Virgin boy makes love with neighbor aunt – part 2

Hello guys, this is the second part of how lost my virgin status and fucked my neighbor aunt while cleaning her house. If you didn’t read the previous story, do read it!

Let me tell you about me. I am 6 ft in height and go to the gym regularly. About our heroine, she is fair white and has firm and round boobs that every guy would die for and a plump ass. My neighbor aunt has cute dimples and a mole near her lips giving her a damn sexy look.

In the last part, I came to my neighbor’s aunt’s house for cleaning. I fell and came to the sofa while she went to the kitchen to fetch some water. Now, let’s continue the story

When she felt my dick from behind suddenly, she turned and looked into my eyes, “Hey Harry!! What are you doing??”

I came to my senses and said, “I am sorry, aunt.”

Venesa – Why are you walking ? Your legs are in pain, aren’t they?

Thank God she didn’t ask about my dick rubbing on her ass!

Venesa – Go and sit on the couch, I’ll come.

Me – I’m fine aunt, let’s continue the cleaning work.

Venesa – No no, take a rest.

As I sat on the couch, she came near me with a pain-relieving gel in her hand.

Venesa – Hey, lift the trousers. I’ll apply pain relieving gel for you.

Me – ohh, it’s a fine aunt. I’m alright now.

Venesa – No no, show me your thighs. I don’t want to answer your amma for this (in a playful tone).

With some hesitation, I said ok for that. But inside, I was jumping with excitement. I lifted my trousers till my upper thighs. She squeezed that pain gel in her hand and slowly applied it on my thighs. She rubbed my thigh with her soft hands. My dick got hard when my neighbor aunt placed her hand on my thighs. She noticed that and was staring at it while massaging my thighs.

After rubbing it, she stood up and went to wash her hands. When she came back, I told her, “aunty..”

Venesa – Tell me, how’s the pain? Is there pain somewhere else?

Me – Yes, aunt (with a sad face).

Venesa – Where is it? I’ll apply pain gel there also.

Me (in my mind): If you apply there, definitely I’ll die!

Me – Here (I pointed a finger toward my dick).

She was shocked to see that.

Venesa – Hey, I can’t apply there. And it’s inappropriate to ask me to do that.

Me – aunt, it’s painful for me here. I can’t go home like this.

My neighbor’s aunt was looking at my dick with lust. At the same time, she had fear and guilt and did not want to cheat on her loving husband.

Venesa (with hesitation): Ok, I will massage it. But do not say a word to anyone about this. Are we clear?

Me (with much excitement): Okkkk, aunt.

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She kneeled down and slowly removed my trouser. My tamed monster rose from the dead. She was so shocked to see that.

Venesa – Hey, what is this ?!? Your wife is lucky I think, hehe. Even your uncle doesn’t have this much big (in a shocked and sad tone). But why is your foreskin still covering your dick-head? Are you a virgin?

Me – Yes, aunt (with a shy and sad face).

Venesa – Why? With this, you can get as many girls as you want. Seri, ok, let’s start the massage now.

With lust in her eyes, my neighbor aunt placed her hand on my dick and slowly removed my foreskin from my dickhead. It was painful when she did that. She started to stroke it. I was on cloud nine when she was doing that!

She stroked my cock up and down and used both hands to stroke it. She asked me how it was feeling now and did it help to stop the pain.

I said, “No aunt, it did not. I’ll tell you when it stops, keep stroking it, please.

I started to moan quietly. I couldn’t believe it, my neighbor Venesa aunt who was a goddess to every guy in our street was jerking off my dick with her soft hands!

That time, she said, “Acho, my hands are dry. Let me use some oil.”

She took some oil which was nearby, poured it into her hands and again started to stroke my dick. In excitement, I tried to kiss and hug her but she didn’t allow me to do that. She knew after a man cums, he won’t be horny instantly. So, she focused on making me cum. After many strokes –

Me – Aahhh aunt, I’m gonna cum now!

Venesa – Hey, waiiiiittttt!

Before she said that, my cum splashed on her face! My neighbor aunt’s beautiful face was soaked in my hot cum (Let me tell you how it looked – when the cum splashed, some of it fell on her eyes and some on her beautiful lips and some on her chin which dripped down to her saree).

And I was breathing heavily while making eye contact with her and I was covered with sweat

Me – aunt, that was good! Can we try another round? (in a playful tone)

Venesa – I’ll beat you… (in a false anger tone).

Venesa – See, what have you done now? I want to clean this.

She stood up and went to the bathroom. As she went to the bathroom, I became horny again and wanted to fuck my neighbour aunt. So I followed her to the bathroom and when she was cleaning my cum from her face and saree, I hugged her from behind and grabbed her soft big boobs. My dick was rubbing her plump ass.

Venesa – Ahh Harry..…

That’s the end of the second part and in the next part, I’ll tell you how I fucked my neighbour aunt while she was inside the bathroom. Stay tuned. The next story will be focused on how I satisfied her with my foreplay skills and made her cum thrice!!

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