Ben and Susan’s unusual relation – part 2

This is a story about ben and susan who are siblings but….let’s continue

Susan removed her hand from her panties and brought it to her mouth. She made sure I was watching while she sucked her fingers clean, then stood up. I was disappointed for a second since I thought she was leaving, but she didn’t. Instead she pulled her pants down and kicked them off her feet, leaving her in only her panties and socks.

“Don’t say I never do anything for you,” she said.

She was so close to naked, so close. I still couldn’t see her pussy, but that made what she let me see that much more interesting. Only that small piece of material was between me and a far more detailed knowledge of my sister’s body than I ever should have.

I was too stunned to say anything as Susan sat back down and resumed where she left off, her fingers disappearing once more into her panties. My hand still knew what to do though, and without any conscious instructions continued to stroke me closer to orgasm as my sister did much the same to herself.

It was only when I was very close to actually cumming that I realized I was going to make a mess. I never expected we’d get this far and I had absolutely no plan for dealing with the aftermath. Soon I was too far gone to care and just kept pumping as my first spurt of cum shot out of the end of my cock. I was sitting slightly angled toward Susan so it mostly landed on my bed rather than the floor, which meant I’d probably end up doing a quick load of laundry later on.

A little semen actually landed on Susan’s leg and her eyes widened in surprise as she felt the contact. I just stared stupidly at her for a second as my senses returned, then looked around for something to wipe it off with.

“You got some on me,” she breathed.

“I know, I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay, just leave it.”

Far from being grossed out or anything similar, Susan actually seemed turned on having my cum on her. Her fingers moved even faster under her panties as she moved her free hand to the small puddle of cum on her skin. She poked at it experimentally, then traced a single fingertip through it as though it was the first time she’d ever encountered anything like it.

Moments later she came, throwing her head back and closing her eyes in an expression of bliss unlike anything I’d seen from her before. She collapsed backward as she finished and lay motionless but content for a few moments.

“That was way better than any porn,” she said eventually.

“I might have to agree with that,” I said.

“So you think we can do it again sometime?”

“Yeah, I guess I’d be okay with that.”

I got myself straightened up as we talked, getting my cock back in my pants and trying to make it look like I hadn’t just finished jerking off. Susan didn’t even seem to care about covering up.

“Ben, are you still thinking of asking Sherin out?”

“Uh, I don’t know,” I said, frowning at the question coming out of nowhere. “Do you think I should?”

“She’d be good for you. She’d balance out me being such a bad influence on you a little.”

That wasn’t really a yes or no.

“But what do you want?” I asked. “Like if we ignore what’s in my best interest.”

“If I was being selfish I’d want you all to myself, duh. That’s why they have to teach kids all about sharing when they’re little, ’cause otherwise there’d be people like me who’d never want to.”

“Somehow I think this generally isn’t what they have in mind,” I said.

“Probably not,” she agreed.

“Well maybe we should just leave it for now,” I suggested. “If Sherin says something to me, or to you, then I might have to make a decision. Otherwise we can wait until we work some stuff out.”

“‘Kay.” She shrugged.

Susan still looked like she had no intention of doing anything other than staying where she was, and I really didn’t have anything better to do than sit there with her. It was an odd situation, but kind of nice at the same time.

The sound of the front door opening finally forced us both into life in what I’m sure would have been an amusing sight for an outside observer. I mostly panicked and looked around to see what evidence might need to be disposed of while Susan grabbed her clothes and sprinted to her room. She moved so quickly I had to wonder if she’d been planning on waiting until the last second the whole time.

In the end all I ended up doing was flipping my blanket over and hoping I’d have a chance to throw it in the washer before too long. I knew that a little cum on my bedding hardly pointed to my sister being present, but on the other hand it would be embarrassing enough in its own right if mom found it when she did laundry some day.

It wasn’t until later that evening that I realized the guilt I’d been expecting to hit me after jerking off with my sister never showed up.


Nothing much happened Thursday. I actually found myself hoping that Susan would try and repeat our masturbation session, or something similar, but she didn’t even hint at it. I still jerked off thinking about her though, imagining she was on my bed again and fingering herself. There was some residual guilt this time which both confused and irritated me. If anything, thinking about my sister should be less wrong than actually watching her.

Friday afternoon Susan found me during lunch at school and dragged me off to the side of the hallway.

“What’s up?” I asked, figuring it would be something along the lines of wanting to copy my homework.

“I’m bored, want to go do something with me?” she said.

“You mean like not at school I take it.”

“Yeah, I know you’re not big on that sort of thing but I really don’t want to go by myself and I haven’t been able to convince anyone else.”

“Nice to know I’m your last resort.”

“Okay, I might have been making up by asking other people. I thought it’d be fun to hang out together for a little while. Everything’s been all about sex between us lately.”

“Say that a little louder, why don’t you,” I grumbled even though no one passing by gave the slightest indication of having heard, and a lot of them wouldn’t necessarily know we were siblings even if they did.

“Come on, we can go see a movie or something and just enjoy some mindless entertainment. I’ll even pay.”

My eyes narrowed in suspicion. If Susan was willing to pay for both of us she was almost certainly planning something. The question was whether I was actually against the idea.

“What are we going to see?’ I asked.

“I don’t know. We’ll figure it out when we get there.”

She took my hand and started dragging me toward the front of the building as soon as she got my indirect agreement. I really did give in to her too easily most of the time, she probably hadn’t even considered that I might say no.

We were technically allowed to leave the school during lunch which made it easy enough to get off the premises. The nearest theater wasn’t that far away either. I was almost disappointed how little effort it took to skip class with my sister.

Despite the ease of escape initially I kept expecting someone to be suspicious as to why we were wandering around in the middle of the day, but we never attracted so much as a mildly puzzled look. Susan probably had something to do with that, she had developed quite a talent over the years for looking like she belonged wherever she was. She didn’t project so much as a hint of doing something she wasn’t supposed to.

We made it to the movie without any notable incident, taking up residence in one of the back rows as far away from anyone else as possible. There really weren’t many people there to start with which gave us a decent amount of privacy.

“Just think, as soon as they turn the lights down we can basically do whatever we want back here,” Susan said.

“Is that your big plan? You know anything we can do here we could have done at home,” I said.

“Yeah, but this is more fun.”

I was a little nervous about what my sister had planned, but not so much that I didn’t want to see what it would be. My assumption was that she would take the opportunity of having us sitting next to each other in the dark to work on breaking the loose ‘no touching’ rule I’d set out last time. It really didn’t bode well for my attempt at controlling the situation when I found myself hoping that’s what she’d do.

On the other hand the whole thing could be as innocent as it appeared on the surface and Susan really did just want to spend time with me. I doubted it was anything that simple however.

Eventually the previews started playing, followed by the movie itself. It was some animated ‘family’ film like the kind that I generally wouldn’t bother to watch on my own but that I didn’t mind sitting through with someone else. Sometimes they were even good.

I didn’t get much of a chance to find out exactly what this one was about because I soon felt Susan’s hand on my leg. After a little fumbling around her fingers closed on my zipper and started to tug it down.

“What are you doing?” I hissed, although I made no move to stop her.

“Just having fun, what’d you think?” she whispered back. “You should probably try to stay quiet though unless you want to attract attention.”

I could have fended her off, I could have stood up and changed seats. There were options. I had been expecting her to start slower and work her way up, at least give me an excuse to stay passive. It was like she wanted to see whether she’d broken me already or not. It was becoming pretty clear to me that she had.

Her fingers brushed against my cock as she gained entry to the inside of my pants, causing it to stir slightly. She delicately encircled it in her hand without yet removing it from its resting place.

“That’s kind of weird,” she said with a hint of a giggle. “It’s getting all hard in my hand.”

“How’s that weird?”

“I just mean it feels strange. Good though, kinda sexy.”

Susan didn’t need to do much at all to get me to continue stiffening, just her soft touch against me was enough. Granted we were in a public area and it was my sister touching me so the nervous excitement probably helped.

“So what are you going to do now, jerk me off or something?” I asked when she continued not to move.

“Do you want me to?”

“Well you are getting me a little worked up here.”

“Not very fair is it? Don’t worry I’m not going to tease you or anything, if you say yes I promise I’ll get you off. I just really want to know if you want me to.”

I did want her to, quite a lot. Not only was her hand currently on my cock which made it really hard to care that I shouldn’t be even considering her proposal, but the image of her nearly naked on my bed was still fresh in my mind. I couldn’t help it, our relationship had turned into something it wasn’t supposed to and I wasn’t strong enough to try and change it back.

“Yes,” I said.

Her hand squeezed gently and she made a happy sounding noise as she started stroking me. I slid a little farther down in my seat as though it would offer more protection from anyone who might happen to look our way. Honestly they probably wouldn’t see anything regardless, but I wasn’t in an entirely rational frame of mind.

“So why the pretense of watching a movie?” I asked. “We could have just done this at home.”

“Yeah, but we don’t have to worry about mom and dad here. Plus I really do like doing stuff with you sometimes. You’re my favorite brother you know.”

“I’m your only brother.”

“So it’s good I don’t think of you as my least favorite then isn’t it? Positive thinking and all that shit.”

Susan leaned over to nuzzle my cheek for a second and I groaned softly as her grip tightened on my cock. She had only been playing with me before, now it felt like she was taking her task seriously. There wasn’t that much to handjob when it came right down to it, but it was still pretty obvious to me when the girl in question was putting effort into it.

“You feel like doing that to me too?” she asked after a couple minutes.

Without waiting for an answer she stopped masturbating me just long enough to pull my hand over between her legs. It was still over her clothes, but the intent was pretty clear.

It was kind of hard to concentrate properly and I had significantly more trouble getting into my sister’s pants than she had on mine, but I managed. I was initially surprised to find her panties damp to the touch, although there was no reason what we were doing wouldn’t have had a comparable effect on her as on me. Then I slipped my fingers under the wet material to one of the very few parts of her body I hadn’t yet seen.

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  1. Great story so far! I’m new to this site and wondered how to submit stories. I’ve written around 30 of them and am anxious to share.

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