When I made love with  Mr. Hutchinson

I remember when I first started fantasizing about older men. It was the summer before college and I had just turned 18. I was visiting my friend Laura’s luxurious beach house, situated along the Florida coast. It had everything: sprawling beds, views of the beach, a pool, and a hot hub.

Laura and I spent two weeks skipping along the boardwalk, eating sno-cones and tanning along the beach. We had the time of our lives. Laura’s parents gave us free-range of the house—we could stay up late, entertain boys (oh, the hot tub!), and even raid the liquor cabinet from time-to-time. There wasn’t a day we returned to the house without sand in our flip-flops, hair, and bathing suits!

One late night after retiring to one of the lovely guest rooms, I couldn’t sleep (not an uncommon occurrence for me, even these days). It was past 2am. I put on my silk robe and slid past the door, hearing Laura’s brother Evan snoring in the next room. I descended the stairs, making sure to stay quiet so as to not wake my friend and her parents.

Once I reached the first floor, I clumsily made my way towards the cabinets, anxious for a glass of water. I filled my glass with ice and water as quietly as I could, then made my way towards the gracious and breath-taking view of the beach afforded to us by the large windows.

I swirled my manicured finger around the top of the glass, taking in the view of the waves crashing along the NY shore. I began to get lost in my thoughts, daydreaming about the events of that night.

Laura and I had brought two guys home. They were alright, I figured. The one I was interested in, Shawn, had cuddled with me in the hot tub. He and his friend were both visiting with their family. He was into interesting stuff, I guess—surfing, music, skateboarding.

We had kissed that night, but as I thought about it I remembered how passionless and forced it seemed. I sighed. I hadn’t had much experience with guys, but that wasn’t for lack of trying. I never seemed to be too attracted to boys my own age, but this wasn’t something I would realize until that summer.

My thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sound of shuffling feet in the kitchen. I turned around, expecting to see Laura in her flowing nightgown. Instead, I was greeted by the disheveled image of Laura’s father, Greg, standing in the kitchen in only his boxer briefs. It took a moment before he noticed me standing by the window.

“Oh, hey!…” he exclaimed, eventually trailing off when he realized he had entered the kitchen in only his boxer briefs.

“Hey, Mr.Hutchinson,” I said quietly, trying my damnedest not to stare towards the direction of his crotch. I fiddled with my bathrobe and looked up at him.

“What are you doing up at this hour?” he asked. I watched his eyes dart to my chest then quickly back to my eyes.

“I can’t sleep,” I said, sighing. I was visibly blushing at this point.

“Me either,” he said, turning to look out the window at the crashing waves.

There was an uncomfortable silence at this point. I could feel myself growing slightly aroused as I smelled his aftershave. This was a sensation that I hadn’t experienced before—at least not with this level of intensity. I fiddled with my robe some more, untying it and tying it again. Greg was so close I could hear his slow breath and see the fog accumulating on the glass as he exhaled.

I looked down, slowly, before I realized what I was doing. As Greg was absorbing the view, I sneaked a view at him in his boxer briefs. What I saw there I will never forget. He was hard as a rock, bulging against his tight briefs. I couldn’t bring myself to look away. I took it all in: his huge cock, the smell of his aftershave, and the fact that we were all alone. I couldn’t stop staring!

Suddenly, Greg cleared his throat and I was jolted out of my daydream. He had noticed me staring and had turned to face me. I looked up into his green eyes, nervous and fidgeting with my bathrobe again. He was much taller than me: 6’3″, at least.

I felt myself grow hot under his towering gaze, thinking thoughts I’d never thought before in my 18 years. I saw his eyes move from my eyes to my chest and then all the way down to my toes and back again. I grew even hotter as he took me in.

“You’re very beautiful, Tincy,” he said quietly, blushing as he uttered my name. I smiled as my eyes darted back to his huge bulge.

“And you, Mr.Hutchinson…” I said sheepishly, again unable to tear my gaze from the outline his cock made in his boxer briefs.

“Call me Greg,” he said softly, his eyes still trained on my breasts.

“Yes, I’m sorry, Greg…” I trailed off, unable to think of something to fill in the sexually-charged silence.

“I should… I should get to bed. We should both get to bed. It’s near 3am…” he said, looking around. His eyes eventually scanned the stairs, no doubt worried his wife might come downstairs to find him dangerously close to his daughter’s virginal 18-year-old friend. Not to mention the fact that he was only in his boxer briefs and sporting a monstrous hard on!

I nodded in agreement, walking to the stairs. I began to climb, aware that he was directly behind me with a full view of my ass. I swung my hips back and forth deliberately as I made my way up the stairs.

As we finally reached the landing, he turned towards me to say goodnight. His cock (I was still staring!) had grown even harder during our climb. I felt myself grow wet as I took in the view again. His eyes were still on my chest and I could see him tremble with what I hoped was desire.

I stared up at him, finally fully realizing the sexual tension between us. This was nothing I had ever felt while with boys my own age. He was strikingly handsome with intense green eyes, brown hair and a commanding presence. I shifted my weight, suddenly nervous with anticipation and arousal.

“Goodnight, Tincy,” he murmured, seemingly as nervous as I was. I smiled as he turned and hurried back into his room and shut the door behind him. I stood there for a moment, shocked at the poignant and frank encounter with my friend’s father. At this point, I was trembling with a fervent desire that was entirely foreign to me. Quickly, I turned on my heel and returned to the guest bedroom.

I collapsed on my bed in a heap, replaying the somewhat innocent yet sexy moment I had just shared with Greg. I laid my head on the pillow, and I suddenly realized how wet I was. I blushed at this realization, even though there was no one in the room with me.

Gradually, I moved my hands down towards my thighs. I wasn’t very sexually experienced and hadn’t masturbated but once or twice. Yet this seemed primal, natural. I grabbed my thighs, even more aware of how wet and worked up I was. I moved my hands toward my panties and grabbed the elastic at the top. My hands found their way to the top of my pussy and I noticed that the lips were slightly swollen and very wet, heightening the sensory experience of my fingers gliding along them.

I worked my way to my clit, pink and swollen with desire. I began to rub it, my thoughts centered directly on Greg and the humongous bulge in his boxer briefs. I was so wet you could hear my fingers gliding along my clit. I felt myself moving closer to orgasm. The more I thought about Greg, the more I trembled with longing.

I shoved a finger in my pussy and used my thumb to rub my swollen clit. My entire body was shaking! I fucked my pussy with my finger vigorously, my pussy stretching with each thrust. I was breathing heavily. My back arched, and suddenly I felt an unfamiliar wave of euphoria, my pussy clenching erratically, my thighs shaking. Oh Greg, I thought, and hastily covered my mouth as I began to let out inescapable moans.

And as quickly as my orgasm arrived, it ended. I sat up in a daze, suddenly aware that I just had my very first orgasm.

I slept soundly that night. But the events of that night were nothing compared to what was in store for me the next day.


The next morning, I awoke with a start, remembering all that had transpired the night before. I smiled sleepily as I recalled Mr.Hutchinson, standing next to the window bathed in moonlight, his cock pressing against the seams of his boxer briefs.

After my shower, I got dressed slowly, picking an outfit that was slightly more revealing and bright. I chose my white skirt, flip flops and my bright blue tank top, which gave the viewer a nice look at my blossoming cleavage. I spent extra time on my make-up that morning, applying mascara and lip gloss instead of my usual blush and chapstick.

I made my way downstairs, growing anxious at the prospect of seeing Mr.Hutchinson. Once in the kitchen I realized it was completely quiet, so I grabbed a banana and orange juice and headed to the dining room, which again, gave me a fantastic view of the beach.

I had just sat down when I realized Mr.Hutchinson was swimming alone in the pool, doing laps as his swim shorts glided along. He couldn’t see me, so I had time to fully appreciate what I was seeing. I sipped my orange juice as I watched him swim back and forth, drenched in sunlight. I could see his glistening biceps flexing as his hands pushed him through the water.

As soon as I finished my breakfast, I walked outside into the sunlight, pretending to be oblivious to the presence of my best friend’s father. I shielded the sun from my face and stared out into the vast ocean, wondering if Mr.Hutchinson had noticed me yet.

“Good morning, Tincy,” Mr.Hutchinson said cheerfully. “How’d you sleep?” he inquired, a sly smile crossing his face.

“Very well, actually,” I replied, blushing slightly. “Where is everyone?” I asked, curious to find out if we were alone.

“Laura went with her mother to the flea market in the next town over. Evan ran to the boardwalk to meet a girl he’s been chasing for the past week. He’s spent all day there since we got here,” he responded with a small chuckle.

“Oh…” I said softly, not even slightly upset that Laura hadn’t invited me along to go shopping. “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it?” I asked, staring at him down in the water.

“It really is. Perfect for a swim,” he added as he stretched his arms out and drifted backwards.

“I think you’re right,” I said, wondering which one of my bathing suits would be the sexiest. “I think I’ll change into my suit.” Mr.Hutchinson seemed a bit tickled by my suggestion, and floated to the opposite end of the pool.

As I returned inside, my mind was racing with possibilities. We had the house to ourselves until at least 3 or 4pm. I wondered if Mr.Hutchinson would be interested in me at all. I was suddenly self-conscious. I ran up the stairs and into my room.

I opened my suitcase and laid out three bathing suits I’d packed for the occasion. One was a black, conservative one-piece. That one’s out, I thought. The second was a pink two-piece, and the third was a turquoise skimpy string-bikini. Aha!, I thought. I quickly changed, grabbed a towel from the closet and my tanning oil from the top of the dresser.

I couldn’t wait to see what Mr.Hutchinson thought of my bathing suit. Would he stare, would he compliment me, would he…get hard again? I wondered.

I opened the sliding glass door and stepped out into the sunlight again. I draped my towel over a chair, bending over to give Mr.Hutchinson a full view of my ass in my tiny bikini. I turned around to see him staring at me. I smiled, then grabbed my bottle of tanning oil and began applying it to my arms and chest. Then, I bent over to apply it to my legs, fully aware that this would afford him a look at my cleavage.

Once I was finished applying the oil, I dipped my toe in the water.

“Not bad,” I murmured, walking around the side of the pool to the steps leading into the water.

“Nice, isn’t it?” Mr.Hutchinson asked, his eyes still trained on me.

I slowly made my way into the water, allowing my body to acclimate to the temperature. When I began to swim and fully immersed myself in the pool, I could feel my nipples get hard. Mr.Hutchinson and I swam by ourselves for a few minutes, circling each other in a way. Eventually, he broke the silence.

“I really like your bikini, Tincy,” he said. I blushed wildly, still keeping myself afloat.

“Thank you, Mr.Hutchinson,” I replied as I blushed at his compliment.

“I told you to call me Greg,” he corrected me as he swam closer to me.

“Thank you, Greg,” I responded, as I smiled and batted my lashes.

Eventually, Greg had swum so close we were close enough to touch. I was terrified to make the first move: What if he wasn’t really attracted to me? What if he thought it was inappropriate?

As if he had read my mind, Greg swam even closer. He stood up, towering over me with an intense look in his eye. He leaned forward and brushed a strand of hair out of my face.

“Tincy… I’ve thought you were attractive for a long time. You’ve blossomed into a stunning young woman. I could never say anything… you’re my daughter’s friend. And you’re young. But last night I could barely stop myself from fucking you right there in the kitchen,” he said, still staring at me with a delicious fervor. I was shocked at his honesty and already hot at the thought of us fucking in the kitchen.

“I…thank you,” I replied awkwardly. I was searching for the right words. “I was happy to run into you last night. I’d been thinking about you for quite some time,” I stated.

“You have?” he asked, a large, devilish grin spreading across his face. “Well, then I guess we’re both in luck. We have the house to ourselves for the next 6 hours.”

“And so we do,” I remarked, suddenly realizing what he meant. The house…all to ourselves…six hours… “What do you think we should do?” I asked, sheepishly.

“How about I show you? Follow me,” he said, turning and swimming towards the end of the pool. I followed quickly, my mind awash with endless possibilities for the afternoon. As I excited the pool, I adjusted my swimsuit and grabbed my towel. He seemed to be heading towards the pool house, which I recalled had a bunch of couches…


When I entered the pool house, a waft of cool air greeted me. I looked around, noticing Mr.Hutchinson sitting on one of the lavish couches. The shades had been drawn shut.

“Come here, Tincy,” he gestured, patting the seat next to him. I obliged, hot and ready for anything he suggested. I thought nothing of my inexperience, only of the older man next to me and whatever was in store for me. “Are you a virgin?” he asked bluntly.

“I…yes. I’m a virgin,” I replied shyly.

“Good,” he stated. He leaned forward to kiss me, and I kissed him back. It was the most passionate kiss I’d ever had. His hands were in my hair, pulling me towards him. I stuck my tongue into his mouth and he groaned. His hands moved towards my breasts as my nipples stood at full attention. He grabbed my breasts in his hands as he continued to kiss me.

His lips moved down my neck, my arms, and to my belly. From there, he undid the ties of my bikini. The top of my bikini fell off and into my lap, where he then threw it down on the floor. My breasts were completely exposed, and he cupped them as he kissed my belly and towards them. Finally, his lips touched my nipple and I felt my wet pussy twinge with anticipation. I had never been so turned on before.

He started to suck on my tits as my hands ran through his hair. He groaned, grabbed me and pulled me closer. I arched my back as if on cue and let out a loud moan.

“You like that, little girl?” he asked, staring up at me as he continued to cup and grab my breasts.

“Yes!” I exclaimed breathlessly. He continued to suck on my tits as I grabbed him and pulled him closer. Then, suddenly, he asked me to bend over.

“I need to see you,” he explained. I stood directly in front of him and bent over, touching the floor. I was fully aware my slit was partially exposed as I stood in this position.

“You look… wow,” he said with delight. He learned forward and grabbed my hips, then began to slide my panties down my leg. My ass and pussy were completely exposed. He grabbed my ass with such force I was taken aback.

“Spread your legs,” he demanded, and I did as I was told. I was sure my soaking wet pussy lips were completely visible and he was getting a front row seat.

“Your little pussy is incredible!” he gushed. He moved his hand from my ass towards my pussy, ever so slowly. I was unbelievably horny at this point. Finally, I could feel his fingers on my pussy, playing with the lips and searching for my clit. He found it and began rubbing it, making me moan loudly. I was so hot and so wet.

Right before I felt I was going to orgasm, he stopped, turned me around, and led me to a nearby bedroom. He commanded me to lie back on the bed with my legs spread. I obeyed.

He lay down and shoved his face into my pussy. I grabbed a hold of his head and moaned even louder as he licked my pussy with furious abandon. He sucked on my lips and clit and fucked me with his tongue. I was in heaven!

“Oh, Greg…” I screamed, pulling his hair. He stopped.

“Call me ‘Daddy’, little girl,” he demanded.

“Yes, Daddy!” I said obediently, willing to obey any order he could give me.

When I made love with  Mr. Hutchinson will continue in the next page.

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