Unparalleled nude ambitions of Allison- part 1

This Story is part of Unparalleled nude ambitions of Allison Series

This is a story about nude passions of Allison. Story comes in 2 parts, make sure you read both to have maximum excitement. Enjoy

Sub Urban Central  Inc was a corporation with big plans, and even bigger investors. It was all explained to Allison during a private office meeting.

“Would you be interested in different responsibilities?” the boss asked. “We like your speaking skills. It’s refreshing and different than what we usually have.”

She smiled, “Thank you. I’m ready for whatever you have to offer.”

“Don’t get too excited yet. This assignment was turned down by a few others in our company.”

“How come?”

The boss leaned back and sighed. “Well, Tiff, we’re focusing on more water parks, first and foremost. But our investors have sights on other things. Things which, as it turns out, have a very lucrative market.”

“That sounds interesting.”

“I’m talking about nudist resorts. Now before you say anything, just think about it. It’s for adults only. It’s also a water park. And most importantly, clients are willing to pay top-dollar for it.”

The thought had taken Allison by surprise. Especially since her boss and the corporation had such a family oriented reputation.

“I’m not bothered by it,” Allison said. “There’s nothing morally wrong with a nude water park.”

He flashed a broad smile. “Excellent. So you’re on board so far.”

“I’m not opposed to being involved.”

“Great. Because we have property in northern California which we’d like to become our first nudist park. We have the designs, the plans, business strategy, everything… The problem is, we’re having trouble getting permits because some residents are against it. You know, the religious Christian types.”

“I see…”

Allison nodded and she tried to hide the fact that she was slightly offended by the boss’s dismissive tone towards religious people. She was a devout Christian herself, which the boss seemed to have sensed.

“Not that there’s anything wrong with Christians,” the boss clarified. “But being denied a permit is obviously bad for business.”

“We would need a strong PR campaign,” Allison said after some thought. “Luckily, we’re dealing with a small population, I presume. I was raised in a small town, so I know how things work.”

“Go on,” the boss said with a strong sense of interest.

“People in these areas are very community oriented. They participate heavily in the political process. Our best chance would be to set up a town hall, then plead our case to the people. We would have to explain that the general public will be shielded from the nudity and that everything will be tastefully done. Furthermore, it would greatly benefit the local economy and create good paying jobs. That should be the general strategy.”

The boss’s eyes widened. “My gosh, you’re an angel.”

“Not quite, but I try my best,” she said with a cute perk.

“It’s settled. You’re officially the new liaison for this job. And I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

Allison was taken aback. In a good way. She had been with the company for a few months and she was already thrust into a major role for a multi-million dollar development deal.

“I… I don’t know what to say… wow?”

“That’s a start,” he nodded.

“What exactly am I going to be doing?”

The boss sat upright. “When I first pursued this development deal, I made the mistake of sending square businessmen to the town and our plans were rejected. This time, I’m going to send you as our representative. You would know how to talk with them. And I expect you to convince them. Tell them why this deal will benefit the town.”

Allison sat expressionless for a moment.

“I’ve never been involved with this level of deal making before.”

“Do the things you said. Set up a town hall. Talk to the people. Use your legal experience. Use your charm. Use your cuteness. Use everything. Just get us the permits.”

“Okay,” she slowly nodded, even though she was unsure of herself. “Am I supposed to do this alone?”

“No. I’ll send you with Christine-Jade Wong, our accountant. She’ll provide assistance and will brief you on the financial matters.”

Allison felt a slight jolt at becoming a boss to someone else. She also felt a buzzing excitement being paired up with Lydia, in what could potentially be an epic business trip.

“That sounds doable,” she nodded.

Bold Plans, Naked Ambitions

In the small town where plans were being laid, Allison drove from their motel to the auditorium with Lydia sitting in the passenger seat; a scrawny Asian girl with a big heart, brains, and a witty sense of humor.

They didn’t know each other that well prior to this, as they were both fairly new to the company and they worked in different departments. But their relationship these past few days could best be described as sisterly mixed with mild flirtation.

After parking, the duo went to the trunk of the car to get their props. They had brought everything from display models, to boards, to hundreds of pamphlets to hand out to everyone. The town hall was starting in an hour and this would be their well-planned public relations attack.

They warmly greeted the public officials and then prepared themselves for the reckoning to follow.

“How are you feeling?” Lydia asked, when they had a private moment backstage, while people were entering the auditorium.

“To be honest, an early retirement from legal practice sounds good right now.”

“What is it? The crowd size or the fact that you’re representing a nude park?”

Allison became tense. “The nude thing.”

“Alright, I’m going to do something for you that will boost your confidence. It’s my variation of a yoga meditation technique. Are you ready?”

Taking in a deep breath, allowing herself to keep an open mind, Allison nodded.

“I’m ready.”

Putting her hands on Allison’s shoulders, Lydia grasped tightly. Their eyes were deeply locked and they were mere inches apart. They could practically smell the coffee aromas in each other’s breaths.

“You’ve got this,” Lydia said with great confidence. “Ask yourself how you got here. Why did the boss choose you? Deep down, you know the answer. Now repeat it to yourself, over and over again.”

Allison gave it a try. Being no stranger to basic yoga, she was able to maintain a focus and give in to the mantra a few times. Lydia squeezed Allison’s shoulders tightly again and gave a little shake so things would sink in.

“Phew,” Allison exhausted deeply, putting her coffee breath all over her friend, who didn’t seem to mind. “Okay, I think it’s working. I’m feeling a little better right now.”

Lydia smiled, “Now we’re talking. And if it’s any help, you look cute in that outfit. I’d say a lot of men are going to have secret erections while you speak.”

“Umm, thanks?”

“Sexual confidence is still confidence. Use everything to your advantage.”

When Lydia winked at the end, Allison could tell that it was a genuine sign of affection. They truly completed each other on a major job like this.


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