Who would have considered – 3

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“Who would have considered” Part-3 Continues….

she found out she truly was a lesbian after all.”

“Yeah, I guess she did,” I said, still remembering back. “So…tell me Stella, was that the only thing the two of you did while she was here?” My cock was betraying me. I was too fucking aroused with the idea that perhaps they really had done more than just masturbating in front of one another, now knowing what I did know about my cousin.

I saw my sister smile, and knew in an instant, it wasn’t. “No…but let’s save that story for later. Right now…I’m so fucking horny, that I need to cum. And I need to see you cum while I do,” she then stated. “So…will you…for me? Please?”

“Yeah, I’m almost there now myself,” I informed her. “I probably need to get something though before I do.”

“No…please don’t. Like I said, I want to watch you, actually see it spurt,” she paused. “You…can come on my tits if you’d like,” she suggested.

It was…too tempting of an offer not too. Especially if she wanted to actually watch me squirting.

“OK, you’re sure? I do tend to come quite a lot.”

“Oh fuck! Then do it Thomas! Do it! Show me! I want to see you squirting as I get myself off!”

It wasn’t more than a few minutes later that I was. Admittedly it was erotic, hot…definitely naughty, as I lay there beside my sister, pumping my prick, watching it squirt, watching it as we both did, as I lay tracer after tracer of white hot creamy sperm all over my sister’s breasts. The moment I began doing so, she too began to climax, moaning audibly, deeply, wildly as she did.

And then the guilt set it. Maybe I really was a twisted pervert, even more so than my sister. A reminder that Stella could never ever find out about mom and me.


After we had finally cleaned up and dressed, though for Stella, that consisted of nothing more than a pair of panties, though I groaned upon seeing her when she came down to the kitchen to join me for pizza. And not in a good way either. I really was hoping to have a more mature, serious discussion with her. Seeing her topless, those cute tits of hers still sticking out, wasn’t going to make that very damn easy. I had at least slipped back into some real clothes, now wearing a pair of shorts and a pull over tee shirt.

“Oh damn…I was hoping you’d at least stay in your underwear,” she told me. “Thought we would like sort of have a pajama party while we ate our pizza, watched a movie or something…” she emphasized the word a bit too obviously.

Having at least climaxed, I was thinking a bit more clearly at least. “For one…I’m spent. And for two…you promised Stella, nothing else…remember?” She was pouting, as she tore off a slice of pizza, handing me one.

“We’ll see,” she said, and then headed off towards the den, turning on the TV. “Come on Thomas…come watch a movie with me.”

Even as I grabbed the rest of the pizza and drinks, following her into the den, I had the feeling that this wasn’t over yet. And far from it. And worse…that we weren’t going to have a sit down, serious discussion here either. I was already wishing I’d just let her cry it out alone in her bedroom rather than doing what I’d done…allowing things to happen the way that they had. I was already feeling guilty enough as it was.

Not for what the two of us had done, which in the grand scheme of things, was nothing in comparison to what mom and I had done. But that was the real issue here anyway. I knew that if Stella ever found out, it was apt to destroy her, destroy this family. And god help me…mom certainly didn’t deserve that. I began thinking that it might be best for me to find another place after all, and soon too, before disaster struck.

I had no idea, that was just around the corner a few hours from now.


I tried to keep some distance between us anyway as we sat on the couch together, eating pizza, sipping on our beers, and trying to watch the movie, which for the life of me escaped me as the only movie playing inside my head, was the one where I lay there next to my sister, watching her finger herself while she in turn watched me jerking off all over her tits.

“So…you interested in hearing about what else we did?”

I wanted to say no. But my cock was nodding its head yes. I was curious, the idea of my sister and cousin doing whatever else, was too tempting an issue to ignore.

“Yeah, tell me. But no funny stuff…ok?”

“I promise…no funny stuff. I’ll be totally serious.”

“That’s what I’m worried about.”

She laughed, scooted over closer to me on the couch, actually laying her head down on my shoulder. I was half tempted to stand and sit down in one of the single easy chairs, but I figured she’d still follow me over to one of those too, and if anything, make things worse by perhaps sitting down in my lap instead. She’d done that before…though we certainly hadn’t done then…what we’d obviously done now. I just needed to be alert and on guard here.

“So…that was of course the first time we actually did anything. The second time was the following night, and that night…she taught me what it was like to go down on someone.”

“Fuck…” I thought, wondering if there was also a third time, and then slipped moaning aloud.

“I know,” Stella giggled. “I still think about it every now and again too.”

She then proceeded to paint a rather vivid, very intimate, and very detailed account of the two of them, first going down on one another separately, with Rose first showing her how it felt, and then basically teaching my sister what to do to her. That was of course followed up with a long, juicy account of the two of them performing a “69” with one another, which left me breathless, straining…and incredibly hard.

A point that didn’t go unnoticed either as my cock was sticking straight up, trying to push its way through my pants. And made worse by the fact there was indeed a third time, and a fourth time…and every single night in fact during their entire stay here.

“Isn’t that…uncomfortable?” Stella then asked, and then reached over, unzipping me even before I realized what the hell she was doing.

“You promised!” I said lamely, though enjoying the fact that at least some of the uncomfortable pressure had been removed.

“This isn’t funny,” she responded in kind. “This is serious…it needs to come out before you hurt yourself.”

Ok, I hate to say it, but that made me laugh. She was acting serious, and under the circumstances, being what they were…I needed a little comic relief at this point, not to mention, some growing room.

But I hadn’t counted on her reaching in, and actually grasping my dick as she removed it.

“Stella,” I warned once again, feeling the coolness of the AC as it suddenly bathed my cock, which honestly did feel pretty good, and especially as it wasn’t painful any more sitting there the way I had been.

“No worse than masturbating in front of one another,” she stated as she began to tentatively explore me a little.

“Yes it is,” I tried to counter. But damned if it didn’t feel good, feeling her hand so soft, fondling and teasing the head of my dick.

“Feels good though, doesn’t it?”

I gritted my teeth, wishing it didn’t. “Stella…” I said again, though not nearly stern enough perhaps as she now squeezed it, producing a nice fat dollop of pre-cum fuck juice, which she then smeared over my hard swollen-purple helmet.

“Oh god that’s slippery, and feels so nice…you’re so fucking hard again!” She added as she continued to toy with my dick. It was hard. And it felt good too. And I was admittedly enjoying it, my sister’s hand, stroking and playing with my cock…her cute, sweet bare tits now pressing against my arm. I couldn’t help myself, I reached over, fingering one, briefly…just tickling her nipple just a little.

“Yes Thomas yes…play with my tits…suck them if you want to, I’d…I’d…really enjoy that.”

If I didn’t get punished for this…then most likely I never would. I leaned over, cupped one of my sister’s sweet breasts within my hand, and began sucking it. Sucking it, as she continued pumping and jacking my cock.

Like I said…I knew I was going to hell anyway.


“Finger me Thomas! Yes! That’s it! Finger-fuck me! Fuck my pussy for me!” She cried out.

I only had myself to blame for this, getting to this point in the first place. The moment I had allowed myself to lean over and begin sucking her tits, I might just as well have signed my own death warrant. Quite naturally, one thing had led to another, getting her so heated up as I had (What the hell was I thinking anyway?)

that it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what came next. So now here I sat, fingering my sister’s pussy, while she continued jacking me off…and me still sucking and playing with her tits. Though even as we did that…I was again making a mental note, chastising myself…this was as far as it would go. Period!

Stella was right on the edge however, as I ran my fingers up to her clit, gently pinching it, pulling and tugging on it, effectively jacking her off!

“OH MY GOD!” she screamed out, and then climaxed, thrashing wildly, humping my hand, though I’d pulled away with my fingers, she had reached down grabbing them holding them against her as she basically rubbed herself off against me.

Feeling her, seeing her do this, had me right at that same point myself, I started to groan, expecting her to finish pumping me off as well, needing it now…wanting it. She knew of course how close I was, waiting…watching.

“Oh fuck…Kath! Kath!” I cried out as the surge of sweet ecstasy began racing up my cock. She leaned over, engulfing me with her mouth, and began draining me as I poured myself out…and into her.

“No! No! Nooooooooooooo!” I cried out. But it was already too fucking late.


“Sorry Thomas. But I’ve always wanted to try that, to do that, especially after the first time I saw you cum. I knew then I was going to…eventually. It seemed like the perfect moment.”

“It was…and will be the ONLY moment!” I told her, seeing the sad, almost disappointed look in her eyes. “We’ve already done too much sis,” I said, trying to ease the sudden tense situation a little. “This can’t go on…we, we…we just can’t do this again.”

“Why not? You like it! I like it! I most certainly like it!” She said licking her lips, still cleaning off the remaining residue of my spending from around her mouth. “And I for one…don’t care what anyone else says or thinks! Including mom!”

That one scared the hell out of me. “Stella no! Mom can never find out! It would kill her, and you know it! Is that something you’d really want to do to her? Tear her apart?”

“No…” She said softly, realizing the seriousness of that, and the impact it would have. “But…I have no intention of not doing this again either Thomas, whenever we can…whenever it’s safe.”

Now I knew I was in hell.

“I mean it Stella. Mom can never find out. Not ever! Promise me!”

“I promise Thomas! I promise! And I mean that,” she said as she finally stood up. I half hoped she was going to go up to her room and maybe even think about it. But she held out her hand to me instead.


“Come on.”


“Where do you think you are? To my bedroom of course!”

“What for?” I asked fearing the worst, now expecting it.

“So you can eat my pussy!”


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