Putting together storm -2

“Putting together storm” Part-2 Continues…..

It felt like I had jumped three feet in the air at the sound of Sophia’s voice as she walked up behind us. And unlike us…she at least had a robe on, though I doubted she wore anything beneath it.

“Seriously,” she said, taking a seat at the table. “I could use one…and a drink,” she added. “Bring the Scotch back with you when you come, and a couple of glasses.”

“Three…glasses,” Max said, jumping in.

I turned heading back up the stairs and inside the house heading for Sophia’s room where I’d left my smokes. I glanced back briefly seeing Max now taking a seat across from her mother. I knew then that sending me off for smokes, and for the Scotch was purposely done. I slowed down, no sense trying to hurry. If anything, I’d doddle a bit, giving them time to chat. The problem for me was, after what had happened there outside, had pretty much taken away whatever options I’d had.

I knew now that telling Sophia anything about what had happened would no longer hold any credibility. How long she had been there watching all that was yet another question. What had she heard? What hadn’t she? Either way, trying to say anything at this point about it wouldn’t accomplish what I had hoped to. And I likewise realized as I finally reached Sophia’s room grabbing up my pack of smokes, that Max hadn’t jumped, hadn’t been startled at all.

She must have seen, or at least been somewhat aware of her mother’s presence. Another indication to me just how dangerous an ‘opponent’ she truly was, which is how I now saw her, and viewed her.

She might indeed be a young woman, but she certainly wasn’t a naive or stupid one. She was however very cunning and calculated. If anything, that little performance out on the deck had proven that. And though the two of them were no doubt discussing it even now, I couldn’t help but wonder where that would now place me in all of this. At least Sophia hadn’t demanded that I leave, so that was something at least.

Curious, I approached the window in her bedroom pulling back the curtain off to one side peeking out and down below. They were still talking, though I couldn’t hear anything being said of course, but even the movement of their heads, hands and arms told me through their animation that they were having a rather heated conversation. I allowed the curtains to fall back into place and began making my way back down into the kitchen area to retrieve the Scotch along with the three glasses.

Rather than walking outside naked again, I grabbed a towel from off the nearby shelf where Sophia kept a supply of beach towels handy and available. Not having a robe myself, and not wishing to run back up to the room and dress, I wrapped one of those around my torso instead. Grabbing the glasses along with the Scotch and smoke, I took a deep cleansing breath and headed back outside again.

At least things appeared calmer between the two of them than I’d spied…noticing earlier. The moment the sliding glass door opened, they fell silent, though still looking directly at one another, and not at me even as I approached. In silence, I poured each one of us a drink, and then offered them both a smoke. Max declined, but Sophia accepted one as I held the lighter for her. She took a deep drag on the cigarette, coughed, and took another.

“Ten years,” she said, dragging on it again, taking a sip of her Scotch and then crushing the smoke out on the tabletop, leaving it there in an act of defiance perhaps. I lit my own, walked over to the railing leaning against it and just stood there.

“I’m going to bed,” Max announced, draining her drink in one gulp, setting the glass down on the table. She turned without saying anything further, nor looking at me as she ascended the stairs. I followed her with my eyes, just as Sophia did until she’d disappeared inside the house. Only then did Sophia stand up, approaching me. I wondered now if this is where she’d politely ask me to leave. I was prepared for it if she did.

“Did she invite you to fuck her?” She asked point blank. I saw no point in lying to her, especially now. I still had no idea of course how much she’d seen, how much she’d heard, it mattered not. If she asked me anything, I would tell her the truth.

“Yes she did.”

Sophia nodded her head. “I knew she would, she always does,” she informed me, turning to face the railing looking out into the darkness as she stood next to me. I turned, likewise looking out, taking another drag on my cigarette. “Would you like to?” She now asked without looking at me. “I saw…saw you looking at her, watching her while she played with herself, while you…while you stroke your cock.”

“I know, and yes…under different circumstances, I would. I won’t lie to you Sophia. She is beautiful, she is sexy…and she’s a damn tempting siren. But so are you Sophia,” I said, turning towards her once again. “I didn’t come here to meet her, or fuck her. I came here to be with you.”

Sophia reached up taking the cigarette from between my lips, she held it to her own, taking another drag off it, not coughing this time, and then flicked it over the railing. The moment she’d done that, I felt her hands as she easily undid the knot in the towel I had wrapped around myself. It fell down around my feet. As it did, Sophia knelt using it as a cushion of sorts, her hand immediately coming up to wrap itself around my very limp, very flaccid prick.

“You probably will, you know,” she said, now placing her mouth around my slowly stiffening cock as she lightly sucked it.

“Will what?” I asked, glancing up towards Max’s bedroom. And though it was dark, I noticed the curtains not hanging quite straight, wondering as I stood there if she was indeed looking down at us again, just as I’d done.

“Fuck her,” she added sucking me in again, the feel of her tongue now dancing around the tip of my cock, spearing the tiny eye-slit for a moment, and then back…lapping away at it.

“I have…no…intention…of doing that,” I just managed, finding it a bit surreal to be standing here discussing this like we were, Sophia’s mouth, tongue and lips now lavishing pleasure upon my rapidly stiffening prick.

“I know you don’t…but you will. They all do…eventually,” she responded back, still sucking, mouthing…and tonguing me.

I glanced up again, not really meaning too, but the pleasure her mouth was now bringing me literally forced my head back as I bent even further back against the railing. I noticed when I did, there no longer appeared to be an opening in the curtains, slight as it might have been. I still couldn’t be sure of course, it may have been nothing more than my imagination, but I wondered.

“I won’t,” I assured her again, damn near gritting my teeth.

“You will,” she replied, lapping away furiously now, the tender tickle of her tongue nearly driving me insane, as was this bizarre conversation we were having. “You may not…” she added , confusing me even further. “But…you’ll want to, and eventually, you’ll tell her that. Just don’t lie to me about it when you do.

I couldn’t handle it, knowing that.” Sophia drew me inside her mouth fully, now sucking me hard, causing me to lose all train of thought. I didn’t have a better answer for her than the one I’d already given her anyway. But I also knew as she now drew me closer and closer towards orgasm again, that Monday and Tuesday were apt to be very trying days. Very trying and tempting days indeed.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned instead, feeling the surge of sweetness suddenly racing up the length of my cock. I reached out, placing my hands on the back of her head, letting my fingers entangle within her long soft flowing hair. Like holding onto the reins of a horse, I held her like that, feeling the delicious purge of semen now filling her mouth. She swallowed, trying to keep up with me as I nearly drowned her. Finally, the explosion and stars I saw inside my head gradually subsided, as did her continued sucking, licking.

She pulled her mouth away, though her tongue still lapped, encircling, and demanding every trace of my spending. I opened my eyes looking down at her. She looked up, her tongue now cleaning off her lips. I bent forward, hands coming up inside her armpits, lifting her, helping her to stand kissing her fully and deeply when I did that. I could taste the pungent flavor of myself on her as I kissed her, as she kissed me back,

tongues dancing, fencing with one another. And then I picked her up, walked over the few short feet towards the table. I sat her down on top of it, picked up my towel, folded it, created a pillow for her, and then pushed her back. In seconds, I had my mouth on her. I felt and tasted her heat, the musky aroma and salty sweetness of her own desire. I speared her with my tongue,

hands already coming up to capture her sweet magnificent breasts. I rolled her nipples playfully between my fingers, my tongue flicking lightly at the core of her center, her clit like a hard little prick. Swollen, throbbing, as she groaned out her pleasure, loud enough to actually be heard over the sound of the pounding surf below us.

The wind had picked up as well. Clouds already begin to filter across the moonlit sky making it even darker, harder to see the night as I devoured Sophia’s cunt, sucking and licking away at her sweet hard little clit.

A storm was coming.


I woke up to the sound of the wind beating against the window. Little if any sunlight filtering through, the skies clouded over with the promise of rain. I looked over, the indentation of the bed the only indication that Sophia had indeed slept next to me. I slid out of bed, this time slipping into a baggy pair of shorts, not even bothering to locate a pair of fresh underwear from the drawer first. I’d do that later after my shower.

I headed towards the closed door, opened it while listening. Though I couldn’t hear them, I couldn’t hear voices…I did hear the sound of the TV somewhere below, and then headed towards the kitchen. Sophia must have heard me coming, she’d poured me a cup of freshly brewed coffee, handing me one as she stood sipping hers, looking at the TV, specifically the news as the cute young weather reporter went on about the rapidly gathering storm outside.

“Looks like we’re in for a pretty good one,” Sophia told me. “Here by tomorrow afternoon,” she stated. “I might need your help later, securing the windows, putting away the table and deck chairs, and whatever else might get blown away.”

She then explained to me how she had an automatic system that would roll out a thick piece of Plexiglas over all the windows, or hard wooden shutters over the smaller ones which she asked me to help her secure later if it appeared to be getting worse. I was reminded that she needed to head into town, into work in the morning.

“Don’t go,” I told her. “Surely they don’t expect you to drive all that way in this?” I questioned.

“No choice. I have to. We have clients that are flying in today. It’s an important meeting, one that will secure millions for a project I’ve been working on. I’m heading it up. I can’t not go and leave everyone sitting there just because of a little wind and rain,” she started turning back into the kitchen pouring herself another cup of coffee.

“I wouldn’t call this a little wind,” I said as just then the large window panes rattled as though confirming my concerns.

“I’ll try and cut the meeting short, if I can…” she added. “But I do have to go.”

“I’ll go back with you then,” I suggested. She turned smiling at me, very much aware of my real intent in saying that.

“No, you stay here…if nothing else, I’d rather you did so and not leave Max all alone here if it really does get bad.”

I laughed nervously. Ironic enough as it was. Even the weather seemed to be against me for some reason, as though fate had already cast the die. It seemed as though Poseidon himself was out to get me…tempt me, leaving me alone with Max when that was now the last thing I wanted or needed to do.

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