The best 3 nights with 3 neighbour aunties -part 2

Welcome back to my best 3 nights with 3 neighbour aunties. Lets start part 2.

if you haven’t read part 1 here is the link

As all of you know, in the initial segment, I Fucked my neighbor Deepika aunt.

It was a lockdown and my family was caught in Kerala. I was distant from everyone else at my home and my mother advised my neighbor aunts to give me food and deal with me. Then, at that point, Deepika’s aunt came to my home and we Fucked during the evening.

On the off chance that you have not perused my initial segment, then, at that point, proceed to understand it.

The following day, I got up at 6 am and went out to run and afterward to the exercise center. Furthermore, when I returned, I saw Teena aunt coming towards my home.

Teena: Great morning, Ray.

Me: Great morning, aunt. For what reason would you say you are coming to my home?

Teena: Today, I will be giving you food. So I came to ask what might you want to have?

Me (in a low volume): Your pussy.

Be that as it may, she didn’t hear it.

Me: Aunt, I’ll have anything.

Teena: Alright, Ray. Come to my home at 10 am.

Later at 10 am –

Me: Hi aunt, I’m here.

Teena: Howdy beta, come in and sit on the seat.

Me: Indeed, aunt. Where would uncle be?

Teena: He is out of the station for several weeks for work.

Teena’s aunt was so attractive. She had a thin body, yet enormous boobs and a major ass. Furthermore, she generally uncovered her cleavage. Then, at that point, we ate. I sat on the couch and my aunt sat close to me. I began conversing with her and out of nowhere on television, an Imran Hashmi tune came.

There was a kissing scene in the melody and afterward our discussion began this way –

Teena: Ray, have you kissed at any point?

Me: Ahh, yes aunt. Be that as it may, only a single time.

Teena: Gracious! Who is that fortunate young lady?

Me: Not any longer aunt, we had a separation and presently I’m zeroing in on my examinations and wellness and sports as it were.

Teena: issue, Ray. You merit better and I’m there for you.

Me: What aunt?

Teena: Hello, see there, it’s another film (evolving theme).

From that point forward, we saw that film and I left around early afternoon. Then I went home and rested and afterward at around 3 pm I got a call. It was Teena’s aunt.

Teena: Greetings Ray beta, I have arranged lunch, so come to my home.

Me: alright, aunt.

Then, at that point, I went to her home and saw her in a saree which was uncovering her chest area. I was astounded in the wake of watching her boobs. They were huge to the point that I was unable to deal with them with my hands. She saw that I was watching her boobs and purposefully she squeezed her boobs and made them come out a tad. And afterward she hacked.

Then I headed inside and found a spot at the eating table and we had our lunch. Of course we sat on the couch and afterward aunt said-

Teena: Ray, tonight you come and rest here. Since I’m separated from everyone else and I’m apprehensive as well, please.

What’s more, I settled on this. Then, at that point, I went out and returned at 8 pm in the evening and when I went to aunt’s home, she was nighty and she had not worn a bra. What’s more, her tits were plainly apparent.

Then I headed inside and my aunt was planning supper, so she went to the kitchen and afterward I gradually went to her room. Then unexpectedly I saw something.

I saw, that there were flower petals on the bed and love images were made and there was a fucking provocative undergarments on the bed, which aunt considered wearing this evening perhaps.

I comprehended that aunt needed to have intercourse and afterward I saw aunts portable there. There was no lock on the portable. I opened it and saw my exercise center pictures, in which I was looking hot, cause I had a solid body.

Then, at that point, I saw an aunt’s bare pic with shaved pussy. OMG! I was awestruck. I can’t see all of you, how blissful I was. Then I switched off the telephone and went to the lobby and I thought, that I ought to go to the kitchen hold aunt from behind and begin fucking her. However at that point I thought, that why generally we young men ought to begin. Allow the young ladies to begin and appreciate.

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Then following a couple of moments, aunt returned from the kitchen and I asked her-

Me: Is supper prepared aunt?

What’s more, she said-

Teena: We should eat after some time.

What’s more, she came and sat close to me. Then, at that point, she put her hand on my lap and said-

Teena: Ray, you realize my better half is so unsuitable? I generally needed a spouse like you, who is strong and gorgeous. However, tragically, he is unsuitable and for that reason he doesn’t have endurance as well. He can do nothing impeccably. I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do.

Then, at that point, she stopped briefly and said-

Teena: Alright leave it, do you have abs, Ray?

Me: Indeed, I have and I’m keeping up with them as well.

Teena: Goodness! I needed to see and contact my abs. However, I don’t have the foggiest idea whenever I will find the opportunity.

Me: On the off chance that you need, I can show them to you.

Teena: Yes sure.

Then, at that point, I got my shirt on. And afterward Teena’s aunt stopped me and she started taking my shirt. She took my shirt off and discarded it. Then, at that point, she saw my abs and began contacting them. Out of nowhere she blew up and said-

Teena: I need to kiss your abs. May I?

I realized that she needed sex and that is the reason I concurred. Then she kissed my abs and afterward abruptly I saw her boobs from her night. I had no control over it and I put my hands on her boobs. She unexpectedly took my hands and put them inside her nighty and began groaning.

Teena: aah aah Ray at last! I needed this from you for so long aahh..

Then she got taking going her nighty, yet unexpectedly she halted and said-

Teena: We should eat. What’s more, after supper, we will do countless things. We’ll not do it here however in the room.

And afterward she grasped my dick and said-

Teena: Aaj raat to mera asli roop dekhega Ray. Aur tujhe itna maza aayega, ki tu mujhe har commotion dekhna chaahega.

And afterward she went to the kitchen. I was simply stunned in light of the fact that Deepika’s aunt was only a trailer. However, Teena aunt was the full film. Teena auntie’s figure was superior to MIA KHALIFA!

On the off chance that I’ll receive in excess of 20 messages for this story, I’ll impart every one of the three auntie’s pics to all of you (NOTE: Aunts allowed me to post them and they have perused the primary story. So sharing their pics isn’t unlawful)

The best 3 nights with 3 neighbour aunties -part 2 will continue in the next page.

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