Love for my mom – 2

This Story is part of Lust for my mother Series

“Love for my mom” Part-2 Continues….

“So…when do we shave my pussy?” I asked her point blank.

She laughed, even blushing a little. “After we eat, and after we have a little chat again,” mom said, sounding a bit serious this time. “We still need Rose, even after last night. I think we should discuss what happened, what happens now…if anything, and not let our emotions rush us into anything.”

“I’m not going back mom. I can’t. Especially after last night. Now I know the truth about you and Aunt Stella, and now that you know the truth about my secret, there’s no fucking way I can deny it anymore. Not to myself, not to you…not to anyone!”

“Including your Aunt?” Mom asked.

To be honest, I hadn’t really thought about that, but after only a second or so, I realized that it really didn’t matter, I mean after all. Mom said that she and her sister would no doubt be intimate again at some point. And having accepted that, I realized that my Aunt would have to come and accept me and mom being that way too.

“Yes, including her mom. She has a right to know about what’s happened between us. No secrets, remember?”

She relaxed upon hearing that. “Good. I was hoping you’d feel that way,” mom said. “Because I’ve already invited her over later this afternoon. I think we now all three need to sit down and have a heart to heart chat about all of this. You two need to clear the air as well honey,” mom said, reminding me that I really did need to do that. “And Stella needs to hear our news too…from the two of us, face to face. I’m still not sure how she’s going to take hearing that, once she does hear. It could be a lot for her to try and accept too. Incest is a funny thing Rose.

And that’s what this is, whether we like it or not, whether we wish to call it something other than that. The bottom line is, it still is. Stella may not see it that way between her and I. People don’t. Hell, I had trouble seeing it as that, once you’d told me about how you felt. I saw you and I as being incest, but not me and my sister.

Not until later did I see and finally accept the truth of it. You were right, there was no difference between the two, not really. And I had to ask myself a question at that point. Was I ready to tell MY sister that we couldn’t ever do anything ever again. And my answer was no…I wasn’t, and I’m not ready to do that.

And so the next question to you then is this. Can you accept that about Stella and I? Will it bother you to think about the two of us together on occasion? One thing we can’t have Rose, is jealousy going on amongst us. That will tear the three of us apart as surely as anything else would. So we either all agree, or we have to all face the music here, and never do anything with one another ever again. Period.”

Mom was right of course. And I agreed with her, seeing the logic in that. The question was…would Aunt Stella?


We finished a delightful breakfast together however, and then mom and I went back up the stairs again, this time heading into her bathroom. At least I wasn’t ‘too’ furry as she put it, though she did use her trimmers first, getting everything off that she could before actually applying a razor to it.

“Now, hold still. I promise I won’t cut you or hurt you, as long as you hold still and don’t move around, even if it tickles a little.”

I was more excited than nervous. The fact that my mother would be gaping at my very exposed pussy only moments from now made me lightheaded. The reason she was even doing it in the first place, made me more excited, and wet!

“You will keep your promise to me though right? No matter what happens after Aunt Stella gets here?”

Mom smiled. “Honey…even if this is the only time, not to mention the first time I ever lick your cunt, I can promise you that much. Wild horses couldn’t keep me from doing that.”

I giggled excitedly. We had at least three solid hours before Aunt Stella arrived. And I had every intention of enjoying each and every minute of that with mom before she got here.


I think I had a tiny one the moment she even touched me with the razor.

“I told you to hold still.”

“Sorry mom, but I think I’m having one,” I shuddered. “A little one anyway. Just you touching me at all triggered that.”

Mom shook her head. “And I thought I was bad,” she freely admitted. “It was the same way with your Aunt and I the first few times. All she had to do then was even breathe on me, the feel of air on my clit from her mouth, and I was having a “little” one as you put it. But that makes the ones to follow even better. Trust me.”

“Ones? As in more than?”

“Oh baby…that goes without saying. I’m going to show you things, and do things for you and with you, that will make your head spin.”

“Just make my pussy spin mom, around and around and around, as many times as you want to.”

Mom slipped her finger inside me then for the first time, though holding it there, unmoving. I felt the jolt, like a shock of electricity scoring my insides.

“Just sit on that then, hold it, while I do this…and don’t move. If you have to, then just try clenching my finger if you think you’re going to do that.”

I clenched mom’s finger a whole bunch of times! And I had a whole bunch of those little ones again too!


It was erotic as hell just standing there in front of the mirror next to mom looking at ourselves. We almost looked like twins, though she did appear to be slightly older, with a few more natural curves than I had. Still. It was fucking hot, seeing ourselves, standing there naked. Even the slight difference in our breasts was hardly noticeable. Here’s a bit fuller perhaps, more rounded and slightly heavier against her chest.

Mine…a bit more perky, still flunking the pencil test however, but nipples just as thick and rosy as moms were. But it was the almost identical twin cunts looking back at the two of us that amazed me. Outer labia slightly protruding, all flushed swollen and pink.

I even spread myself, looking far more closely at myself than I think I ever had, finding and taking delight in that as I stood there doing so. I even exposed my clit, taking wonder in that as it too seemed to be harder than it had ever been sticking out far more than I ever remembered it doing. Mom too did the same, still standing next to me, the two of us now spreading ourselves, looking, looking at one another, giggling, looking some more.

“Ever watched yourself masturbating in a mirror?” She asked. I never had, blushing at the mere thought of it.

“Oh baby, you need to. You learn so much about yourself doing that, seeing yourself in ways you wouldn’t normally see. The way your lips grow pinker, or darker. The fullness of them, the way your cunt will moisten, very often getting even slicker than usual, and yes…not to mention the way your clit will look as you touch it, watching yourself touching it, playing with it.”

I was getting fucking hot just listening to her. “Show me!”

Her face was a little flushed from excitement, though perhaps nervous embarrassment as well. She giggled in a way I hadn’t heard before, opening the drawer to her vanity, reaching inside and withdrawing a large square hand-held mirror.

“Come on, back to the bedroom. I’ll show you how it is I enjoy doing it,” she giggled again almost conspiratorially. The fact that mom was about to share this with me was again adding to the intensity of arousal and excitement we were both feeling at this moment. I was about to see my own mother play with herself in the most intimate and vulnerable of ways. It felt clandestine, naughty, even dirty in a way. It was the most erotic, sensual moment of my entire life!

I followed her back into the bedroom, the two of us naked, admiring her walk, the slight jiggle of her ass, the sway of her hips and breasts as we did so. The visual candy I was looking at, memorizing in a way, as she prepared her “naughty spot” as she called it blushing even more now, was intense. I watched then as she knelt down on the floor at the side of the bed, placing the mirror flat, positioning herself over it.

“Why here?” I asked curiously.

“Oh,” she giggled again. “I ah…well, I guess it doesn’t have to be right here, it’s just where I usually do it for some reason. Always felt like if you were to walk in, I could…” she was stammering, her face deepening even more. She laughed. “Sorry, I’m still a little nervous here, and excited. But I do it here as all my toys are in the nightstand for one thing. But I’ll be using my hands and fingers for now.”

I nodded my head in understanding, now sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at her as she knelt there, placing the mirror just under her pussy. It was an amazing sight. Erotically hot for some inexplicable reason. Looking down into the mirror just as she was. Mom’s puffy swollen lips,

a bit of moisture clinging to them making them glisten. Her hard precious clit likewise exposing itself, the tiny little head protruding from its protective sheath likewise fat and swollen now as she skinned it back with a fingertip even more. All the while watching herself doing so, as I was…staring into the mirror.

“See? You can actually see it in a way that you otherwise wouldn’t, or couldn’t. You can see the way you touch and tease it with your fingers, the way your lips seem to suck at your fingers whenever you insert them, or the way you can tickle your own clit while you play with it,” she groaned inwardly.

Maybe it had started out as a show and tell, but watching mom’s fingers as she began probing herself, teasing and encircling her clit quickly became more than that. I heard the small tiny catch in her voice, the murmur of unbridled pleasure as she flicked her clitoris with the tip of her finger, encircling it, and then probing herself briefly with two fingers.

“That’s fucking hot!” I exclaimed, my own hand coming down between my legs now, wishing that I too had a mirror of my own to look into right next to her. “Food for thought,” I considered watching.

“The other way I like…” she said, removing the mirror now, standing it on end, hand propped against the bed frame. “Is like this,” she demonstrated. “It gives you a different view, angle and look while you’re masturbating,” she flushed once again.

This time mom sat with her legs spread wide to either side of the mirror. And she was right too! It did give an entirely different perspective in the way her pussy looked. Her clit seemed more pronounced for one thing, but for another, that dark naughty looking hole seemed even more inviting, more mysterious in a way.

“Usually, I use one of my vibrators when I’m watching myself this way,” she informed me as she once again probed at herself with fingers.

“Show me!” I said again, hearing her laugh.

“In the drawer there,” she said, looking over at her nightstand. I opened it peering in, surprised to see a small, but nice variety of different devices, a couple of vibrators, a wand of some sort, and a rather real looking dildo that immediately made my juices flow even more than they already were. I’d never been one to snoop through my mother’s things, so I was a little surprised that she kept such a supply of hot, naughty fuck yourself devices on hand.

“Which one?” I was almost salivating.

“Pick one you’d like to see being used,” she said hotly. “Something you’d like using on yourself,” she then added.

It was an easy choice. I handed her the life-like prick that had a nice shape to it, plenty thick and long. I noticed as I drew it out that the balls were more like a suction cup. I sat looking at them for a moment as she again blushed.

“Oh yeah…that one. Sometimes I take that one into the shower with me. You can stick it on the wall inside, and then get a nice doggy-fuck out of it,” she grinned. I handed it to her, and then sat back again, watching as she sucked on it briefly wetting it, though by all appearances, she was wet enough already.

I knew I certainly was! She then eased the long thick toy into her cunt. Her pussy lips immediately grabbed at it, surrounding it as she gently began easing it into herself. Once again, the image I saw in the mirror made it somehow more wicked, my arousal level now way off the charts as she sat there on the floor, easing the toy in and out of herself, the two of us glancing at the mirror.

“Fuck mom, that really is fucking hot! Watching you doing this like that,” I moaned deeply, my fingers twiddling with my clit openly as I looked down at the mirror, though mom was gazing at me sitting there in front of her on the bed.

“Open your legs a bit more so I can see you,” she groaned once more as I did so. Revealing myself far more obscenely. I glanced down, but it was of course impossible to see myself the way she obviously was, though I could see my own hard little clit protruding outwards almost impossibly.

“God you’re aroused aren’t you?” Mom asked. “Your pussy is so moist Rose! I can see the frothiness of your own juices just starting to ooze out of that sweet looking pussy!”

“I need to see!” I all but demanded, standing up, and then placing myself next to her there on the floor. Mom scooted over a bit, me taking her place now spreading my own legs the way she had hers. The image I saw of myself was almost startling. Mom was right, I’d never once looked at myself in quite this way before.

My pussy seemed even larger than I’d imagined. My labia is a bit longer and thicker perhaps, though it was the white creamy sauce I saw oozing out of my cunt that caught most of my intention. It was an amazing sight, and I wanted to lick it. I slid in a finger, watching as I withdrew a bit of my own cream, and then licked it off my finger.

“Oh honey!” Mom groaned even more audibly. “Let me…taste you,” she said through a clipped ragged breath. “Let me…taste your…juices!”

“Help yourself,” I said looking at her wickedly, spreading my legs apart even further, inviting her touch.

She moaned even more deeply, her hand coming over between my legs however, the two of us now watching, looking into the mirror as she slipped her fingers inside, and like sampling poi, removed them. Clinging to her two fingers was a nice white dollop of my own brand of girl cream. Mom slipped both fingers inside her mouth, sucking and licking them off, and then repeated the process, taking time to gently caress and tickle my clit a bit first before doing that.

I reached over now taking the dildo into my hand, and began fucking mother with it. She in turn finger-fucking me, smearing the tiny head of my clit with some of my own juices, causing my legs to shake almost spasmodically as intense as it was. She put her other hand on mine however, removing the dildo from herself, and then guided it over towards my pussy.

“Try it, let me…show you,” she gasped as together we placed the head of the phallus against the opening of my own cunt, and began easing it in.

“Oh my god that feels good!” I cried out as the two of us together began working it slowly in, and then out of my slick wet cunt. We could hear the sounds of my own juices, the smack of slick slurpy sounds we made as we slowly increased the tempo. Each time we pulled it out before sliding it in again, the visual of so much white frothy cream now clinging to it as my cunt seemed to produce far more of my own slippery lubricants than I’d ever seen before.

I was already hovering on the edge as it was, when mom suddenly half sat up, moving over, facing me. “Lay down,” was all she said. And two seconds later, I was in heaven!


I’ll be the first to admit, I always had enjoyed having my pussy licked, and had certainly fantasized and thought how it might feel having another woman doing it. But here I was, now experiencing that for the first time, and not with just another woman, but my own mother to boot! The way her tongue danced, flicked and pleasured my clitoris was beyond comprehension. The way she would ever so gently wrap her lips around its length, sucking it, drawing it into her mouth, and then tonguing it again. I was within moments on the verge of collapse, brought there even more quickly as her hands came up to likewise begin toying with my rock hard nipples.

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