. She just knelt there, moving it back and forth between the two, watching it splatter on her nipples, and then begin to run down the slopes of each breast, where she casually caught the drippings, reapplying them to herself.

After I had spunked her thoroughly, she lay down on the floor, now massaging my cream into herself until it had taken on the thick pasty-like texture of lotion. “Come on Tom, be a good boy and rub your nasty spurt-juice into my titties.”

I knelt beside her now doing just that, taking delight in how soft her breasts were, especially with my cream being applied to them. Pinching and toying with those amazing nipples of hers, both of which looked like miniature gumdrops at this point, swollen, fat and incredibly hard.

“Ok, now…suck them while you finger me,” she asked, bending her knees, spreading her legs as I leaned over kneeling next to her. As she asked, I sucked one of her pert nipples into my mouth, taking delight in it, surprised at my own lack of inhibition at doing so. Especially as I could so easily taste myself while doing it.

“Oh yeah…that’s nice,” she purred, playing with her neglected nipple as I sucked on the other one, simultaneously worming my finger in and out of her hot juicy split. “Go slow,” she instructed. “Just tickle it, easy in and out until I tell you to do otherwise. Pace yourself,” she then added with a chuckle. “After I’ve come this way…then you’re going to fuck me silly.”

“Joy?” I said shaking my head no. “You know I can’t…that I won’t. So quit asking.”

“Well then…you can eat me at least, after I’ve come this way. Make me come that way…and then we’ll talk about it after that.” I felt her hand reach over, once again wrapping it around my somewhat flaccid dick, which as I continued sucking her tits, and fingering her pussy for her…didn’t remain flaccid for very damn long.

The thunder was getting louder, but thankfully not too loud or too quickly. But if I could hear it, I know she could. She’d already had one, if not two…mild little ‘big sigh’ orgasms, and had decided it was now time for a much bigger one.

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