Hidden desires and feelings made it better – 02

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Hidden desires and feelings made it better – 02 continues…

“That make us even?” I asked. She just laughed at that.

“Hardly,” she said. “That’s just for beginners!”

Several days passed. I was just starting to think I had gotten away with something when I discovered otherwise. I had come home after class. Angela was there waiting for my sister…and me. It wasn’t all that unusual to find her waiting there either, even when mom was away. Very often before she had let herself in (knew where the back door key was hidden) and would make herself home until Stacy got home from attending her classes.

“Hi,” I said tentatively, having come upstairs from the basement intending on fixing something to eat. Angela sitting at the kitchen table, as though expecting me. Which I now knew, she had been.

“Time to pay up,” she answered in response, telling me in a heartbeat that I hadn’t gotten away with a damn thing.

“Listen…Angela, about the other night…”

“No Steven, I think you need to listen, unless of course you’d prefer it if I told Stacy about what I saw that night.”

I knew Stacy would have my hide. And worse, if she told mom what I’d been doing, she’d have the rest of me.

“OK, fine. What’s it going to cost me?” I asked.

“Nothing really bad…not really,” Angela grinned wickedly. “At least not in that kind of a bad way, maybe in another bad…naughty, nasty way.”

I almost said “naked”, but then figured that would just further give proof to just how long I had been sitting there.

“Ok, so what do you want?”

“Why don’t we…go back downstairs to your room,” she suggested. And then without waiting for a response, brushed past me and headed down the stairs. All I could do…was follow.

She was already sitting on the edge of my bed when I came in behind her. Though I stood there instead of coming the rest of the way in. She patted the bed, indicating where she wanted me. I was fucked. And I knew it.

“Hey? Am I really all that bad?” She asked.

“Well no. It’s not that Angela. It’s not that at all. It’s just that…well you know, Debra and I.”

“You mean the Debra that will be heading off to an entirely different school a month from now?” She asked. “That Debra?”

“Yeah, that one,” I responded, though I didn’t see a whole lot of logic in that. In all seriousness, I didn’t want to do anything that would cause friction between us in parting. After all, maybe things wouldn’t work, I really had no delusions of that. But if it did come time for us to part, I’d rather we do so as friends.

She patted the bed a little more insistently this time. “Don’t worry Steven, I would never make you do anything with…or to me, that you wouldn’t want to do. That any better?”

It kind of was, but I was still confused as to what she had on her mind then. “So what do you want?” I asked. To which she smiled that damn smile of hers again.

“Easy really. What I want you to do…is lay here on your bed, and jack off for me.”

I looked at her incredulously. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh but I am serious Steven. Ever since Stacy told me the story about walking in and catching you, I’ve masturbated while fantasizing and thinking about it. So I decided…why not have you do it for me?”

“That’s it?” Nothing else? Are we even then?”

“Well let’s say….half even. But I won’t ask for the other half until after Debra’s gone and moved away, and I’ll even make it easy on you then too. Deal?”

I thought about it. And then I thought about what Stacy might say or do…or mom.

“Ok, deal,” I said, actually starting to remove my clothing. “But no funny business either. And you can’t be on the bed with me while I do this.”

“Fair enough,” Angela said. “But…no reason why I can’t stand here naked playing with myself while watching you either, is there?”

“Fair enough,” I responded back. Hell…I’d have jacked off for her with her fully clothed, but I wasn’t about to tell her that.

Like I said. Had it been under any other circumstances, I might have suggested a few things myself. But I really didn’t want there to be any complications. This…was perhaps complicated enough. I lay back however, watching her as she finished undressing. Now standing almost in the doorway, watching me as I began stroking myself. Now watching her. It was damn fucking hot.

I think her orgasm triggered mine. Seeing her as she stood there, fondling her sweet firm breasts, toying with her nipples with one hand, the other strumming her pussy like a violin. She began to shake, quiver, and then gutturally moan in ecstasy. As she did, I felt the first hard felt spurts of my prick as I began to ejaculate. Streamer after streamer of spunk skyrocketing from my prick tip to splash almost everywhere. I could have cared less. It was honestly exciting, watching her, with her watching me. And even after she had left. I lay there asking myself. “Why not fuck her?”


“So…did you get it?”

“In spades!” Stacy grinned holding up her digital camera. I’d not seen it resting on part of the unfinished wall near the laundry room. Stacy had managed to conceal it well, even if I’d suspected such a thing, which I hadn’t. When I went out to mow the lawn, Stacy had snuck back downstairs, grabbed her camera, and now sat watching it all over again with Angela sitting by her side.


“What?” Angela asked. “I think it turned out perfect. You can see everything!”

“Well, not everything. Maybe we should have had two camera’s going. Then I could have watched and seen you too!”

Angela laughed. “You still can. Wanna?”

“Do I ever!” Stacy almost screamed, beginning to remove her clothing and then setting up the camera again.

And as I headed into the back yard to finish mowing there, I had no idea that Stacy and Angela stood there in the window looking down on me…fingering one another as they did.


Two days passed and nothing more had been said, or had happened. Once again I was thinking that perhaps life was getting back to (semi) normal again. Little did I know.

I had come home from class, entered in through my own private little entry, and found Stacy sitting in the middle of my bed. Now the thing was, we sort of had an unwritten agreement, and respect for one another’s privacy. I didn’t go into her room without being invited, and she wasn’t…supposed…to go into mine.

“What the hell?” I said upon seeing her.

“Relax Steven, I know. And I’m sorry. Maybe I should have waited for you to come upstairs, but I couldn’t. We need to talk.”

“Ah oh,” I said to myself. And then to her. “About…what?”

“I think you already know.”

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