Lucy met her idol and what happened next? – part 2

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After several long and slow steps, they finally made it to the small spa room on that floor. Lucy opened the door and they both entered. She breathed a sigh of relief that her naked walk was finally over.

“You’ve been a big help for my preparation,” Kinsley said. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Lucy replied with a shaky voice.

Lucy reached for a towel to cover her nakedness, but Kinsley forcefully put her hand down on the towel, pinning it to the table. They were face to face.

“How do you feel?” Kinsley asked.

“I don’t know,” Lucy shrugged. “Vulnerable I suppose. That was so weird.”

“Did you like it?”

“It was exhilarating, I guess. My heart is pounding like crazy.”

“That’s a good thing. It makes you feel alive, doesn’t it?”

Lucy nodded. “I suppose. Yes, you’re right.”

Kinsley leaned forward and kissed the naked girl on the lips. Lucy didn’t resist. How could she resist her idol? It was a soft and friendly kiss.

Then Kinsley reached below and touched Lucy’s labia. It was rubbed softly and the tip of her finger went inside, only slightly.

“You’re wet,” Kinsley noted.

Lucy blushed. “It’s from that walk. It was so… I don’t know how to describe it.”

“Don’t bother. Some pleasures can’t be described.”

“What happens next?”

“You’re doing a wonderful job as my new assistant. But this movie shoot has more important scenes to be filmed. And I’ll need your help. Your training will continue tomorrow. As for now, you can wear the towel.”

Kinsley released her hold on the towel and Lucy grabbed it and tied it around her body. There was another mischievous look on Kinsley’s face. And Lucy wondered what the actress meant by the word ‘training.’


A few hours later, a model came to the set wearing a white robe. She was young and beautiful. There were strange symbols painted on her face for the movie. When it was time to start filming, the model disrobed and stood naked without shame. Her face remained expressionless during the filming.

Kinsley gave a beautiful acting performance. They did a few takes until the director was satisfied. When the scene was completed, the crew applauded Kinsley and the naked model.

That night, Lucy laid in bed thinking of the day’s events. Walking naked down the hallway was the most bizarre and unusual thing she had ever done. But it was worth it. Her idol had lavished her with praise. And in a weird way, the whole thing felt good.

Lucy slipped a hand down her panties and used two fingers to rub her clit. She continued rubbing until she reached the desired result.


Early in the morning. On the 4th floor of the hotel, the movie producer had been waiting.

The film’s producer was a tall, stern looking woman, who kept a no-nonsense expression on her face. She was also a vision of mature beauty. Her body was voluptuous and curvy in all the right places. She moved with sophistication and grace.

After a knock on the door, the producer answered to see Lucy waiting.

“Pleasure to formally meet you,” she said in a business-like tone.

Lucy smiled, “Likewise.”

The two women shook hands and Lucy entered the hotel room.

They exchanged small talk. The producer was full of compliments over the gorgeous hotel and the wonderful staff. Lucy was thankful to be involved with the movie and explained that she was a big fan of the producer’s work.

“Has Kinsley explained the nature of our private meeting?” the producer asked.

“No, not really. She was kind of vague about it.”

The producer nodded. “As you know, Kinsley is a very unorthodox actress. She’s unbelievably gifted and she likes things done in a particular way.”

“I’ve noticed.”

“I’m sure you have. Kinsley told me about your naked stint yesterday morning. That was very brave of you.”

Lucy blushed, “Well, it worked, didn’t it?”

“You’re right. Kinsley gave another excellent performance and I intend to keep that going.”

“You sound dedicated to this project.”

“I am,” she said sternly. “I’m investing millions of dollars into this film. Naturally, it’s in my best interest to ensure that this movie is a success.”

“Makes total sense,” Lucy nodded. “I think everyone is doing such an amazing job. This movie looks like it’s going to be really bad-ass.”

Her face remained serious. “Let’s get to the point, shall we?”


“You’ve probably figured out that Kinsley has unique tastes.”

“Like what?”

She sharpened her gaze. “Do you really need me to explain it?”

“I think I understand,” Lucy replied meekly.

“Good. Now, Kinsley needs your assistance for today’s filming. And she’s requested me to be your instructor. Do you know what a fluffer is?”

Lucy looked puzzled for a moment. “Well, the joking definition of a ‘fluffer’ is a person who works on a porn set and keeps the people horny in-between takes? That kind of fluffer?”

“You would be correct,” she said, with her face still serious. “And that is what you’ll be needed for today.”

“I don’t think I understand.”

“Kinsley needs a fluffer. My understanding is that you’re up to the task.”

Lucy froze. “A fluffer? For a horror movie?”

“For this particular movie, yes. There are a number of nude or erotic scenes and Kinsley has requested the help of a fluffer. Namely, she wants you for the job. Obviously you’ll be paid for your duties.”

It was a turning point for Lucy. Her responsibilities would soon include being a fluffer to her idol. She thought quickly. Time was of the essence as the producer looked at her with a sharp expression.

“I’ll do it,” Lucy said firmly.

“And you’re positive about this?”

“Yes, I am. I hope I am. I’ve never done this sort of thing before. And with Kinsley- wow. This is all so new to me.”

The producer nodded. “Very well. If you decide to pull out, we can always find another fluffer.”

“Thanks. Hopefully it won’t come to that.”

“Now, regarding your responsibilities, Kinsley has told me that you’re relatively inexperienced with women, correct?”

“That’s correct.”

“But you’re also on the curious side, correct?”

“Yes, that’s true,” Lucy replied with a little embarrassment.

“What is your experience level with women?”

“Mostly kissing with a former college roommate. And we liked to touch each other’s breasts. That’s about it.”

“So you don’t have any experience with another woman’s vagina?” the producer bluntly asked.

“No. Just my own.”

“It’s a fairly easy-to-learn skill. Especially with someone with bisexual tendencies such as yourself.”

Lucy blushed, “That’s a strange way to put it. But I’m open to learning.”

“Good. Now on your knees, young lady. I’m going to give you a brief course in fluffing.”


“Shall I find another fluffer for Kinsley?”

“No, no, no. I’ll do it.”

Lucy got down on her knees and the statuesque movie producer stood in front of her. It was an intimidating position. Especially since the producer was so commanding with such a stern face.

The producer unzipped her skirt and exposed her bare vagina completely. It was cleanly shaven. Her labia was thick and dark brown. There was a glistening wetness inside.

Lucy had never seen another woman’s pussy so up-close before and the sight made her instantly aroused. She was in awe of the bare pussy.

“Take a good look,” the producer said, gesturing to her own area. “Clitoris, labia, opening. It’s that simple. Kinsley mostly enjoys clitoral stimulation.”

“Me too.”

“Good. You’ll know exactly what to do. Why don’t you give mine a touch? I’ll be happy to give you feedback.”

Lucy reached forward and touched the clitoris with the tip of her index finger. She caressed it gently, almost intimidated to touch another woman. Especially a woman as stern as this producer was.

“That’s it,” the producer said. “A little harder. A little faster. Don’t be scared of it. It won’t bite.”

Lucy pressed harder and rubbed it in a circular motion.

The producer added, “You have excellent talent. Now, your tongue.”

“You want me to lick it?” Lucy asked, almost with a sense of excitement.

“Please do. It’s what Kinsley enjoys. It’s my job to look after her best interests. Now, begin.”

Lucy stuck her tongue out and gave the clitoris a lick with the tip of her tongue. She looked upwards at the producer the entire time. While the tip of her tongue was on the clit, she noticed that the producer finally changed facial expressions and showed signs of pleasure. Lucy knew she was doing something right.

Then Lucy swirled her tongue around the clit, making the stern producer gasp.

“Excellent. My goodness. Kinsley will be quite pleased later.”

“I’m glad,” Lucy said, while briefly removing her tongue.

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