I made this erotic feel for it -2

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“I made this erotic feel for it” Part-2 Continues…..

“I think it’s already worse. First…you tell me you love me, and then you’re dumping me…just like that. Well sorry, not good enough. You have to tell me the reason why it won’t work Mila…you at least owe me that much.”

“Ok, you want to know the reason and the truth? Well…here it is. And I’m not going to whitewash it, or sugar coat it for you either Mike. There are certain things I can promise you, and once I promise, I never, ever go back on my word. But…there are also other things, I can never promise you, things I know I can never do, things that I am sure you, along with many others, would never be able to understand, or accept.”

“Such as?”

Mila rolled out of bed, naked…now pacing back and forth alongside the bed as she spoke. Me…laying there watching her, listening.

“Let’s say one day we actually got married. The one thing I would promise you, and assure you I would keep my word and promise, is that I would never have an affair with anyone, or ever do anything behind your back, without your permission. And hopefully, that would go for you too,” she added.

“So far so good…” I thought to myself, though there was some interesting discussion still left there on the table regarding what she’d just said…but now was not exactly the time for that either.

“To define that further Mike. I would never have oral sex, or intercourse with anyone. That I promise you. But what I can’t promise you, and never will promise you is this. You know me well enough by now, that you know damn good and well what fascinates me. Always has…always will. Any opportunity I am given, that I have, that I either venture into, or even by circumstance happen upon…when it comes to seeing a man’s cock squirting…then I’m going to do that. I’m going to continue to enjoy that particular fetish Mike, every chance I get.

So if the circumstance presents itself, and I can jack off some guy’s prick, or watch him jack it off for me so I can see him cum, then I’m going to do that. And I don’t think that a lot of men…including you Mike, could ever be accepting of that. Not in a so-called committed relationship, let alone marriage. So like I said…there are things I can promise you as a wife, girlfriend, or just lover, but there are other things I can’t…and won’t.

I’d rather not put you, or anyone else in a position of having to accept that, when they honestly can’t. So…now do you understand and see what I mean?” She finally stood, hands beneath her breasts, facing me, nervously, waiting for my reaction.

“So…you’re telling me, this is the only thing standing between us is that…yes?”

“Yes,” she said, surprised at my ‘so-far’ calm demeanor.

“So just as a hypothetical example here. Let’s say one evening we go out to a club or something, and some guy asks you to dance. And so the two of you dance, and then he hints at doing more than that…out in the parking lot per say…” I paused looking at her, but she merely nodded her head, waiting for me to continue.

“So you would then tell him that you wouldn’t fuck him, or suck him…but that you would in fact be willing to give him a handjob, mostly…just to be able to see him cum.”

“Using that specific example, then yes…something like that, or close to it anyway. So yes…I would. But…it would probably be closer to the truth told this way Mike, and that’s where the real difference is the way I see it. Lets’ say some guy comes up to me and asks me to dance. And let’s also say here…you’re aware of it, and nod your head to him, telling him it’s ok to ask me to do just that. The thing is, you’re also then telling me…you’re giving me permission too Mike. Permission to do what you now know I like doing…and will continue to do.

So…we go out onto the dance floor, we’re dancing. Except the reality is this. I doubt seriously he’d be the one to blatantly come right out and ask me to fuck him, or even suck him off…not like that anyway.

Maybe he’d hint at it perhaps, even want it, or be thinking about it. But usually that’s about all that would actually happen. Sure, maybe he’d even grab my ass or attempt to cop a feel if he felt like he could get away with it. But…if I liked him, liked him enough to want to see his cock…watch it squirt, whether he jerked it off himself, or I did…I’d actually be the one asking him if he’d allow me to do that. So you see Mike…your example, your scenario isn’t quite as simple or as accurate as you describe it. It would be me Mike.

Me. I’d be the one wanting to do that, asking him if he’d let me do that, let me see it…watch it. Whether you came with me to watch it as well…or not. Either way…once he agreed to it, we’d be headed outside to his car, or mine…just so I could. Now do you understand and see the difference Mike? It’s not the other guys…or girls even, you have to worry about. It’s me Mike. Any chance I get to see a guy cum, or see a woman’s pussy squirt, then I’m going to do that Mike. Wherever, and as often as I can. Can you honestly tell me…you can live with that?”

I honestly didn’t know. Not quite put like that. I mean on the one hand, she was telling me she would never ever have an affair or do anything behind my back. Yet…on the other hand, she was also telling me that as far as jerking off some other guy’s cock, or having him do it while she watched, wasn’t part of that.

“Like I said…maybe it’s best if we…”

“No!” I said finding my voice. “Not until we’ve given it a chance first. Isn’t that fair? Give me a chance Mila. Let me find out how I can handle that…or not before we throw any of this away…just yet.”

“So you’re telling me, that you want to actually see what happens, how you respond when a situation like this actually comes up? And it will be Mike…trust me. You’d be surprised at how many men, after I’ve carefully approached them, telling them what I want to do, are suddenly willing, ready and able to do just that.

Especially the married ones, Mike. The guys who for whatever reason, don’t see some strange girl giving them a handjob, as actually cheating on their wives, even if some believe that it is. I personally don’t care if it is…or isn’t. Like I told you, some things I can promise you I won’t do…no matter what. But this isn’t one of them.”

“Let’s just say, I’m not willing to just walk away, even knowing all this Mila. So…how about we set something up, let it happen? At least then I’ll know. At least then…we’ll both know for sure.”

“OK, I’ll agree to that. But if this is going to work, either way, we have to be totally and completely open and honest with one another about it Mike. Should you feel differently, even days later…you have to tell me. Agreed?”

“Agreed. So…when do you think?” I wondered curiously, not quite sure how something like this might actually work.

“How about now?”

“Now? You mean…right now?”

“Yeah…now. The sooner we do this Mike, the better. So yeah, now. Get dressed, we’re going to the beach.”


She drove, though to my surprise, she had a nice looking little sports car. An old convertible bright red 67′ Mustang, so the trip down to the beach was at least exciting in that way too. Though then telling me why she had picked the beach as a good place for this to happen as I sat next to her in the passenger seat, wondering if I’d lost my mind agreeing to do this. Still not sure how I really felt about it, or how I’d actually react to it once it happened…if it happened, though Mila once more assured me that it would.

“The beach is actually one of the best places,” she explained. “For two reasons. One…most guys need to feel like they can do it and get away with it quickly without getting caught. So wearing nothing more than a pair of swim trunks usually assures them of that. Second reason…most guys once they are approached, and with the added element of danger are actually more inclined to do it, especially if it can be handled and done without a great deal of fanfare.

So you see…the beach really is the easiest place to approach some stranger in actually doing this. The only problem as I see it…is if you actually want to be there watching it, or if just the evidence will be good enough.”

“I think…for this one at least, I need to be there,” I told her. Even seeing evidence of the act, knowing that she’d actually jerked off some guy’s dick, wouldn’t be enough for me to weigh and evaluate my own emotions. I knew with absolute certainty, I had to be there.

“Ok, so be it. But that might make things a little more difficult. Not impossible mind you, just a little bit more difficult. You’re going to need to let me be the one to approach, and then explain. Once I do…and once things are cool with the other guy, then I’ll either wave you over, or bring him to you, whichever way he’s more comfortable with. Agreed? Oh…and you’ll need to go along with whatever I tell him to convince him into doing it with you there, regardless of whatever that is, will you also agree to do that? Basically just stand there and watch me?”

“Agreed,” I told her, still wondering at myself…but determined to go through with this, mainly because I actually did love her, and wasn’t about to just throw my hands up in the air without knowing one way or the other for sure.

She knew by the look in my face I was nervous and still struggling with it as we pulled into the parking lot.

“Look Mike, it’s not too late if you want to turn around and head back. But…you need to try and understand this Mike. I can’t really explain it to you, why it is…why I am the way that I am, I just am. I love seeing a guy’s cock squirt. I love seeing different cocks, all shapes…all sizes. The way they all come and squirt so differently. You even told me, you are a bit of a breast man. I don’t expect you to quit looking at other women’s breasts Mike. In fact, I encourage you to do that, if that’s what you like doing.

Especially if it keeps you aroused and interested…in me, because of it. Why should I deny you the joy and satisfaction of doing that given the chance? I won’t…never will. But the same goes for me Mike. It’s got nothing to do with my love for you, or for my commitment to you. That I can give you. But this is the one thing you have to give me Mike. The understanding and permission if you will…to take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself for me to see a nice hard squirting cock. There it is…plain and simple.”

“Or pussy,” I said, reminding her that she had brought that one up earlier too.

“Or pussy,” she grinned. “Though I am sure you wouldn’t mind being there to see that one either.”

She had me there.

“There!” She suddenly pointed ahead. We’d been sitting there in the parking lot for less than ten minutes, more or less surveying our surroundings while she looked about for what she felt would be the best opportunity. We had seen a van pull in with four guys. They had all gotten out, and then taken out their surfboards heading down to the beach. One of them had turned suddenly, heading back towards the van, telling his friends to go on and that he’d meet them out there.

“Well? Are you ready? Now or never,” she said one hand on the door handle.

“Go for it…just let me know, here…or there.” I told her.

Mila jumped out of the car and immediately headed over towards the van. Admittedly she looked damn fucking hot. With a nice all over tan, she had purposely chosen to wear a rather revealing white bikini, that did little if anything to cover her more than ample charms. If just the sight of her looking like that, and then offering to give some guy a quick hand job didn’t do the trick, I didn’t know what would. Even if the son of a bitch was gay.

I sat watching her a short distance away as she approached. The guy just then hung up his cell phone, throwing it into the front seat of the van, only then seeing her, a look of wondrous surprise on his face as this delectable sexy woman approached him out of nowhere.

They stood for a moment talking, him grinning from ear to ear one moment…and then the next, a look of total surprise on his face at his obvious good fortune based on what she’d obviously just told him. But then came another look, this one of uncertainty as she suddenly pointed back towards where I was, him following…digesting perhaps as she now obviously continued, trying to explain in some way, why I had to also be there when she did it. He at first seemed reluctant, perhaps wondering if we weren’t going to roll him or something, even looking out towards the ocean where his friends had gone.

And then Mila reached up and took her top off, exposing her breasts right there in the parking lot. One look at those, and he was smiling again, even when looking up towards me. But then more so as Mila reached down, fondling what I knew to be his growing prick right through his swim trunks. Suddenly, the two of them were walking towards me.

Now I was the one who was nervous.

Reaching the car, Mila simply jumped into the back right over the door, inviting “Michael” as she soon after introduced him to me, into doing the same. He did so, the two of them suddenly sitting in the back seat together. Though he was in fact now looking unsure and nervous again.

“Don’t worry. Like I already told you, my boyfriend enjoys seeing me doing this, and I enjoy doing it. So just relax, sit back and enjoy it while I get you off.”

“And I get to play with your tits while you do right?” He questioned.

“Yes, though just my tits, like I told you. That, and the hand job, nothing more, nothing less,” she confirmed, freeing his somewhat stiff cock, though it obviously wasn’t fully erect yet. Obviously the tits thing had been a selling point, though even I had to admit, had it been me she’d approached, it would have been a negotiation point with me as well.

So it was that Michael sat there, fondling and exploring Mila’s breasts, while she slowly worked his cock into a nice firm, solid erection before really beginning to stroke it for him.

“There, that’s nice…how does that feel?” she asked to play with it, not even once looking at me, just at him…or specifically his cock, as though mesmerized by it. “Do you like that? Like what I’m doing to it?” she further coaxed.

“Oh yeah…fuck yeah, that feels nice,” he moaned, still rubbing her nipples, fingering them as she in turn rubbed, fondled and stroked the young man’s cock. And as she did, as I sat there in the front seat looking back at the two of them, likewise keeping somewhat of an eye out around me, I discovered that I was actually getting aroused. Before I knew it, I too had an erection, half tempted to take it out and stroke myself off while watching her doing the same thing to his cock.

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