Ashley and her best days

Eventually breaking their connection, he pulled back and, as she dropped off her toes, they stared into one another’s eyes.

“Let’s go to the bedroom,” he whispered.

Although it was framed as a statement, Ashley knew that it was his way of giving her the chance to say “No.” A word she had no intention of uttering as she let him take her hand and start leading her across the living room. Between her lengthy celibacy and the sensations created by their limited kissing, her body was simmering with a desire for him that wouldn’t have allowed her to, even if she had been so inclined.

Leading her into the dark bedroom, he let go of her hand and told her to wait a second, then walked away. When a light cracked through a set of bi-fold doors, she saw that she was standing next to a king-sized bed. Watching him walk back to her, peeling his t-shirt off and tossing it aside, she again took in the image of his strong torso.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered when he was standing in front of her, gazing down into her eyes.

As he caught the hem of her t-shirt and slowly drew it upward, she didn’t feel the patience he showed. But she forced herself to be and raised her arms. Pulling the shirt off her, he tossed it aside then gazed down at her firm breasts with their stiffening, dark nipples while she brushed her hair back away from her face.

Then his hands cupped her ass. Hers settled on his bare chest. His muscles tensed, lifting her off the floor and to him. Her hands slid up, her arms wrapping around his neck and her legs wrapped around his waist. This time, as they kissed, their lips opened together so that their tongues could duel.

Her bare breasts being semi-smooshed against his flesh, her nipples rubbing against his firm pecs, the ache within them pulsed with new life and she pressed herself against him more.

After a few kisses, he again broke their connection. Moving to the bed, he lifted his knees onto it, then carefully laid her back, guiding her head onto a pillow. Lying on his side next to her, his body supported on an elbow and lightly pressing against hers, his free hand came to rest on her flat tummy. The fingers stretching to cuff her side, its heat simmered against her flesh.

Gazing into her eyes, he waited while she pulled her hair out from under her and tossed it across the pillow. Then he leaned down to kiss her, his tongue once more delving past their lips. Kissing her moved his body to lightly mash her one breast under it while his hand caressed slid around, caressing her tummy and slipping up near her other breast. Again and again it’s fingers danced along the flesh just below and along the side of the mound, but never actually touched it.

Her own hands exploring his biceps, shoulders, and upper back, she felt the teasing touch make the ache within her breasts pulse with a building need that strengthened the flowing warmth. Turning into tropical breezes wafting through her, this fanned the embers within her loins. Soon the smoldering briquettes of desire had her legs shifting upon the bed, her feet skidding a few inches this way and that across the bedspread.

She had just started thinking about grabbing his hand and guiding it to her breast when he cupped the aching mound. His palm covering her nipple, his fingers stretched out and gave it a tender squeeze. A sigh rattling in her throat, she reflexively arched her back to push her breast into his hand in offering.

Their lips pressing together, their tongues dueling, he fondled her breast. His fingers squeezed the luscious mound one moment, caressed and tweaked her nipple the next. Electricity sparking through the dark bud, it stiffened into a hard spire, as did the one atop her breast being semi-flattened by his body. The tropical breezes wafting through her grew hotter as they fanned her smoldering embers, making them sizzle and snap with desire.

“Ooh,” she sighed when he eventually broke their kiss.

Shifting, he kissed her cheek a couple of times as he lowered his lips to her ear. Between kissing and gently nipping her earlobe, he whispered how beautiful and desirable she was while continuing to fondle her breast.

His warmth breath swirling inside her ear, fueling the tropical gusts, her embers crackled into glowing briquettes of desire. Her hands exploring his torso, she couldn’t stop one from reaching down between them, intending to grasp the bulge she had seen in his jeans.

Before it could, his own hand left her breast and grabbed her wrist, stopping her.

No guy had ever stopped her from doing this before. Surprised, she wondered why as he gently guided the hand above her head and gripped it with his other hand to hold it in place. But then his hand returned to her breast and gave it another gentle squeeze just as his teeth nipped at her earlobe, making her sigh and forget the question.

Moments later he pulled up to gaze into her eyes for a second. The desire rolling through her made her lids heavy as she stared up at him, causing her shallow breaths to slip past her slightly open lips.

After softly kissing her a couple of times, he leaned down to lightly brush his lips against her neck… her shoulder… her upper chest. Shifting his body downward, moving it off her one breast, he left a delicate trail of kisses on her flesh as his lips traveled along a slow, deliberate path toward the twin mounds.

Anticipation made her quietly mewl as the ache within her breasts pulsed stronger… needier. Still fondling the one breast, his lips crawled up the swell of the other one… brushed its swollen nipple once… twice… three times before locking his lips around it and gently suckling.

“Ooh,” she sighed, jolts of electricity shooting through the bud. Her back arching to offer herself to him, her free grabbed onto the back of his head.

After sucking on the one nipple for a few moments, he moved his mouth to the one he still cupped. Again his lips brushed the hard nipple bud a few times then locked around it and suckled.

“Ooh.” Electricity jolted through this nipple, her back arched again. Her hand slipped down to his back where her nails lightly scratched back and forth a little. When they came into contact with his ponytail, a flood of imagined images flashed through her mind, driving her to grab the rubber band holding it and pulling it free. Tossing the band away, her hand returned to the back of his head, her fingers now twining into his hair.

With it cascading off his back and over his shoulders to brush at her bare flesh, he moved his mouth back to suckle at the first nipple and his fingers tweaked the vacated one.

The tropical gusts fanning her glowing embers, their heat caused Ashley’s legs to scissor upon the bed. When her thigh bumped against his crotch, she felt his semi-erect manhood pushing at his shorts and she reflexively pressed her leg against it. And, while she had seen the bulge, she hadn’t seen it in its current state. It only took a moment for her desire to make her try reaching for it with her free hand.

“Ooh,” she whimpered with startled disappointment when he again grabbed her wrist.

“Not yet.” He whispered with a devious smile, raising up to gaze into her eyes as he guided this one above her head and locked its wrist in place as well.

Gazing up from under her heavy lids, she saw that he was enjoying giving her pleasure and had no intention of hurrying things. Feeling a mixture of appreciation and impatience, she lifted up to give him a gentle kiss, then let her head settle back onto the pillow in resignation.

Lowering back down, he again kissed a trail to her breasts, albeit faster this time. Then his hand was once more fondling one while his mouth alternated between suckling on their nipples.

The pulsing ache within the mounds being simultaneously answered and fueled by this, Ashley laid there reveling in the sensations and quietly mewling.

Where other guys had obsessively played with her breasts, Jim’s attentions were lovingly intentional. Gently suckling, licking, and fondling her mounds, they gradually grew hungrier, yet remained unaggressive. And while she wanted him to move on to those things that would follow, she couldn’t deny how this was fueling her desire for them… for him. How they were making her press her thigh firmer against his manhood even as she wished her hands were free to explore it.

As if sensing he was about to start pushing the limit, his lips pulled away from the nipple he was suckling and slowly crawled down its breast. His body shifting with him, he kissed his way down across her tummy, his lips lingering as they brushed across her delicately quivering abs. His one hand leaving her breast, it caressed her side before slipping down to cuff her waist as his other one released her wrists.

Her heightened arousal meant that the one’s heat now sizzled against her flesh as it radiated through her shorts. It also made her freed hands jump to his shoulders, her fingers lightly scratching at his flesh.

Ashley and her best days will continue in the next page.

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