Ashley and her best days

Reaching her shorts’ waistband, his lips brushed back and forth over the flesh at its edge as his fingers hooked the waistband and started working them down, catching the waistband of her panties on the way. Bringing her legs together, Ashley lifted her ass off the bed.

Once again, she didn’t feel the patience he showed as he slowly drew the clothing down her legs, moving down the bed simultaneously. When he slid them off her feet, she lifted her head to watch him slip off the bed and stand up, tossing her clothing aside.

Her eyes being drawn to his crotch, her nerves tingled excitedly at the sight of the bulge there. Fresh waves of desire coursed through her as she watched him hook the waistband of his shorts and push them down, revealing his nearly erect, sizable manhood.

He then took a moment to absorb the image of her laying there with her dark hair splayed out around her head resting on the pillow, gazing back at him from under heavy lids. The desire rolling through her made her botJim lip tremble slightly, made her hands tense and relaxed at the ends of her arms thrown out to her sides.

Her shallow breaths caused her pert, untanned breasts to delicately rise and fall and her swollen, dark nipples softly shimmered in the limited lighting. Beneath the tanned flesh of her tummy, her abs daintily quivered with anticipation. Her legs had fallen open, her knees partially bent, and at their center her sex glistened with her juices. Her puffy labia were flowering open slightly in invitation and need and, at the top, her clit peeked out from under its hood.

His eyes locking with hers, they sparkled in a way that told her he liked what he saw. Then he was lifting his knees onto the foot of the bed and lowering his body between her spread legs. His hands cuffing the tops of her inner thighs, his face hovered inches from her sex as he paused for a moment.

Heat radiating against her sex and his breath swirling over it, she held her own breath in anticipation while bringing one hand to rest on the back of his head.

Although it was only a moment, it seemed to be forever before he leaned in and swiped his tongue up through her slit. Feeding the tropical gusts wafting through her, these caused her embers to burst into flames.

“Ooh,” she whimpered, her hand tensing at the back of his head.

Slipping his arms under and around her legs, his tongue slid up and down through her wet slit with the same loving intention and slowly building hunger he had shown her breasts.

Swiping past her opening, the tip brushed against its walls with enough pressure to make them tingle. At the top it swiped across her clit, sending jolts of electricity through the little button and making it swell out from under its hood.

Her fires grew hotter and hotter, her sex grew wetter with each swipe of his tongue. Her hips were rolling and twitching, her legs shuddered and her feet slipped back and forth. Her fingers tensing, one set twined into his hair and the other scratched at the bedspread.

Up and down his tongue swiped…

Licking her slit…

Up and down…

Brushing at her opening…

Up and down…

Swiping at her clit…

Up and down…

“Ooh,” she whimpered, an orgasm manifesting among her fires.

The tip of his tongue settled at her opening… forced her walls open… gently massaged them.

“Ooh yes.” Her one hand clawed at the bedspread, the other held his head.

He licked up through her slit… to her clit. Locked his lips around it… suckled… his tongue flicking.

“Ooh God.” Her fires flaring into a bonfire, the orgasm dancing among it made her muscles quiver with its euphoric promise and her legs tense to lift herself off the bed in offering.

His tongue sliding back down through her slit, he massaged her opening for another minute, then moved back up to suckle on her clit again.

Again, it had been months since a man had done this. And even before that, none had done it with such loving patience. The sensations fed the orgasm, causing it to momentarily tower over the bonfire’s flames before exiting them. Whimpering as it rolled toward its release, her head pulled to one side, some of her dark hair fluttering and settling across her cheek.

As if knowing she was on the verge of cumming, he rapidly swiped his tongue up and down through her slit, halting the orgasm at the very edge of release.

“Ooh.” She needily whimpered as it lingered there, teasing her with its promise, making her muscles quiver and her hips tremble.

His tongue sliding up, his lips locked around her clit and, as he suckled, his tongue rapidly flicked against the button.

“Ooh God!” Ashley cried out as the orgasm roared off the ledge, crashed through her with waves of ecstasy smashing against towering cliffs. Her head snapped back on her straining neck, her mouth fell open and her eyes shut. Behind them, brilliant bolts of lightning crackled and flashed in a show that challenged the storm outside.

Her muscles spasmed. Her body twisted and writhed upon the bed. Her back arched and her breasts rolled atop her chest. Her one hand clawed at the bedcover and jerked. The other locked firmly onto the back of his head, holding him tightly against her sex as her trembling legs tried to snap shut around it.

His arms stopping them from doing so, Jim continued suckling and licking her clit as she whimpered and cried out with pleasure. The exertion of her spasming muscles soon made her flesh shimmer with a thin sheen of sweat and, as her head snapped from side-to-side, strands of her hair stuck to her cheeks.

“Ooh. Ooh yes,” she mewled when the orgasm eventually began to subside.

As her body softened, his tongue slid down to where the orgasm had caused her opening to expand on its own and massaged its walls for a moment. Then he returned to her clit, gently licking it a few times.

A series of aftershocks made her body shudder upon the bed through, her feet skidding atop the bedspread in search of placement. Gradually opening her eyes, she turned so she could gaze down her body to where he was looking back at her, his eyes sparkling happily while licking her pussy a few more times.

“Jim,” she whispered with both need and appreciation.

Pulled his arms from around her legs, he wiped at the juices on his chin then slowly crept up along her body. His manhood brushed against her inner thigh… rigid and big, making her mewl as electricity shot along her nerves. Then he was on his hands above her, his cock settled atop her sex… pressing… and the electricity intensified.

Not since losing her virginity had Ashley gone so long without sex… without touching a flesh-and-blood cock… without having one inside her.

Nor had anyone shown so much patience getting to this point, or done so with such intentional appreciation. Added to the times she had thought about Jim and this possibility, the sensation of his cock resting against her pussy… so close to penetrating her… made her body surge with desire for him.

Her hips rolling and twisting, she tried to line herself up with the head and slide onto it. Failing to do so, she impatiently reached down between them with one hand, intent on doing it manually.

“Ooh,” she whimpered when he stopped her.

Grabbing her wrist, he brought her hand above her head and dropped onto one elbow so that he could pin it there. Then, before she could even try with her other hand, he grabbed that wrist and pinned it as well.

“Jim,” she whispered again as she stared up into his smiling eyes, her hips continuing to roll and rub her sex against his cock.

Silently leaning down, he softly kissed her. Closing her eyes and kissing him back, she then felt him lean in to bring his lips to her ear.

“You are so beautiful, Ashley. So sexy,” he whispered after kissing it.

“Mmm,” she sighed, his warmth breath swirling in the cavity.

“So beautiful.” His teeth nipped at her earlobe.


“You liked me licking your pussy, didn’t you.”

“Yes.” Even though it was obviously a statement and not a question, and she didn’t understand why, she felt the need to answer.

“Yes, you did. You liked having your pussy eaten. You came while I was doing it, didn’t you.”

“Yes.” Again, she didn’t understand why she felt the need to answer.

“And now you’re rubbing your pussy against my cock.” He kissed her earlobe.

“Yes.” She breathed, her hips continuing to roll… doing exactly what he had said.

“Do you want my cock, Ashley? Do you want me inside you?”

“Yes.” Panting with that very desire coursing through her, she eagerly rubbed her wet pussy against his rigid cock.

“You’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?” He nipped at her earlobe a little harder and his own hips rolled, pressing his cock even firmer against her sex.

“Yes,” she groaned, starting to understand.

“You’re a naughty girl that wants my hard cock deep inside her pussy.”

“Yes. Ooh God, yes,” She mewled, believing she now understood. And, like so many other things, Jim’s dirty talk was more practiced, smoother, and confident than the other guys that had tried it. Somehow this stoked her fires and fueled her desire to new heights. Her hips twisting and twitching, she rubbed herself against his cock with more emphasis.

As he lifted his hips and reached between them with his empty hand, she mewled excitedly. Expecting him to sink inside of her, she tried and failed to hold her body still, her hips continuing to delicately roll in anticipation.

“Ooh.” She needily whimpered when his hips remained suspended, holding the tip of his cock teasingly against her opening. Looking up, her eyes silently pleading from under heavy lids, her hips lifted as she tried to slide herself onto his shaft.

But he lifted his hips too, keeping the tip pressing against her.

“You are so beautiful,” he sighed. “Such a beautiful, naughty girl.”

In his eyes she saw the same hunger and desire that was coursing through her. Only his was being held in place by a determination to abstain from giving in too soon.

Again, no guy had ever shown such patience. They had rushed to get themselves inside of her. And it made her mind reel even as it stoked her desire, made her fires dance excitedly.

“Yes, Jim. I’m a naughty girl. A dirty little girl that wants your cock inside of me.” Gasping out the words she thought he wanted, she was struck by the realization that she wanted to say them. That something had been holding them in. But once freed, they felt freeing and her body surged with an intensity she had never experienced. “Ooh God, I want your cock. I want you inside of me.” She panted, willingly confessing anything to him… for him.

His eyes sparkled…

His hips slowly dropped…

The tip of his cock pressed against her opening…

Pushed her walls apart…

The head following…

Forced them open…

Spread them apart…

“God yes.” Kicking her feet down into the bed, she lifted herself onto the first inches of his thick shaft and whimpered as it stretched her.

As their union met resistance, his hand came out from between them to help hold him up and he lifted his hips, extracting a portion of his cock. Then, as they dropped again, his entire cock sunk deep inside of her and his crotch mashed against hers.

“Ooh God, yes. Ooh God, yes.” She whimpered, her eyes closing and her head rolling back. She had seen the size of his manhood… had felt it rubbing against her. Yet, the sensation of it stretching her open and stuffing her pussy made her fires flare higher. Wanting to grab onto his shoulders for better leverage as they ground their crotches against one another, she tried pulling her wrist from his grasp.

“Such a beautiful, naughty girl.” His hips lifting, they dropped and slid his cock deep inside her again.

“Ooh yes,” she moaned.

“So beautiful.” As he began lifting and dropping his hips with a slow, rhythmic pace, he released her wrists so that he could hold himself up with both hands.

Reveling in the sensation of finally being fucked by a flesh-and-blood cock after so long fueled the lust coursing through her. Her freed hands flew up around his sides to clasp onto his upper back and her legs wrapped themselves around his, her ankles interlocking.

His rhythm slowly building, he thrust into her again and again while whispering that she was beautiful, sexy, and naughty. His thrusts pushed her ass down into the bed, causing her body to rock beneath him and her breasts to delicately roll upon her chest, their flesh being caressed by his hair hanging down.

Ashley and her best days will continue in the next page.

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