Archer and Jason are never apart – part 1

Greetings, this is a story about Archer and Jason and their intense love

TW: Pushiness, violence, homophobia. Don’t read if it will be triggering. It all leads to better things eventually though!

This first chapter is more of a slow burn. The two main characters will only kiss in this one, but there is a little side action. The real sex will start in the next chapter! Real readers would read full story


I wasn’t feeling sentimental as senior year began. I was a gay guy, trapped in a very conservative Utah, in a home with conservative Mormon parents. My father had a temper and my mother had a tendency to make excuses for the man. I didn’t have a ton of hope that the year would be good, but at least my band was doing well and this was the last year before I could go across the country for school and be as gay as I wanted to be.

I looked in the mirror in my room after my shower. I didn’t think I was hot, but I wasn’t bad looking either. I stood at around five foot nine, and I was relatively slim with some muscles because running and working out was a way to get out of my house and out of my own head. Plus, I have to carry around gear like drums, guitars, bases, and amps on a regular basis for my band, Tormented Accord, so being able to lift things was necessary.

My black hair was shaved on the sides and left long in the middle, which I had bleached and dyed a bright red, which both of my parents hated. I had darker tanned skin, deep green, oval shaped eyes, and I had a fairly handsome face that I left mostly clean shaven since I wore makeup on stage. I had studs in my ears, my nose, and a ring on my eyebrow, most of which I had pierced myself.

My style was what you would call punk goth. Mostly black, with some dark blues, purples, and reds scattered in. I wore black, ripped jeans with combat boots, a fishnet undershirt, and a red, short sleeved button up shirt with a black bowtie that had little white skulls on it. I finished off the look with black eyeliner and a studded belt to keep my pants up.

I blew out a quick breath and then took off to catch the bus. As I was walking to the bus stop, Archer Prince pulled up beside me in his car, with both of his sisters in the back seats. He lived down the street from me, and had been my friend since grade school.

They lived with their grandmother because their parents had addiction issues, and his grandmother, Dorothy, had been letting my band use the space in their basement on one side of the house since the end of middle school for practice. There was a room and bathroom down there too that she let me use when I was fighting with my parents. It had a bed and a dresser already in it, and I spent nights there when things were bad.

Archer was easily one of the hottest guys in school, and extremely popular, so the opposite of me. He was a jock through and through. He played all sorts of sports, such as football, soccer, baseball, and basketball. He was an inch or two taller than me and far more muscular than I was, though he didn’t go overboard with it.

He has piercing blue eyes that I sometimes wanted to fall right into, with strawberry blonde hair that was cut in a fade cut and clean shaven. He was also in the National Honor Society, and he was the student body president of our school. I’d had a crush on him since middle school, as had half of the school.

He rolled down the window and smiled at me, showing off those amazing dimples of his. “Get in, Jason. I’ll drive you.”

I smiled at him and got into the car, in the front seat. I turned to smile at his sisters, Harper and Evelyn, who were sixteen and fifteen. Yeah, his parents popped them out once a year until Dorothy demanded one of them essentially cut off their fertility or she wasn’t helping them anymore. The girls had the same blonde hair, but they both sported hazel eyes, and were just as beautiful as their older brother. Harper was in cheerleading and Evie had been jumping into things like theater and art.

“Are you finally going to get a boyfriend this year?” Harper asked me.

“Maybe,” I replied. “I have to find someone who likes me first. I spend most of my days with straight guys.”

Archer looked over at me with a grin. “Well, and one bisexual guy.”

“Yeah, but you’re dating Amber right now,” I pointed out.

He shrugged his shoulders at me and then we all rode in silence to the school, listening to the music on the radio. As soon as we got to the school, I thanked Archer for the ride and then went off to find my three band mates.

School was school, as always. With the bullies, and friends. With teachers trying to keep the kids from being too rowdy and getting us ready for our pending graduation. The beginning of senior year was boring and what you would expect. I spent my time at school during the day, and in the afternoon I would either help paint and design sets for the plays, or practice with my band.

We ended up playing at homecoming, which was fine since I didn’t have a date and had no interest in being part of the dance itself other than playing music. The crowd seemed to love it, and we had a great time. As soon as we were done, I let my friends enjoy the end of the dance and I went home to finish some homework and sleep.

Late October came, and my birthday hit. I was finally eighteen years old, a legal adult. There were quite a few people in my grade that had birthdays around then, including Archer, and the vice president of the student body, Gus Smith. Varick Weber, one of my bandmates, also turned eighteen around the end of October.

It was at the beginning of November that my life started down a whirlwind path that would either destroy me or give me a home, and I couldn’t have stopped it even if I had prior knowledge of it. Like destiny or fate.

It all started with detention. Why was I in detention, you ask? Because my friends and I broke into the lockers of every jock in the school, all genders, and rigged them so that when they opened, the jocks would be covered with silly string. It was a fairly harmless prank for us, but the administration made it sound like we were bullying them. I took the fall for it, on purpose. I let them think that I had done the prank alone, and thus I had detention after school for two weeks.

Gus Smith was there, the Student Body Vice President, and someone that I knew Archer did not get along with at all. They were cordial during meetings and events, but they both hated each other. He wasn’t actually in detention. He was working with the teacher who was in charge of detention, trying to get some work done for his AP class with her in physics. He was a very smart man, and hot.

He had come out last year as bisexual, so I wasn’t entirely surprised when he started taking an interest in me. I was taking physics as well, so we spent some time in detention with him helping me with some of the homework and giving me tips for memorization. After detention, we would sneak into the locker room when everyone was busy elsewhere to make out.

Gus knew I was closeted, and had to be due to my family. I was pretty sure my father would literally kill me if he found out, so we had to find other places to meet up. Sometimes it was the school, hidden away where other people weren’t. Sometimes it was at his house when his parents weren’t home, and other times it was at Archer’s house in the basement.

Archer avoided the basement entirely when Gus was over, and he generally gave me a look that said he disapproved of my choice when Gus wasn’t around, but it’s not like I had a ton of options at our small Utah school. It was upsetting, of course, that one of my best friends, and longest crushes, didn’t approve of my choices here, but it was my life to live, not his, so I pushed it to the side when I was with Gus.

Gus and I were starting out slow, mostly with making out, though sometimes we would feel each other through our clothing. I loved straddling his hips and grinding our erections against each other, panting and moaning in each other’s ears.

We would meet up after my band practiced, and after his workouts for sports and student government work. Usually my band mates would leave before he would get there. They weren’t big fans of him either, and that really should have been a clue to me, but I was too enamored with making out and feeling his body against mine. I kind of figured that the guy who I saw was not who everyone else saw. That I somehow had the ability to see the real him, while everyone else just saw the tough exterior.

I was sitting down in the basement, after the guys had left, waiting until Gus was available, when Archer came down the stairs wearing basketball shorts and a tank top. I tried hard not to stare at him, at the way his muscles in his legs and arms worked as he came over to sit down on the couch with me. I could feel the heat from his body next to mine, and I wanted so badly to reach out and pull his body over mine, but I kept my composure.

“The guys already left?” he asked me.

I nodded my head slowly. “They like to get out of here before Gus arrives.”

Archer narrowed his eyes on that. “I’m worried about you.”

I blew out a breath. “I’ll be fine, Archer. It’s not like anyone else wants me.”

He gave me a pointed look, and I couldn’t quite tell what he was trying to say with it, but then he looked away. He looked sad right now, like he was carrying around the weight of the world and it was getting to be too much. I hesitantly put my hand on his shoulder and he flinched for just a moment before he relaxed his body into my touch.

“Are you okay?” I asked quietly.

“I’m just dealing with a lot right now,” he explained. “Amber and I broke up. It was mutual but it still kind of sucks. Mom contacted Gramma and wanted to talk to us, and I haven’t decided what I want to do now. I’m an adult so I can just ignore them for the rest of my life, you know?”

I did know. It was how I felt about my own family, knowing that as soon as I left for college, I would likely never speak to my parents again. “Do you need to talk?”

Archer gave me a warm smile, leaning against me for a moment. “Maybe next time, when Gus isn’t coming over. I’ll see you later, Jason.”

Archer and Jason are never apart – part 1 will continue in the next page.

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