What happens when mom and her boy shares bed?- 02

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Caesar moaned around her nipple when she gave his cock a squeeze for emphasis. His thumb pressed harder into her clit, and he surprised her again, by pushing a third finger into her sopping cunt.

As wet as she was, having three fingers inside bordered on uncomfortable for the first few seconds, but the fact he’d done it, and the way his tongue swirled around her attention starved it, more than made up for it.

“Honey, you’re being so good to me,” she purred. “I’m going to make you cum so hard!”

“Get what you give, right mom?” he asked around her nipple, flashing her a sly smile that had her hips thrusting faster into his fingers.

It also had her wondering if he’d thought of her before because he seemed way too comfortable with her body, and what they were doing.

Then again, wasn’t she, and she’d never had a sexual thought about her son until tonight. Somewhere in her mind, Cathy wondered how she’d feel about this tomorrow morning, but right now all she was feeling was the impending explosion that had her toes curling, and her back arching.

She’d stopped playing with his cock and her hand now roamed across Ceasar’s upper body, rubbing his back, his shoulder, then down his arm. The feeling of hard muscle beneath his sweaty skin increased her already out of control lust.

When she slid her hand into his sweat-dampened hair, and pushed on his head, forcing his face into her breast, Caesar moaned, and his cock twitched against her leg. The two of them were acting like a drunken couple having a hot one-night stand, neither caring, at least in the heat of the moment, who they really were to each other.

“Oh fuck!” Cathy cried out, pinching her nipple harder, as she dug her fingers into his short hair, and pushed harder, all but force feeding him her tit. “Oh, God, Caesar, you’re going to make me come!”

The sound of her own words, and how wrong, yet right they sounded, sent her over the edge. Cathy released a low guttural sounding moan as her pussy contracted around her son’s fingers, and the strongest orgasm she’d had in years slammed through her.

The low growling sound turned into a high-pitched squeal as she writhed on the bed, her hips bucking, and thighs clamping around Caesar’s hand, grinding her wet cunt into him. He continued to work her clit, and wiggle his fingers inside her, his tongue busy on her nipple.

Even as her body was wracked with waves of intense pleasure, Cathy caught Caesar’s eyes, and they were focused on her face as she alternately yelped, gasped, and went back to the low groans she made when she came hard.

“Oh, damn,” she breathed as her body slumped limply into the mattress. She uncrossed her suddenly weak legs, and lay there gasping for breath as her pussy continued to quiver around Caesar’s fingers. “So hard,” she moaned softly. “Came so hard.”

“That was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.” Caesar lifted his head from her breast. “You came like a porn star.”

“Your mother can do a lot of things like a porn star.” She replied while giving him a shove in the chest to get him to roll over onto his back. “I need someone to make me want to.”

Caesar obediently lay on his back, and looking at her, gave her a nervous smile. “My turn?”

“Damn straight it is.” It was her turn to move onto her side, propping herself up with one arm as he had.

She grabbed his cock at the tip, milking pre-cum from him, and as she had before used it to lube up his shaft.

“That feels so good.” Caesar moaned as his mother stroked the length of his cock.

“Yeah, it does,” Cathy agreed. “You’re so fucking hard, honey. And this cock is amazing!”

“Just saying that because it’s the one in your hand?” he laughed

“Smart ass.” Cathy replied, but with a big smile. She’d forgotten sex was supposed to be fun, not a chore.

Caesar looked as if he were going to reply, but it turned into a gasp as for the first time Cathy worked her hand rapidly up and down his cock, not just teasing, but jerking him. Cathy’s eyes darted back and forth between the beautiful cock in her hand, loving the way her red nails looked on his shaft, and then to his face, watching him also enjoy his mom’s hand on his dick.

He moaned quietly and his hips were now moving as Cathy stroked him, bringing him closer each time her hand worked his full length. Cathy stared at his angry purple tip which continued to ooze pre-cum.

The sight of it had her licking her lips, and she realized she had leaned closer, her head now over his thigh. She squeezed him tighter, and slowed her stroking, making him release a sound that was a mixture of a moan and whimper of frustration as she held off his impending explosion.

The way his cock throbbed in her hand, and how good it looked glistening with pre-cum and her hand around it, had her mouthwatering. His cock seemed to be getting bigger, but it was her eyes getting closer as without conscious thought, her head was now across his lap, her lips inches from his tip.

Caesar put his hand on the middle of her back, and she felt his fingers trembling. Cathy sucked on her lower lip. She knew what she wanted. She wanted this glorious cock in her mouth. She loved sucking cock, and missed it, but she’d be damned if she’d do it for someone who wouldn’t do a damn thing for her.

But her son had just given her one hell of an orgasm, and for that shouldn’t he get a nice treat?

“You’re right Ceasar,” she spoke just loud enough for him to hear. “You get what you give.”

Cathy opened wide and took his cock deep into her mouth.

“Mom!” Caesar gasped. “You…oh shit!”

Cathy moaned around his hard flesh, her eyes rolling back as she opened wider, and took more of him into her mouth. He was so damn thick! But she relaxed, angled her head, and continued to work her soft lips down his shaft.

With a gagging sound, Cathy managed to get her mouth to the base of his shaft. Behind her, Caesar was moaning “Mom” repeatedly and when she shook her head, working his sensitive tip around her mouth, his fingers pressed into her back and his entire body tensed.

Cathy held him there, reveling in the feeling of having her mouth stuffed with hard young cock. His pre-cum oozed down her throat, and overcome with the desire to suck, she worked her lips to his tip.

Cathy released him long enough to spit on it, a move that elicited a surprised gas from Caesar. She took a breath, then went to town, sucking her son’s cock like the porn star she’d just told him she was happy to be.

She slid further across his lap, so she could rest her upper body on him as she bobbed her head rapidly. Ceasar’s hips jerked when she cupped his full balls and rubbed them gently. At this point she was just using her mouth, and thought it was a shame he couldn’t see his cock in her mouth.

Cathy thought about rolling over between his legs, but his legs were already trembling, and she knew he needed to come as badly as she had. There was also the very real concern that if she rolled over, she might decide to go all the way and ride him like she had in her taboo masturbation fantasy, before she’d stopped.

Caesar’s other hand slid into her hair and she moaned at the way it was shaking. His whole body was shaking. She was sure this was far from the first blow job he’d ever received, but she bet it was a whole different thrill when it was your mother’s mouth on your cock.

She knew that because the fact this was her son she was sucking had her hips rocking and her pussy flowing even though she’d just come minutes ago. Her breasts were pressing into his stomach and she moaned louder when his hand slid all the way down her back to her ass.

He gave her ass a squeeze, and it pushed her to bob her head even faster. Cathy was sucking loud and sloppy, making wet gurgling sounds as she let her spit and his pre-cum slide from her mouth as she worked her way to the tip, then slurping it back up on the way down.

Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning as much as he was just from the pleasure of having him in her mouth. The way his body shook and the now higher pitched desperate moans behind were music to her ears, and fueled her to suck harder, as if she were in a race.

His balls tightened in her hand and behind her he gasped. “Take it out, I’m going to come!” when she kept sucking, he sounded panicked. “I…I can’t hold it back, I… Oh my god!”

His cock erupted in her mouth and Cathy squealed around it as a thick warm jet of cum struck the back of her mouth and slid down her throat. Caesar moaned and his hips jerked as his mother continued to suck, rubbing and squeezing his balls to completely drain them into her willing mouth.

He continued to squirt in her mouth, a huge load worthy of the size of his balls and incredible cock. Some of it slid from the corners of her mouth, but Cathy eagerly sucked it back up as if it were the sweetest thing she’d ever tasted.

“Oh, stop!” Caesar groaned when even her most fervent sucking couldn’t coax another drop from him. His hand tightened in her hair, pulling on it and sending another wave of forbidden heat through her.

She eased him from her mouth, and sitting up, smiled down at him.

“How’s that for porn star?”

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