Kevin had sensational love with girl from dance class

My name is Kevin and this incident happened 7 years back. I don’t know how to tell the story. When I was studying college, I used to go to dance class. One new girl came to the dance class. Her name was Irine. She is the heroine of the story.

So, Irine came to the dance class. Her sister was in the dance class. Irine joined as a new girl. She looked very cute and had a naughty smile. She had a figure of 36-28-34, it was very attractive to everyone. Everyone used to ogle at her repeatedly. She used to be jolly with everyone.

Some days passed and we became very close friends. We used to talk daily in dance class, but I didn’t have her number. Usually, girls’ class would be over around 8:30 and boys used to talk some nonsense and leave around 9 o’clock.

On Friday, there was a dance show, so we practiced till 10 o’clock. Only a few students were there. So the girls started to go home and we were talking about Friday’s dance show.

The story starts here the next day. The next day she asked me one question.

She: I thought you would be waiting at the corner of the street. But you never followed me, very good guy.

I was very happy to hear that.

For the dance show, she was my pair. The show went very well. Till that dance show, we didn’t speak about our love or lust or anything. After the dance show, Irine broke the silence. She asked me to take her somewhere.

It was the rainy season, and I didn’t know where to take her. So I took her to my home. We reached my home and I introduced my brother to her. I told my brother that she had some doubts about the computer, so I wanted to teach her something.

The computer was in the bedroom. My brother is watching a movie in the hall. We went in and switched on the computer. Now we both were sitting, but we didn’t know what to do. The rain started heavily. And she asked me –

She: Have I come to see your PC’s wallpaper?

We both laughed and there was a silent moment. Then I broke the silence and suddenly started kissing her. She was responding well. Our saliva exchanged with each other. For more than 10 minutes, we kissed.

While kissing, I started to explore her boobs. She had 36″ size milky white boobs and I was pressing them like anything. Because of the heavy rain, we could not control ourselves. But in the hall, my brother was watching a movie. So we had limited time.

Slowly, I removed her dress and pressed her boobs. I was sucking one by one and licking her armpits which smelled good. My dick was getting hard. Suddenly, I heard my name. My brother kept on calling me, but he didn’t come inside.

Irine put back the dress properly and we both were sitting like nothing happened. Now we both were looking at the same wallpaper. Nothing happened more than that on that day.

While going home, she gave me her number and we kept on talking and had sex chatting at night. One fine weekend, she called me and said no one was there in her home. She was alone and she asked me to come to her home.

Her home was very close to my home, so I reached her home within 20 minutes. She was playing with the kids next door.

Irine invited me inside her house. She asked me to sit and gave me a cup of coffee. Then she started her household work and didn’t say anything. She wanted me to take the initiative. So I went behind and started kissing her neck and ears.

Suddenly, she pushed me away and said that the kids were playing outside, and the door was open. She told me to wait for some more time. Then she went out and came inside.

Irine: Now tell me what do you want?

Me (with a smile): You only.

Irine: Have you proposed to me?

Kevin: No.

Irine: Then how can I give myself to you?

I made a sad face.

Irine: Don’t be sad. Please take me fast, otherwise someone will come.

I smiled. We both started hugging each other and kissing like anything. The kids were playing outside, so we couldn’t make sounds. Slowly, I started lifting her blue color night dress and gently caressed her boobs and started sucking them one by one.

She was wearing a zip blue color nighty. I slowly lifted it and saw that she didn’t wear panties. I think she had shaved her pussy one week back as little hair was there on her white pussy. Her pink nipples were erect.

While sucking the pink nipples, I started to insert my dick inside her pussy. Her pussy was wet, so it went easily and that time I came to know that she was not a virgin. Then I started fucking her and sucking her nipples. We didn’t make any sound because the kids were playing outside.

I started to feel the warmth inside her pussy. We both were fucking in a rhythm. After almost 20 minutes, I was about to come. She too started coming at the same time.

Then I asked: Where should I cum?

She said: Cum inside my pussy. I am on a safe day.

I was kissing her and pressing her nipples. Soon, I cummed inside her pussy. She cummed at the same time and we were on cloud 9. After that, she asked me to sit in the hall as kids might come inside. She then went to change her night dress. We both were sitting casually and the kids came inside.

One kid suddenly asked: You were wearing a blue color nightie and now a red color nightie, why?

She was smiling and asked me to go home. The same day, my parents went out for some relative function. So I asked her to come to my home and we had a second round on the same day. While we were having sex, she enjoyed it a lot. After finishing the second round, she said in the morning –

Kevin had it with the girl from dance class will continue in the next page.

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